Happy New Year, Ky Ngo!

Ky Ngo, the perennial protestor outside the offices of Nguoi Viet Daily News, held a party today Sunday.

It’s not clear what it is Ky Ngo (far right in the photo) was celebrating. It could be a Tet’s eve party. Or it could be the one-year anniversary of the protest, which began a year ago Monday.

Either way, ’twas the occasion for Ky Ngo to inaugurate three new effigies, shown leaning against the wall in the photo above.

The effigies are of, from left to right, Dat Phan the current CEO of Nguoi Viet, and next to him, Westminster City Councilmen Truong Diep and Tri Ta.

Two things could have triggered the new effigies. Last weekend, Westminster cops came and towed away his truck for overtime parking. Maybe that’s why Ngo is unhappy with the Viet members of the Westminster city council – and may have spared Andy Quach for sentimental reasons. Or maybe because Nguoi Viet held its 30th anniversary party earlier this month and Diep and Ta dared show up.

One thing you must admire about Ky Ngo though — the man will never run out of gimmicks….

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71 Responses to Happy New Year, Ky Ngo!

  1. Sonny Tran says:

    The whole fricking time i thought i was doing a good conversation to an educated beaner….Stupid me. Guess once pickled, you can never be a regular cucumber again.

  2. tuanphucnguyen says:

    Sonny-san, you always bring up the age thing. It’s not necessary that older is wiser, u know. Hey, I graduated from Ocen View High too.

  3. Tuan O'Reilly says:

    If I may contribute, the racial epithet is unnecessary. It hurts Viets as being insensitive. We are all Americans, regardless of our heritage. I urge the restraint of using racially charged labels or words because we would not the same done to us.

    If you disagree, please coment.

  4. Uneducated, unemployed, society beggar like NK who has lead many others, same category as him. No one is doing foolished acts as such.
    You tell me he is not a dog from VN communist regime planted in our society.
    Think about It. No one is doing foolished act as such without benifit.
    Come on guy & Gal. Give me a break.

  5. Shaun Nguyen says:

    Have these individuals been psychologically tested?

  6. jose s. says:

    sonny tran, nice job in showing your racist as well as a communist filth colors! let me tell you something puto, you will never in a million years “educate” me on anything. you show yourself to be exactly what is wrong with so many in the viet community in that you seem to think you’re so much better than us lowly “beaners”. and you went to oceanview high school?! well you must be a great man allow me to bow to you! i mean what kind of idiot thinks he’s doing his neighbor a favor by not throwing a rock at his house because his music is too loud? or even doing him a favor by not calling 911? you would actually call 911 for that? you should of thrown the rock coward then they could of beaten your stupid ass. thats the kind of “education” you need.

  7. Country First says:

    ** The campaign to “Free Tibet” is widely popular in the U.S. and is internationally recognized the movement, has been widely supported by diverse ethnic communities, college students and youth organizations.

    ** while the Vietnamese anti-communist struggle has dwindled down a fight for past revenge. The movement has been hijacked by a the most radical elements in the community.

    ** Benign neglect seems to be the preferred treatment for Ngo Ky for most Vietnamese. Most significantly, The Vietnamese anti-communist radicals have alienated the many Hispanic community leaders.

    ** Not knowing how to build consensus among friends.

    Vietnamese community will pay a hefty price for our lack of community leadership and divisiveness.

  8. Jung Kimt says:

    jose licka soloriobutt, keep your twisted tongue tight and keep working at mexican assemblyman’s butt. Screaming… commie commie smells bad!

  9. Sonny Tran says:

    Ah ha my Jose friend…Thank you for your passionate respond, my point s proven right there..

    Well, first thing first…My very first respond was a polite thank-you for having you paying attention to this mostly Viet site, then i wasted a good half an hour explaining what Comunism would change your thinking if it did happened in Mexico since you tend to use the word “communist filth” a lot, then i read thoroughly all your replies and seeing the reason you are upset is because you happen to live in Little Saigon…I did even say sorry for the shit you have to put up with all the traffic and noise associated with those protests…right?..And my main reason is to tell you if you experience Communist?..You will call them much much worse than just “communist filth”?..Why?..Because it s too weak..You wanna kill those bastards on sight..Then i went on and set example on personal experience of what i wanna do to some noisy neighbors but chose to solve the problems very civilzed…Then guess what?..You didn t get a slightest idea of my intention?..Start calling me brown nose?..Arrogant?..Rat?…

    If you read my all responds to you?..Then you can see why i call you beaner….I know it s not a nice thing to say.To see if you atleast have a high school education for an educated conversation, or maybe i ve been wasting time talking to a street bum….
    And try to see if you can “educate” just me with your intelligence be4 you go out there trying to educate others about “freedom”…

    By the way, i gotta weird feeling you are a fricking bum…..correct me then…..bean????

