Janet’s BBQ

The Bolsavik swung by Garden Grove’s Main Street today, thinking he’d catch some early action from the protest and counter-protest outside Viet Weekly.

No such luck. Though the anti-Viet Weekly protesters (read explanations here) had gone on radio late last night calling for an early protest at 1pm, by 1:18 there was still nobody there.

But there’s food, lots of it, BBQ sausages and burgers, courtesy of Janet Nguyen‘s campaign kickoff.

Janet Nguyen, the Orange County Supervisor running for re-election, held a campaign kickoff at 9am that’s actually a real working campaign’s kickoff. Apparently after a couple of hours of mingling, the party divided up and went precinct walking. Around lunch time they came back and that’s when the Bolsavik ran into them. Nick Lecong, Janet’s policy advisor, was leaving just as the Bolsavik came in. They BBQ some more and went off for more precinct walking.

The Bolsavik couldn’t stay long – wasn’t planning on this – so he chatted with Janet a little bit, mostly it was Janet bringing up … this blog and talking about it. Heh heh. They exchanged phone numbers and then the Bolsavik left.

The protesters still haven’t shown. Their regular time is 3pm and it could be that the participants didn’t listen to late-night radio and didn’t catch the new time. Cops, however, were apparently aware. A Garden Grove PD SUV was parked on Main Street with the engine running.

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2 Responses to Janet’s BBQ

  1. GG Protester says:

    Only Janet Nguyen and her “Policy Advisor” Nick Le Cong (Watch out for this guy) would thought of BBQing @ 9:00 AM in the middle of competing protests against the Viet Weekly, her friendly neighbor. Real smart set up there.

  2. Richard says:

    Does Janet Nguyen pay for the BBQ? Another use of cash donations to campaign? What can Nick Le Cong advise? He needs advice to clean up his Regent West mess. Did he file bankrupt? Maybe he is getting cash donations too.

    Dirty supervisor playing with dirty man.

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