Cung Le won big

The Bolsavik really ought to get a Tivo. He went to the Trinh Cong Son concert, so he missed out on the MMA middleweight title fight between Vietnamese-American martial artist Cung Le and Frank Shamrock. The MMA battle for dominance of Silicon Valley was taking place at the same time on Saturday night.

As you probably know, Cung kicked Shamrock’s butt (or rather, as in picture right, the man’s belly).

And broke Shamrock’s arm. See picture left, below.

According to Yahoo! Sports’ Dave Metzel here, Shamrock ended up going to the same hospital as his pregnant wife, who had left during the match to go into labor. Turns out it wasn’t labor, false alarm. But the broken arm – that was for real.

Cung Le was for years the hero in the Viet martial arts fandom. His studio on McKee Road in San Jose is extremely popular. It is, however, not located in the Saigon Business District, ahem, sorry, the “other” Little Saigon.

(Photos by the AP’s Jeff Chiu)

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