The incredibly funny Mr. Ly Tong

An email (click here to read in Vietnamese) broadcast over the weekend was claiming that Ly Tong, Rambo Pham and Cung The Tran went to USC, cut down the red-and-yellow flag of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, and replaced it with the yellow-and-red flag of the former Republic of Vietnam.

The yellow flag had been given to the trio by Ky Ngo. Both Ngo and Tran are leaders of the protests against Nguoi Viet and defendants in the paper’s lawsuit.

Apparently the trio went to USC on the Sunday before MLK day, found the campus empty and the flag way to high to remove. So they went around until they came upon a construction site. Tong spotted a ladder, so he jumped over the fence and carried that ladder out.

Anyway, so the Bolsavik asked a USC friend to take some pictures. When they came, they actually show Ly Tong never took down the red flag.

Nope, all he did was to drape two yellow flags over the red flag.

In the top half of the photo at the right, you can see something red between the yellow flags. In the bottom half you can see the red flag, anchored by cable to the wall, stick out from between the two.

And then if you look at the next photo, at the top the red flag is sticking out as well. Making Ly Tong’s creation something of a three-flag combo. (See more pictures on the Bolsavik’s Vietnamese blog here.)

Now, the deeper meaning of this is ambiguous.

Is Ly Tong conveying some sort of message of reconciliation where overseas Vietnamese (represented by the two yellow flags) would fly side by side with the communist government (represented by the red flag)?

Or is he insinuating that the person who had given him the two yellow flags (Ky Ngo) is, on the inside, a red communist?

Or maybe there’s no deep meaning. Maybe Ly Tong just used the South Vietnamese flag to protect the commie flag from the elements, thus saving USC money? (Say thanks Ly Tong, all you Trojans.)

The Bolsavik hesitates to impose any one interpretation on Ly Tong’s three-flag creation, but at the same time has a hard time coming up with one that is politically correct (read: Ky Ngo-approved).


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35 Responses to The incredibly funny Mr. Ly Tong

  1. Anti Bolsavik says:

    Wow, the protesters and the weird Ly Tong must not love the Bolsavik. You have exposed both Rambo Pham and Ly Tong very well.

  2. Boi But says:

    Hì hì hì… Mình nghĩ giả thuyết thứ 2 của bác Hạo Nhiên là đúng, nghĩa là, bên ngoài mặc áo cờ vàng chứ bên trong là VC chính tông . Thôi, thông cảm cho mí cha nội khùng này đi… Thất nghiệp nằm nhà hoài cũng buồn … đi làm mấy chuyện ruồi bu kiến đậu này để lấy chút hư danh í mà . Cái bệnh tưởng này xảy ra cũng thường lắm nhưng phải nói Lý Tống là nặng nhất và chắc là không thuốc nào chữa khỏi … nên thôi … cứ thấy LT thì cứ như thấy hủi … Xong!!!

    Bố khỉ! Đọc thấy nói “hạ cờ vàng”, mình còn tưởng là hạ thiệt…. Chắc sợ dùng chữ “che” (tạm thời) thì không đáng với cái công leo trèo như con khỉ đu giây điện của LT nhà ta … hì hì hì

  3. Boi But says:

    Opsie… Bên trên mình trích sai, là “hạ cờ máu”….

    Sẵn đây mình cũng xin “cảm tác” một bài thơ vui tặng bác Lý Tống và những “bác” ngờ nghệch khác đi vỗ tay reo hò “chiến thắng”.

    Có con khỉ đực đu…cờ
    Một bầy đứng dưới chực chờ nâng bi
    Tưởng đâu “hạ cờ máu” gì
    Ai dzè che lại rồi thì … chuồn mau

  4. Thomas Trieu says:

    When do we start the protest against these individuals? These clowns are the rat bastards undermining the South Vietnamese flag and pro-democratic movement.

    Where is Jung Kim when you need his nonsense? JK, do they get a hair cut too?

  5. Jung Kim says:

    Thomas Trieu at 4:56am, having a nightmare about Ly Tong again? Waking up in cold sweats..

    If he bothers you that much why don’t you join him?

    The only official bastard is Bastard Brian Doan from SA. neighborhood.

