Bill Dalton is communist !

There’s a picture that wasn’t so clear at first, accompanying the Nguoi Viet piece accusing Janet Nguyen of chumming with commies here.

The picture is one of a group of people paying respect to South Vietnam’s military dead. The altar was put up by Ky Ngo and other protesters against Nguoi Viet around the time of Vietnamese New Year in February, about a couple weeks after the protests began. It has been kept there since then, until recently when the landowner asked them to move it.

The accusation in the Nguoi Viet piece was that Ky Ngo and the Nguoi Viet protesters are communist tools, and the people who visit their altar are too.

The photo appeared in black and white on Nguoi Viet’s printed paper, but the online version is in color and shows more clearly one of the individuals in it.

See that person holding the joss stick, marked with “X”? That’s Bill Dalton, Garden Grove Mayor.

Heh heh heh. Good thing Dalton’s not running for anything.


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4 Responses to Bill Dalton is communist !

  1. Given this logic, since I was given a Spotlight Award by the City of Garden Grove in 2006 and both Janet Nguyen and Bill Dalton were present, I must be a Commie.

  2. Lanin says:

    an altar in a protest? Wow… Never seen it b4. These people seemed to try hard to make sure they looked like a bunch of fools.

  3. anti corruption says:

    I bet you’ve never seen this before as well!!! Now you know why she’s so accustomed to playing DIRTY. Van Tran what are you going to say now?

  4. Darion says:


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