Of haunted houses and belt buckles: Election tidbits

The Bolsavik was planning to introduce all Viet candidates for various offices in the OC, but with last minute developments, such a list won’t be finalized for several days. So instead the Bolsavik will hit a number of highlights.

* Taking a page from Long Pham and aiming for an elective office not a lot of people pay attention to, Trannie Joseph Dovinh is running for the Coast Community College District Board. In fact, he’s running for two such offices, concurrently campaigning for the Midway City Sanitary District. Dovinh is currently an editor of Viet Star, where Dina Nguyen is also a contributor-slash-editor.

Previously, Dovinh was best known as a writer for Viet Weekly (you know, the commie mag that incurred protests for a year) specializing in the paranormal such as haunted houses, haunted street corners, exorcism, feng shui, etc.

* In Westminster, incumbent Kermit Marsh is not running, choosing instead to concentrate on his judgeship race, which a lot of people don’t believe he’d win. It is believed that the Trannies encouraged this, as it leaves the door open for Van Tran‘s staff member Truong Diep to run for the open seat.

The coast, however, is not clear. Friday afternoon Tammy T. Tran and Phu Nguyen were was seen taking out papers for the Westminster City Council. They have until Wednesday to file them. (Phu was there but he didn’t pull papers.)

* Garden Grove School Board incumbent Mr. Let’s-Protest-Against-A-Macys-Belt-Buckle Trung Nguyen (pictured) is not running again, instead going for the Garden Grove City Council. Also running for that council seat is Andrew Do, the chief of staff for OC Supervisor Janet Nguyen.

In the June campaign, Trung and Andrew each spent considerable amount of time on the radio accusing the other’s boss of chumming with communists.

* In the Westminster School District, former write-in candidate Frank Tran is running again. Tran is a civil engineer with interest in special education. Last time, as a write-in candidate, Tran garnered 1612 votes, taking 3% in a field of 10.

* Linh Nguyen is running in that same school district. Linh is a former right-hand man for then-Assembly candidate Van Tran, and used to be seen all over town with Dina Nguyen. He’s involved in numerous community activities including Vietnamese-language schools and also is on the Board of OC Red Cross. Linh is currently Nguoi Viet Daily News’ sales manager.


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4 Responses to Of haunted houses and belt buckles: Election tidbits

  1. Jung Kim says:

    It’s good to see many viets running this time. However, Andrew Do has bad name out there because he has quietly moved/slipped into Garden Grove city …..just last month from Santa Ana.

  2. Straight Talker says:

    Why is Joseph Dovinh running against incumbent Jerry Patterson for Coast Community College Trustee? Trustee Patterson, the former congressman and mayor of Huntington Beach, has been the boards’ strongest advocate and voice for the communities that the district serves. He led the successful fight against a Costco development at Golden West College which was supported by district administration but opposed by hundreds of local residents. Without Jerry Patterson’s leadership, the community in HB and Westminster would not have been heard. Patterson also led the successful battle to keep OC’s only PBS station KOCE alive and running. It would have otherwise been sold to a far-right fundamendalist TV station. Is Dovinh crazy? Everyone knows that Dovinh is a pawn for the TRannies, but attempting to take out a popular icon like Jerry Patterson will make the Viet community look really bad (and self-oriented) in the eyes of mainstream voters.

  3. Fat Janet Says says:

    Do Vinh is no Trannie. He would not be qualified. Not too bright!

  4. I came across your blog today and am looking forward to reading the archives!
    This post resonated so loudly with me

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