Viets gather in Houston, protest VN’s Prime Minister

If things seem a little quiet around here, it’s because everything’s overshadowed by the gathering of Vietnamese-Americans in Houston to protest the visit to the U.S. by a real card-carrying communist — Vietnam’s Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung.

A former communist security officer, Nguyen Tan Dung is making his third visit to the U.S. since becoming the head of the government. Previously, he had come to the U.S. as a Vice-Premier. (It’s during one of those visits that he had met with Nguoi Viet’s late publisher Yen Do and photos from one such meeting is now basis for Ky Ngo et al.’s claim that Nguoi Viet has always been communist. Click here.)

Anyway, so Dung went to Houston to inaugurate a second Consulate General of Vietnam. An official presence of the representatives of the communist government in the heart of the third-largest Vietnamese enclave obviously was not appreciated by the community of refugees who had risked life and limb fleeing communism. A large throng gathered to protest in the “Hong Kong” shopping mall — a large Vietnamese shopping center on Houston’s Bellaire Avenue. (Click here for photos and a brief report, in Vietnamese, of the protest. Photos in this entry are from that site, which belongs to a pro-democracy Vietnamese political party based in the U.S.) The protest number is estimated to range from 500 (by the Houston Chronicle here) to “thousands” (by the above web site).

The highest ranking Vietnamese-American elected official, Texas State Representative Hubert Vo (pictured at left in photo left; click to enlarge) joined the protesters and cheered them on.

Not to be outdone, the “other” highest ranking Vietnamese-American elected official Van Tran sent his PR man Hung Phuong Nguyen (pictured at right in photo right – the same one who had accused the OC GOP of racism in Dina Nguyen’s defeat, here) to present the protesters with California Assembly certificates.

It appears that the rest of the Trannies, as well as others who had been so eager to protest a singer’s red belt buckle, a dead musician, a news magazine, and other make-believe communists, were conspicuously absent in this protest against a real one.

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  1. I thought Van Tran is telling everyone that Hung Nguyen isn’t his guy nor does he associate himself with him.

  2. reality says:

    The reason Van Tran and his followers were ” conspicuously absent ” is that they all know the protests will get to nowhere ! President Bush already complimented Viet Nam about this country’s human right records and so GOP members dare not have opposite remarks ! So far , quiet and wise diplomacy seems to work well for both countries , I guess . PM Dung will not be VN PM for ever and President Bush will have half a year in the White House , but both countries , the US and Vietnam , will stay on earth forever until the earth collapses !!!! Just think about the positive and leave the negative behind us ! God bless both countries !!!!

  3. Paul Lucas says:

    John McCain received an unusual endorsement Friday. Tran Trong Duyet, who was his jailer when McCain was a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War, said if he could, he’d vote for the Arizona Republican. “If I were an American voter, I would vote for Mr. John McCain,” said Duyet, 75.

  4. Van Tran to the GOP establishment…..Hung Nguyen isn’t my PR man….. Then Mr. Tran explain the photo above.

    Tran Trong Duyet also said that John McCain never got tortured in jail.

  5. Jung Kim says:

    It’s pathetic that we still have a handful of commie “rejects” attacking our good republican leader Assemblyman Van Tran.

    As I have indicated in the past, we are/must be that PR person for our proud Assemblyman Van Tran collectively!

  6. Great Leader Kim says:

    Jung Kim,
    I enjoyed several of your posts. It brings out my curiosity. Your unreserved praises and defense of people in Tran Thai Van’s camps reminds me of the blind followers of the Great Leader and the Dear Leaders of North Korea. It brings chills to the victims of the regime. So the question is that do you do this because you want to align Van Tran with the “Leaders” in NK or you truely believe in his leadership, say brainwash? If you are the latter case, then I advise you not to use that rhetorics if you know what I mean. You want to let people know what Van Tran truly have done for the community (not the old anti-communist stuff). I want Van Tran to have a fair chance, having been buried with so much negative publicity lately in the V community.

    You can google on the “Great Leader” and “Dear Leader” to see what I mean

  7. Jung so what your saying is Van never lied to the GOP Establishment central committee about Hung Nguyen. LOL! And by the Way Yes he did to more than one person.

  8. Stupid Janet Get a Life! says:

    Janet Stupid supporters,

    Stop spreading the hate and lies against Van Tran and his people. The campaign is over, move on, and do some good for your residents. Picking petty fights with Van Tran and his supporters is a lost cause for all of you. It make you looks stupid and small.

    When Janet Nguyen, during her days as a Van Tran protege, presented certificates for him, does that make her a PR Woman for Van Tran? Duh?!! What idiotic and school yard mentality.

  9. Let's go To Houston says:


    Perhaps you can purchase all the Trannies air fares to Texas for the protest. I don’t see you picking on Janet Nguyen, your full time local Supe. She got plenty of money to fly over there with her bloated county budget. Try to be fair or you look an A Hole, which is not hard for you.

  10. Great Leader Kim, says:

    Jealousy and envy of the Van Tran camp rears its ugly head again. No matter what you morons say against the Trannies, they rule LIttle Saigon. Live with it or go off and die somewhere.

  11. Jung Kim says:

    Curiosity?……… we are talking about very serious issue here!

    People including those narrow minded commie kissers must set their eyes beyond/ out side of the tiny BOX.

    I can not let little jungle gypsies ruining our perfect opportunities to enhance and secure our political strength in our state with already highly respected leadership of Assemblyman Van Tran.