  6. jose s. says:

    if ly tong was up there why didnt he take the flag down? i know why, the red flag staying in the middle of the two yellow flags represents that inside every protester not just ky ngo that they are all communists inside. and the yellow flags are just like security blankets protecting the red so called “communist flag” so by draping the two yellow flags over the red flag is saying that they will always protect communism here in america by acting like communists. to me it’s pretty simple they just showed how they will always protect communism and keep it alive in this country that they are pretty lucky to live in. now all these losers have to do is get jobs.

  7. Tien Huynh says:

    One controversial theory regarding current events in Viet communities: There is a grand scheme in the making to show that the Viet refugees, through the actions of their self-appointed leaders and heroes, are just hateful and oppressive people…

  8. Country First says:

    Inaugural Address of John F. Kennedy 1961 :

    So let us begin anew–remembering on both sides that civility is not a sign of weakness, and sincerity is always subject to proof. Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate.
    Let both sides explore what problems unite us instead of belaboring those problems which divide us.
    Let both sides, for the first time, formulate serious and precise proposals for the inspection and control of arms–and bring the absolute power to destroy other nations under the absolute control of all nations.
    Let both sides seek to invoke the wonders of science instead of its terrors. Together let us explore the stars, conquer the deserts, eradicate disease, tap the ocean depths, and encourage the arts and commerce.
    Let both sides unite to heed in all corners of the earth the command of Isaiah–to “undo the heavy burdens … and to let the oppressed go free.”
    And if a beachhead of cooperation may push back the jungle of suspicion, let both sides join in creating a new endeavor, not a new balance of power, but a new world of law, where the strong are just and the weak secure and the peace preserved.
    And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you–ask what you can do for your country.
    My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man.

    ” I had to memory this whole speech in an English class in Vietnam “, Country First

  9. Jung Kim says:

    Good one.

  10. Country First says:

    Abridged to reflect our internal strife :

    **Civility is not a sign of weakness, and sincerity is always subject to proof. Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate.

    **Let both sides explore what problems unite us instead of belaboring those problems which divide us.

    ** Let both sides unite to heed in all corners of the earth the command of Isaiah–to “undo the heavy burdens … and to let the oppressed go free.”

    **if a beachhead of cooperation may push back the jungle of suspicion, let both sides join in creating a new endeavor, not a new balance of power, but a new world of law, where the strong are just and the weak secure and the peace preserved.

  11. Country First says:

    Time for Everything_Ecclesiastes 3:1-15:

    3. A time to kill, and a time to heal; A time to tear down, and a time to build up.
    4 A time to weep, and a time to laugh; A time to mourn, and a time to dance.
    5 A time to throw stones, and a time to gather stones; A time to embrace, and a time to shun embracing.
    6 A time to search, and a time to give up as lost; A time to keep, and a time to throw away.
    7 A time to tear apart, and a time to sew together; A time to be silent, and a time to speak.
    8 A time to love, and a time to hate; A time for war, and a time for peace.

    “It is our time to define our future”

  12. Country First says:

    Inaugural Address of Barrack Obama 2009:

    Recall that earlier generations faced down fascism and communism not just with missiles and tanks, but with sturdy alliances and enduring convictions. They understood that our power alone cannot protect us, nor does it entitle us to do as we please. Instead, they knew that our power grows through its prudent use; our security emanates from the justness of our cause, the force of our example, the tempering qualities of humility and restraint.

  13. AnhHai says:

    Wouldn’t dare touch the red flag in LA county, who would attend his trial for vandalism there?

  14. Country First says:

    Salman Rushdie tells stories of oppression and freedom.

    “How do you tell the story of your life? We all live in stories. We all constantly retell our stories,” Rushdie said. “We live by and with and through stories. It’s not just a literary question—it’s an existential question. It goes to the root of what we are.”

    In tyrannies, however, people are “imprisoned within someone else’s story.” Such regimes insist, “You can’t tell your story. We tell the story. And the story can only be told in this way and it means this. And if you try to change it, we’ll come after you.”

  15. Ngo Khung Ly Binh says:

    Lý Tống và Ngô Kỷ muốn gì khi đem cờ vàng ba sọc đỏ bọc (có thể xem là “ôm ấp”) cờ đỏ sao vàng? Đoàn Thanh niên Cờ Vàng nên đứng ra tổ chức một cuộc biểu tình chống hai gã này. Có như vậy các bạn mới xứng đáng với danh xưng mà các bạn đã chọn. Nhớ thông báo rộng rãi điều này để tôi cùng tham gia.

