Dina Nguyen & Mark Rosen seek end to Viet Weekly protests

After watching ten months of picketing in front of the Garden Grove offices of Viet Weekly magazine, the City of Garden Grove apparently decides to step out from the sidelines and try to find an acceptable way to end the weekly protests. Two council members, Dina Nguyen and Mark Rosen (pictured), volunteered to mediate between the two sides in the protest, in an attempt to put an end to, or perhaps to limit, the activities.

That was announced toward the end of the meeting of the Garden Grove City Council on April 22.

Click here for video of the council meeting. Scroll forward to 59:55, you will hear a number of things:

At around 1:01, Rosen relates the advice from the City Attorney that Garden Grove’s current noise ordinance does not apply to this protest because the current ordinance does not apply to outdoor activities.

At around 1:02, Rosen cites the U.S. Supreme Court case Ward v. Rock Against Racism and suggested that maybe Garden Grove’s noise ordinance ought to be modified to apply to outdoor activities that affect businesses.

(What would the protest be without a battle of the loudspeakers?!)

At around 1:04:50, Nguyen suggests that she and Rosen get the two sides together and mediate. Rosen welcomed the idea.

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  1. Real Viet says:

    I’m glad Garden Grove is taking steps to get rid of those idiots.

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