Janet Nguyen under fire over restaurant vote

A mildly controversial vote against requiring restaurants to post letter grades from health inspection is becoming a hot potato in OC Supervisor Janet Nguyen‘s hands – as some of the Bolsavik’s readers have pointed out.

The vote by a majority of the Board of Supervisors went against the grand jury’s recommendation – that instead of posting an innocuous health inspection “pass” notice, restaurants should post what’s commonly seen in L.A. County: A sign that says “A” or “B” or “C” – the grade given by health inspectors.

The Orange Juice’s Art Pedroza was the first to react. In this posting, Pedroza pointed out that Janet’s husband Tom Bonikowski is a part owner of a Lee’s Sandwiches in Stanton (another part owner is Janet’s Chief of Staff and newly installed Garden Grove Councilman Andrew Do), and that restaurant has had a history of violations.

The Register then picked up the story. Apparently before the meeting Janet went to talk to the county counsel and asked if there’s any conflict of interest, and the county’s attorney said no.

That legal advice sounds fair enough. Lawyers in the legislature vote on laws affecting lawyers all the time, and nobody bats an eye. Pedroza, however, raised a valid (if not legal, then at least political) point: Janet could have avoided all this by saying, in open meeting, “My husband is a part owner in a sandwich shop, and so I have firsthand knowledge that etc.”

Pedroza also sought out Supervisor Chris Norby here, who said he had no idea of the Lee’s Sandwiches owned by Janet’s husband and employee, but sticks to his gun that the vote by the Supervisors was correct.

Here’s the Bolsavik laying a bet on 4:3 odds against the Trannies calling for letter grade postings on restaurants. (Meaning of 7 Trannies 3 will and 4 won’t.) But then again the Bolsavik is the same one who was betting that Linh Ho and Frank Tran would win their races…

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222 Responses to Janet Nguyen under fire over restaurant vote

  1. Jung Kim says:

    All asians appreciate Assemblyman Van Tran’s asian culture sensitive stae law allowing all asians to enjoy their traditional foods like moon cakes and rice cakes.

    All viets, chinese and koreans will vote against Art Pedroza.

  2. lottahope says:

    I guess risking a little food poisining and maybe death is a small price to pay then.

  3. Jung Kim says:

    Yes, Art..drinking mexican sewrer water and 6 days old taco meat will do the trick of healing from all diseases.

    I hate to break your sorry cholo tattooed heart but we have been consuming our moon cakes for hundreds of years without any health problems.

    Just remember not to vote for anti viet, anti asian Art Pedroza.

  4. Jung Kim says:

    According to Art’s calculations …all mexicans across the border and all chinese in china should been all dead!

    Arturo, before yapping about you being an expert in health care industry..just make sure you wash your hands after using the men’s room. I have seen many latino cooks being negligent in practicing this simple century old common sense!

    Art, you just have kicked the bucket…. a none, zero asian voter will vote for you!

  5. Art Pedroza says:

    Mr. Kim,

    Unlike you, I was born here. And my grandfather was born here too, in Texas. My parents did however come here from Mexico.

    I think all restaurants should have to heed existing health codes. And if you read my article re Van Tran and his bill, you will find that hundreds of Viets die or get sick every year after eating food that has become infected with bacteria. Do you really want that to happen here too?

  6. Jung Kim says:

    Art, how about in your country Mexico? A millions get sick from just drinking water ……if they are lucky enough to survive the day light gun battles on the streets!

    Do you really believe our asians (mostly US college educated) are ignorant enough to jeopardize our own healths?

    We are confident enough to eat our moon cakes in room temperature just like our parents and their parents did for the last hundreds of years .

    Again, worry about keeping drugs and dirty hands away from little ones in your barrio..

  7. Jung Kim says:

    Our slogan for the next 100 years will be …….vote No on anti viet, anti asian Arturo Pedroza!

    We won’t let you sneak into anykind of public office because you have a BAD heart!

  8. Jung Kim says:

    Arturo, face the inevitable future…… our viets are going to be very successful in moving our people into higher public offices and many of us will work toward in building united front to achieve this important community goal.

    You need to open your eyes and earn our respect!

  9. JB says:

    People can say whatever they wish but the fact is that Janet Nguyen’s husband, Andrew Do, et al. stepped up and opened a business in a free-standing “pad” building, formerly occupied by a Burger King, that went “dark.”

    Up and down Beach Boulevard in Stanton are many empty storefronts – just look at the shopping center formerly anchored by Ralphs. This does not generate the needed sales tax revenue for the Stanton city government nor does it enhance property values.

    And, by the way, a neighbor down the street from me has found employment at Stanton Lee’s Sandwiches.

  10. Art Pedroza says:


    I have no problem with Andrew and Tom owning a restaurant…what stinks is that Janet voted against proposed restaurant ratings – that work well in every county around ours – without ever mentioning that her hubbie and her Chief of Staff own a restaurant that has received major County health violations.

    She also failed to note that she received – this year – over $12,000 from over 20 restaurants and other food establishments – and many of them are gross offenders with long records of major County health violations.

    Janet had several conflicts of interest yet she voted “no” and never disclosed her conflicts to the public. That does NOT reflect well on her at all.

    Have a Happy New Year – and be sure to look up your favorite restaurants on the County restaurant inspection website before you go eat there.

  11. Art Pedroza says:

    Mr. Kim,

    I would venture to say that my home is worth more than yours. I don’t live in a barrio. I live in the Park Santiago neighborhood of Santa Ana.

    Now leave aside the insults for a moment and go read my Van Tran article. The evidence is irrefutable. Viets all over the world are eating bad moon cakes and paying the price. Why allow this to happen here too?

  12. Jung Kim says:

    Art, I don’t really want to insult your intelligence but the fact is that there are billions of more chinese whom are enjoying the same moon cakes in a room temperature and if you ask any chinese of potential health danger of eating them……… they will chop you into high fat content pieces to feed their pet….after saying ” Arturo, you will make my dog happy”.

  13. Jung Kim says:

    Art, open your eyes..and be little more culturally sensitive if you desire to earn any aspect of respect from a normal IQ people like us.

    Vote No dummy …Arturo Pedroza to the SA City council!

    I hope Carlos Bustamente is little more smarter than you are …otherwise, you lationo guys are in for big trouble!

  14. Jung Kim says:

    Art, put your home, a new car and even your new shoes together and I will bet… your material posession is worth less than a one piece of land I own as a investment.

    This is another reason why you have lost your shoe string budget election attempt.

  15. Jung Kim says:

    The real reason for your failure is……..you have no friends. Sad but it’s true..people just don’t want to be around negative person.

    Again, you need to change Art!

  16. Pedrozabot says:

    “We Mexican Americans have a lot in common with your people. We both work hard”

    Pedrozabot says Fat Art didn’t even walk his own street when he ran for sa council

  17. Jung Kim says:

    Wow, Art Pedroza must be a one lazy mexican cholo!

    I saw his family members in front of Home Depot the other day.

  18. Jung Kim says:

    Lou Correa was the only elected official who has given his name on the endorsement list to this fraud candidate, community – reject Art Pedroza………. during his failed council campaign bid.

    We can expect Art Pedroza kissing,hugging Lou for the least next couple of years for this endorsement. Art, continue to make a scene with Lou Correa because you have no other friends.

  19. Jung Kim says:

    Art Pedroza aka “community – reject”, anti viet … don’t deserve any votes/support from us. Tell your friends.

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