The Bolsavik named OC’s Best

To wit, “Best Fired Journalist” — says the OC Weekly here, in its annual “Best of OC” edition.



The OC Weekly, it must be disclosed, is also the source of the above picture, taken by its photographer Keith May.

The magazine also calls this web site,, the “best new English-language journalistic blog in OC.”

Unlike the “fired journalist” category, however, this may have way too many adjectives. First, it has to be a blog, a journalistic blog, in the English language, and it has to be new. That sounds suspiciously like coming in first in a race of one.

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18 Responses to The Bolsavik named OC’s Best

  1. Tien Huynh says:

    I would call Mr Vu Quy Hao Nhien “The Best Journalist of Vietnamese Descend”.

  2. jose s. says:

    congrats mr. bolsavik!

  3. Tuan Phuc Nguyen says:


  4. Jung Kim says:

    Clearly Bolsavik is #1.

    You have been working very hard to make this blog the best one in OC!

  5. Lun Ghe says:

    totally agree, best of a best of a best fired editors. when ever you have your own newspaper , please remember me, I can be a best janitor.Hehehhe, congratualtion !

  6. NL says:

    (and how about ice-cream? keke)

  7. Dinh Ky Dao says:

    I think Bolsavik is Jung Kim.

  8. jung kim says:

    dinh ky dao you are a lab chimp now leave me alone so i can eat the rest of my paste.

  9. Jung Kim says:

    The idiot is having an seizure again with over munching on the cow’s waste paste with his hungry family….stinking the whole neighborhood again!

  10. Tien Huynh says:

    Correction of spelling error. In the first comment by Tien Huynh, please read Descent instead of Descend.

  11. American Woman says:

    Congratulations Bolsavik!

  12. R. Scott Moxley says:


    You are right. You are in a category by yourself.

  13. Jung Kim says:

    Bolsavik has been a great asset to our community and we appreciate you!

    Good job!

  14. kim jung il says:

    Jung Kim is Diep Mien Truong, obviously. It’s time to reveal yourself, Truong Diep.

  15. Jung Kim says:

    No it’s your time to go visit long gone daddy Kim il Sung and celebrate coming Christmas with kim chi fried rice.

    I would vote for Bolsavik to replace idiots on the Fifth floor any day.

  16. jung kim says:

    looks like we have an IQ chimp here pretending to be me. accept no immitations for i am the real paste eating jung kim.

  17. Jung Kim says:

    The idiot again indulged on something he shouldn’t have……… but still wants to be ME, pathetic but your sorry rear end makes me proud of who I am.

    Dear retard and an half, you are not the only one /or the first one wishing to be called by the famous name “Jung Kim”. Hence get your self a cup of cold water and splash it to your natural parents and ask them why you are not real Jung Kim!

    I might send you my picture so you can get a decent plastic surgery job done on your scary face….tell your doc “please make me look alike my hero “Jung Kim”!

  18. JB says:

    Bolsavik is a valuable resource for information and dialog. It is an excellent forum for the discussion of the key local, national, and global issues of the day.

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