  16. Bubba Bui says:

    Country First,

    Have you read Eye of the Storm’s posting? If so, do you still maintain your opinion?

  17. Country First says:

    The Monk and the Samurai

    There was once a samurai warrior who traveled to the distant home of an old monk. On arriving he burst through the door and bellowed, “Monk, tell me! What is the difference between heaven and hell?”

    The monk sat still for a moment on the tatami-matted floor. Then he turned and looked up at the warrior. “You call yourself a samurai warrior,” he smirked. “Why, look at you. You’re nothing but a mere sliver of a man!”

    “Whaaat!!” cried the samurai, as he reached for his sword.

    “Oho!” said the monk. “I see you reach for your sword. I doubt you could cut off the head of a fly with that.”

    The samurai was so infuriated that he could not hold himself back. He pulled his sword from its sheath and lifted it above his head to strike off the head of the old monk. At this the monk looked up into his seething eyes and said, “That, my son, is the gate to hell.” Realizing that the monk had risked his life to teach this lesson, the samurai slowly lowered his sword and put it back into the sheath. He bowed low to the monk in thanks for this teaching.

    “My friend,” said the monk, “That is the gate to heaven.”

  18. Bubba Bui says:

    Cannot find a better story and could not agree more. Heaven/Hell is/are here and now so make your decision on how you plan to navigate through the journey of life.

  19. Country First says:

    Mr. Bubba Bui,

    I went back and re-read the post a few more times as you requested. His “re-interpretation” of the diptych do not strike me as original goal and total message. His post was an attempt to shed a different light on the artwork to somewhat appease the uproar; However, the veneer revision was constructed in such hast and duress.

  20. Bubba Bui says:

    Country First,

    Your discredit of Mr. Brian Doan’s character and work deeply disappoints me. You do not give another brother an ounce of fairness.

    Yet, you are now telling the artist what his artwork means? You are an empty vessel and rudderless, sir.

  21. Country First says:

    Mr. Bubba Bui,

    I humbly take your criticism, and open to your thoughts.
    To err is only human, forgive me.

  22. Country First says:

    Mr. Bubba Bui,

    My opinion should really be inconsequential.
    For the search of a common ground for a Vietnamese connectedness, We need each other to share our heavy burden.

  23. Bubba Bui says:

    Country First,

    So are mine. Nothing like tall cold one to put any differences to rest. At the end of the day, don’t we look to the person to the left and right?

  24. Boi But says:

    Bác Hạo Nhiên ơi,

    Tình hình cờ vàng ở trường USC tới đâu rồi ? Hai lá cờ vàng vẫn đang còn “đùm bọc” lá cờ đỏ hay đã bị trường USC “hạ” xuống rồi ??? Cái này mới đúng là bị “hạ cờ” một cách đau đớn và nhục nhã đây …. Rõ khổ! leo trèo chi cho mệt, che đậy chi cho mệt, để rồi trường USC chỉ cần kêu một tay Janitor (không phải anh hùng đâu nhá) leo lên hạ xuống … Xong hàng!!!

  25. Jung Kim says:

    Bubba Budda Mama….sure I look at person left and right but the color red is very distinctive. The Bastard Brian Doan has no defense

  26. Jung Kim Sr. says:

    Junk Kim could you take Ly Teo to see a Psychiatrist, your treatment seem to work a little bit lately.

  27. Jung Kim says:

    Bastard Brian Doan needs to ask for forgiveness to his father first.

  28. Jung Kim says:

    ….then to those people whom were hurt by the unprovoked aggression under bogus name of art exhibition.

  29. Jung Kim says:

    sr, Ly Tong needs to go paint Brian’s rear apple red…. like some rare jungle chimps before I can take him to see a doc.

  30. Forrest Le says:

    JK, would you consider the 4 men your heroes? Red blooded kooks. BTW, your dad was speaking to you in between your postings.

  31. Jung Kim says:

    Forrest Gump, Brian and these 4 men are close siblings……Brian being the bad seed.

  32. Forrest Le says:

    I agree with you on the 4, not Brian. What about the Rat title on Brian? Are you going soft on us? Hahaha. Have a good evening, JK.

  33. Jung Kim says:

    I remember.. good night!

  34. Tien Huynh says:

    Some entertaining news about Ly Tong. Ly Tong lost his PhD dissertation (intended to be submitted to a college which does not have a PhD program!)

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