VHN-TV: Quoc Thai vs Bruce Tran, redux

Almost four months after the dispute over VHN-TV was thought to be over, another lawsuit has been filed, one more time pitting Thomas T. Nguyen, better known as Quoc Thai the entertainer and radio personality, against his nemesis Bruce Tran, again surrounded by a cast of other characters.

A new derivative suit has been filed, in which Quoc Thai the 30% shareholder is suing Bruce Tran et al. on behalf of VHN-TV the corporation. The lawsuit can be found here. It may be by coincidence or design, but either way the complaint was filed in the Orange County Superior Court on Vietnamese New Year’s Day.

The suit essentially accuses the defendants of gutting Viet Hai Ngoai-Television, Corporation (which is the full corporate name of VHN) to the detriment of Quoc Thai the minority shareholder.

What prompted this lawsuit is VAN-TV, another Vietnamese TV program headed by Tran. Whereas VHN-TV is carried nationwide on DirecTV (channel 2073), VAN-TV is broadcast locally in Southern California on KSCI’s digital channel 18.7.

Quoc Thai is a shareholder of VHN-TV, not of VAN-TV, whose full name is Vietnamese American network Television, Inc. The shareholders of VAN are alleged in the lawsuit to consist of: Bruce Tran, Suzanne Nguyen (also a shareholder of VHN-TV and a defendant in the former lawsuit), Dien Pham, and Bich Ngoc Nguyen — all named defendants in the new lawsuit.

Quoc Thai’s complaint claims that the individual defendants are bleeding VHN dry and channeling (pun intended) VHN’s money, personnel, and resources to VAN-TV.

Although not so stated in the lawsuit, presumably the alleged motivation was so that the defendants won’t have to give Quoc Thai the 30% profits to which he would have been entitled as a minority shareholder.

In the previous lawsuit, Quoc Thai was awarded judgment for $300,000. One wonders how much of that is going toward financing this new litigation.

Meanwhile, word is Bruce Tran/VHN/VAN is looking for a new location that is not next door to Quoc Thai’s (pictured) newly opened Star Performing Arts Center in Fountain Valley.


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17 Responses to VHN-TV: Quoc Thai vs Bruce Tran, redux

  1. pho 75 says:

    Is this the guy who organize the Miss Vietnam Global in Las Vegas?

  2. Ohso64 says:

    Do you have a copy of the Complaint Bol? For whatever reason, and despite their tendency to be repetitive, I love reading Complaints.

  3. Bolsavik says:

    @Ohso64: Click on the link at the word “here” in the second paragraph.

  4. Bolsavik says:

    @pho 75: No it’s not. You’re thinking of Miss Vietnam USA.

  5. tinkREBEL says:

    Bruce Tran is a manipulative person. He’s perfected the art of making his external image look good while it covers many ulterior motives. What is it? His money? Why do people hardly bring him up in the media? Fear of slander, I guess.

  6. i know what u did says:

    Bruce is beyond dishonest. He’s a con artist and douchbag!!! i strongly recommend those that don’t know him, keep it that way. if you know him, get a way from him before he destroys you.

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  9. Viet Voter says:

    Bruce Tran is a loud mouth idiot.

  10. American voter says:

    OK, may be you’re not that S T U P I D !

  11. ESL fobby student says:

    american voter, you sound stupid like kim jung.
    i am not smart but i sure am not as stupid as you both are.

  12. Huy says:

    Bruce Tran is a pretentious, manipulative, egotistical, and mouth babbling buffoon. He’s running for MAYOR of WESTMINSTER and GOD I HOPE I DOESN’T WIN.

  13. Huy says:

    Bruce Tran is a pretentious, manipulative, egotistical, and mouth babbling buffoon. He’s running for MAYOR of WESTMINSTER and GOD I HOPE HE DOESN’T WIN

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  15. tracey says:

    Goi ong Bruce Tran
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  16. Michelle truong says:

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  17. Christine says:

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