Margie Rice now rules Westminster

I stand corrected. She doesn’t rule Westminster.

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7 Responses to Margie Rice now rules Westminster

  1. Lam Pho says:

    Penny Loomer is not an ally of Margie Rice. In fact, they hate each other.

  2. Wrong Headline says:


    Check your facts and info. Margie Rice despises Penny Loomer and the feeling is mutual. If anything, it will be Quach-Ta-Loomer tri-pact on the cc.

    Margie is once again the odd woman out. Get your story line straight. if you can’t even figure this simplistic background right, how is anyone to even trust your posts? I don’t.

    It’s humiliating to be corrected every other the time like this, Bolsavik.

  3. $.01 Loomer says:

    Not so fast 11:16. True Margie and I aren’t the best of friends, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to team up with Quach and Tri. The best position for me is to stay independent and not take any sides. Also, don’t bet on Tri teaming up with Andy on everything. Tri is smart. He’s always aligned with the Trannies for his own political benefits. So, seeing the beginning of the Trannie demise (Trung, Diep, and Kermit all going down), he’ll know he can’t put all his eggs in the Tran basket. And don’t forget, Margie endorsed Tri, so Tri feels a debt to Margie also. Bottom line, on many votes, don’t be surprised if Tri and Loomer vote with the dinosaurs, and leave Quach as the odd man out.

  4. Bolsaman says:

    There are still 8000 absentees left to be counted in Westminster. Historically, candidates (Tri Ta 06, Lou Correa 06, etc.) have come back from the dead with these final absentee votes. Diep is praying. Loomer is trying to hold on.

  5. Quynh T says:

    is it true the Viet candidates always counting on the absentees more? If it true then hopefully in those 8000 absentees ballots are not all from the old and confused people.

  6. No, not from old and confused says:

    I read that there are still the 15K ballots left to be counted in GG. Just think of the others besides GG and Westminster. How come these clowns don’t update us?

  7. Where to go says:

    Imagine that…a bunch of government officicals serving the VN communities can’t even inform us to go to for the latest update. Worthless bunch. Where are my vote and money going to?

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