  10. Sonny Tran says:

    Almost forgot one thing, let me get it straight.

    I never defend Ngo Ky or Ly Tong or whoever that 1% spoilers are?….I always say to admire the guy for relentlessly pursuing his goal….I actually admire anybody for their strong will to achieve suscess….but never wanna associate myself with those…Make sure you got that clear be4 snapping like a pittbull again…

  11. jose s. says:

    country first, the protesters have also alienated many in the viet community. and sonny, you spent a half hour trying to sell me an example of how mexico would be under a communist rule but were not talking fantasy here were talking about ky ngo and his communist friends. you spent a half hour going on about nothing i’m really sorry you spent that much time on nothing. you will never get that wasted half hour back. and you now claim i want to kill the protesters? geez man do you have add? see the thing is your so ignorant you dont know you’re ignorant. you dont even see that you’re a racist pig. personally it’s a shame you think like that i blame your parents for not raising you right and for not teaching you that being a bigot is just being ignorant. but hey like i said, you showed your true colors. thank you, you proved my point. and by the way, if you admire ky ngo for pursuing his “goal” yet you say you would never associate yourself with them what does that say about you? where do you stand on it? you dont make sense. what is his goal? to shut down a newspaper in america?! “our liberty depends on freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost”–thomas jefferson january 28th 1786 (223 years ago to the date that still rings true why cant people in the viet community understand that and respect that?)

  12. Jung Kim says:

    jose licka soloriobutt, idiot has been plugged up with all of his holes and senses…. listen, someone can admire one’s courage only and still not agree with the whole act itself!

    Yes, freedom of press is important but not the uncontrolled propaganda of hate, lie and destructive ideologies.

    Why can’t viet community understand the rights of pro communist activists /activities? You low class undereducated idiot! look at the real experiences we/our loved ones had to deal with the horrific bloody communist aggression during the war.

    ” Communism is based upon the will of minority forcibly imposed upon the majority with terror” said Harry Truman ……and they use both candy and labor camp to achieve their will.

  13. Country First says:

    Mexican Government :

    The current Mexican government has been severely infiltrated by the drug cartels. It is a DEMOCRACY in name only. Drug money controls Mexican politics. Go to TJ, and you will witness widespread police corruption, kidnapping for ransom is part of life. Last Monday 22 bodies were discovered in Monterey, Mexico. all were executed. Meanwhile another 18 bodies were reported by the police in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico.
    Some federal politicians, judges, military generals are rumored to be on the payroll of drug kingpins.

    TV Reporters are regularly killed for reporting police corruption.

    Preaching Mexicans the evils of communism now is just so naive and deeply offensive. Their democracy is in clear danger of collapse, being more and mored controlled by underground quasi-government tyrannical invisible groups battling for turf.

  14. Country First says:

    Mr. Kim Jung,

    Your description of Mr. Ngo Ky seems perfect :

    ” Communism is based upon the will of minority forcibly imposed upon the majority with terror” said Harry Truman

  15. Kiet Dylan says:

    Hahaha, Country First, you make me laugh to no end. The Mexican Americans here in the States have nothing to do with the ones in Mexico. Same as comparing Viets in Vietnam to Viets here in the States. Do you read what you write?

  16. Country First says:

    I thought about about before writing my blog. A shift of position could turn my blog into a piece of comedy.

    I should have made it clearer : first my point here is to address the differences of the national experiences of the two peoples.
    If you allow me, later on I will attempt to highlight the similarities between the two immigrant groups in America.

  17. jose s. says:

    country first, what the “f” does the corruption in mexico have to do with idiot communists trying to shut down newspapers in america? i wasnt born in mexico i was born in america. why do you even compare the two? and like i said before, do you ever see “mexicans” trying to shut down newspapers? of course not. the bottom line is that these ungrateful protesters should be happy to be here and accept our freedoms here or get the hell out. or at least get a damn job. and country first, theres a whole lot more than two immigrant groups in america. dont think for one second that the viets have cornered the market on suffering. and if you’re so worried about drugs coming into the country why dont you bash the communist filth dina nguyen and her brother?

  18. Jung Kim says:

    jose licka soloriobutt, communists are trying to shut down …(anti-communist)news papers in america? Make yourself clear you poopy mouth idiot!

  19. Kiet Dylan says:

    Better luck next time Country First!

  20. Country First says:

    Let us all have a big laugh
    Biggest laugh is of course on me.

  21. I just wanted to say thank you for such a great post. I’ll be visiting your blog again and adding you to my reader ! Thank you again :)

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