Andrew Do’s head start

The topic of Andrew Do‘s candidacy seems to be of interest to some people in certain quarters, given the comments to the Bolsavik’s posting here.

Maybe there’s a reason for it. Do seems to have made a jumping headstart out the gate, at least on the signage front.

The “Andrew Do for Garden Grove City Council” signs, all big sized — none of the little lawn sign stuff — went up all over Little Saigon, especially along Bolsa Avenue.

And Bolsa Avenue is, except for a little strip of a hundred yards or so, in the City of Westminster.

Of course.

No matter what you’re running for, if you’re Viet you can’t stay away from Bolsavikland.

Anyway, the large number of the big signs only fuels rumors about Do’s war chest. The numbers are so outrageously high the Bolsavik won’t believe it until he sees it.


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10 Responses to Andrew Do’s head start

  1. Jung Kim says:

    The rumors of Do’s building warchest started back …..when he used his little jockey position as Janet’s body guard to twist some of Viet merchant’s arms for contributions.

  2. Jung Kim says:

    I think Do needs 1000 larger signs because people really don’t know who he is….

    This is more like a catch up start for unknown candidate.

  3. Teacher says:

    Andrew Do My Student,

    You must learn how to be humble and learn from Andy Quach. Look at all his signs, even as a councilman, were for naught when it came to Margie Rice. You still got a long, very long way to go before people really know you. Standing behind Janet Nguyen’s skirts (does she even wear skirts?) is not the path you want to take or for people to take you seriously.

  4. Principal says:

    Teacher is wrong. Andy Quach never had his signs in front of Asian Village Mall. Frank Jao helped Andy get elected and then Andy betrayed him, so Frank Jao did not allowed Andy to put his signs in front of Asian Village Mall. Teacher is laid off now.

  5. Not Andrew Do says:

    Well Dizzy Dina was a nobody too and people really didn’t know who she was until all her signs were all over Bolsa . And if she could fooled the people then, may be Andrew think he could do the same now.

  6. Teacher says:


    So, by September and October when political signs are proliferating like mushrooms in a rain forest on Bolsa Avenue, that would guarantee the candidates victory because voters will remember all the bewildering signs and candidates names, right? Obviously, you are green in the face or that you like to see YOUR own name on Bolsa. Who are you really fooling Andrew Do?

  7. Dean says:


    Before you continue to talk, go back and take the 101 Campaign BASICS . You know better than to mouth off on Andrew having signs. Trung can put up as many signs as he wants and it will just remind people about his BK and Photoshopped.

    Andrew is a head of the game. Admit it. Stop acting so stupid Truong Diep on this blog. Concentrate on your own election. Like anyone knows who you are anyway….give us all a break and WASH your MOUTH

  8. Jung Kim says:

    Dean at Hanoi’s concentration camp, I don’t see any other elected officials putting up their signs yet ………and they must be all FAR BEHIND from front runner Andrew Do, according to your non sense, uncivil argument!

    You need to take Eng.000001 before worry about 101 Campaign BASICS you HD Retard!

    Oh, HD stands for Heavy Duty!

    Get some nutrients to support your little brain functioning decently in this FFAST life body!

  9. Jung Kim says:

    Hey Dean of the Clan Chimps, your foster gofor boy Andrew Do is in trouble right now for being a carpet beetle..I mean a carpet bagger!

  10. Fred says:

    I don’t think Andrew’s got as much money as he pretends. His boss has $100,000 of debt to pay off and the GOP is lining up behing Trung Nguyen.

    Janet has a much longer history with the Republican Party and groups like New Majority and the Lincoln Club are not going to give to Andrew Do if he is not really committed to the same principles.

    Heck, his poor showing at the Orange County Central Committee and lack of credentials with that group may start hurting Janet’s efforts to pay off her debt.

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