    I often trvavel out side of OC and all I am hearing about our Assemblyman is compliments over compliments ……from the main stream of california political arena and we do have a solid chance of having our representation at Washington DC in short future!

    We must unite behind the most viable leader Assemblyman Van Tran!

  12. Great Leader Kim says:

    Jung Kim,
    Yes – we should be serious; so let’s talk substance and what is tangible to our community instead of repetitive rhetorics. I thi

  13. Great Leader Kim says:

    Jung Kim,
    Yes – we should be serious; so let’s talk substance and what is tangible to our community instead of repetitive rhetorics, like “most viable leader “highly respected leadership”. I think you are capable of that.

  14. Publius says:

    >> we do have a solid chance of having our representation at Washington DC in short future

    Maybe. But your approach seems to be ineffective in quelling the opposition, even though they have been able to put forth credible attacks.

    Approach issues with reason. Show compassion for your community welfare. Cut back on empty rhetoric. Make peace with party leadership. Tone down your attacks. And clean your house.

  15. Publius says:

    Correction: even though they have NOT been able to put forth credible attacks.

  16. Jung Kim says:

    Let’s get rid of typical small nation’s loser mentality of division ……and learn to be united under one single umbrella with un yieldind trust for our Assemblyman Van Tran.

    Face the fact, we can only be successful in having our representation at DC if everyone set aside their own personal diversions for the greater community value.

  17. Jung Kim says:

    Publius, I am so sorry but I don’t have to quench your thirst nor beg for your approval for my postings …… because I am here to just tell the truth!

  18. asians rule says:

    Well, I guess it’s confirmed that Nguyen Phuong Hung is the PR man than…

  19. Jung Kim says:

    Asians rule in the toilet , do not try to distort the important community issue of us being united under Assemblyman Van Tran’s strong leadership…..unless you are a commie hugger with troubled heart!

  20. Publius says:


    Just a comment, my friend!

    From where I am, everytime we hear someone claims he’s telling the truth, we go hmm… and sometimes rolling our eyes.

    Shouldn’t telling the truth be a given? A natural thing for us all?

  21. silent majority says:

    Hey folks:

    Just a thought. Could this Jung Kim yahoo actually be a mole from Janet’s side to discredit Van Tran? The more I read his crazy postings supporting his “Dear Leader”, the more I think this may be the case. If so, pretty smart move Janet.

  22. Jung Kim says:

    Hey Silently ruptured gall bladder, just a thought, could this silent majority include all 5 free loaders from the Janet’s office? Thanks to Janet…… the 5th Floor looks like an extension of pho restaurant from the Bolsa street…….saturated with under qualified neck tie wearing bar waiters

  23. Jung Kim says:

    Publius, keep rolling your eyes until sun goes down and you will be still lost!

    Do not take one word our of it’s context. What I was trying to say was that I am not here to please anyone! Got it?

  24. Publius says:

    >> Do not take one word our of it’s context. What I was trying to say was that I am not here to please anyone! Got it?

    No, the comment was made based on my observing of your everyday presence on this forum as a whole. The only thing that I get is you, apparently, are not yet ready for an adult conversation.

    Nobody asks you to please anybody. But if you expect to participate in a public forum, show some respect to people with different opinions. You dont have to be convincing or agreeable but you should be reasonable, both in your argument and manner of expression. Bad attitude will not give you the respect. Baseless character attacks, more like a mad dog barking to me, will not lend weight to whatever you try to say.

    And if your idol Van surrounds himself with supporters/followers like you, he’ll be doomed for reelection.

  25. Jung Kim says:

    Publius, get your self a cheap chinese hearing aid from the in- door swapmeet!

    As I am telling you AGAIN, I am not here to win the popularity contest nor the respect from you by giving you the lip service!

    Whether you like it or not, it doesn’t bother me to tell the truth at any time…. and
    I can bet you (any amount) to say our proud Assemblyman Van Tran will not only be re elected but also position himself to be our next US congressman.
    We are truly blessed to have our Assemblyman represent ever growing OC asian community!

  26. Publius says:

    Sure sure.. so when I see Van at the GOP Convention this October, I’ll ask him if he knows any kid named Jung Kim who has been actively “campaigning” for him online.

    And I predict Van would shook his head in outright denial. “No, never heard of that kid.”

  27. Publius says:

    And if Jung is not your real name, why don’t you give me your real name so Van can give you due credit for all the hard work once he gets in Congress? You know, you can be a congressional intern. On Capitol Hill. Big politics. lol.

  28. Jung Kim says:

    My real name is MASTER KIM and I will have to retrain you in the swamp covered with cow dongs!

  29. Jung Kim says:

    I don’t need to be appreciated for my principles from anyone.

    For Publius, you need a hug and kiss from everyone around you, constantly!

  30. Jung Kim says:

    Hey Publius, I play with your Dad……… will this make you an egg?

    Yeah, even before the sperm’s landing!

    Watch your mouth before your yolk gets cooked days before hatching!

  31. Publius says:

    Angry again, as always.

    I just realized I hit your sensitive spot. I am sorry. Not.

  32. Jung Kim says:

    No you have hit the hard spot between your legs. Take it like a man or…. an egg!

  33. Publius says:

    >> No you have hit the hard spot between your legs. Take it like a man or…. an egg!

    Oh, it was your head that I hit. hahhaa… I was taking like a man. And surely, your head does look like an egg. ahahhahaa

  34. Jung Kim says:

    I guess another hard spot was inside of your thick skull after all.

    All wannabes from East Harbor are either infected loonies or wimpy gays.

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