Accused ‘commie’ won $225,000 in libel case

A 65-year-old former boat person and officer in the South Vietnamese today won a six-figure judgment in Washington state court against people who have accused him of being a communist, the Olympian newspaper reports here.

Former Republic of Vietnam Lieutenant Duc Tan, better known by his Vietnamese name Tân Thục Đức, sued his accusers and won $225,000. A co-plaintiff, the Vietnamese Community of Thurston County, won a separate $85,000 judgment.

(That’s Tan in the photo right, by the Olympian. The man in the middle hugging his friend is Duc HuaHứa Minh Đức – the president of the VCTC.)

The defendants are members of a group calling themselves the “Committee against the Viet Cong flag” (in Vietnamese: Ủy Ban Chống Cờ Việt Cộng) based in Lacey, Washington.

In 2003, the Committee allegedly began accusing former Lt. Tan – who had remained active in community affairs, teaching kids to read and write Vietnamese and to sing the South Vietnamese national anthem – of a number of acts allegedly benefiting the communists.

Named as defendants for the libeling are Norman Le, Phiet Nguyen, Dat Ho, Nga Pham and Nhan Tran – better known by their Vietnamese names Lê Thiện Ngọ, Nguyễn Xuân PhiệtHồ Tấn ĐạtPhạm Thị Nga and Trần T Nhàn. All and each of them will now be individually responsible for paying the total verdict of $310,000.

Many of the accusations were so false, even the accusers dropped them and by the time trial was about to begin, they were only sticking to three points (as seen in their email here in Vietnamese):

* That Tan and the VCTC had opened a ceremony with the current (communist) Vietnamese national anthem.

(A friend of the Bolsavik’s, living down under and with no knowledge of what transpired, had repeated this accusation to the Bolsavik as if it were Gospel truth.)

Apparently, what happened was that during sound check, the guitarist who had recently visited Vietnam played a couple bars from that song. The VCTC immediately apologized afterwards.

* That a worker at the VCTC’s booth in a 2003 county fair had worn an apron with red and a yellow star.

An apron maketh a commie?? According to the Olympian, a cook at the booth was wearing an apron with the picture of Santa Claus with his red hat with a star that’s yellow.

This reminds the Bolsavik of another star-on-red-background Christmas controversy. Click here if you read Vietnamese.

* That Tan was a snitch for the communists.

The Committee made this accusation, but never offered any evidence in court.

The Olympian‘s story includes an interview with U.C. Irvine Professor Linda T. Vo in which she explained the one question that most often baffles non-Viets: Just why is it that Vietnamese accuse each other of being a communist?

The reason is, explains Professor Vo, labeling someone a communist is “a very easy way to discredit someone in the community.”

Not so very easy any more, if you have to pay $310,000 for the privilege….

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41 Responses to Accused ‘commie’ won $225,000 in libel case

  1. Tien Huynh says:

    Those who spew blood at others get their mouths dirty first.

  2. Country First says:

    * Vietnamese media do not report the fact that these few radical elements are being rejected and discredited by the majority of the Vietnamese community.
    * Two radical extremists tried to hijack the Hung Vuong Ceremony in Santa Ana, last week-end, with yellow flags and slogans. It was quite embarrassing to see a few trying to exploit the flag. They wanted to stop the cultural ceremony and turn it into a protest stage.
    * For business reasons, Vietnamese media have been intimidated by these few, yet vocal and nasty groups of extremists. These media outlets want to make money by wrapping themselves around the flag.

  3. Country First says:

    Vietnam in the 1960_1975 period : Look at Thailand now, remarkably similar.

    Generals fighting Generals for power

    The prime minister of Thailand extended a state of emergency Friday and vowed to launch an investigation into the assassination attempt on a prominent protest leader that occurred here earlier in the day.

    The early-morning ambush of media mogul Sondhi Limthongkul, founder of the movement that toppled the previous government, could dash hopes that Thailand will return to normal soon in the wake of violent street battles Monday that left at least two dead and as many as 100 wounded.

  4. suavemente says:

    I don’t care for flags and to be honest find those flag wavers very amusing. It is very true that many in the Vietnamese community tend to hijack cultural/historical celebrations to wave flags and to shove their agenda into other people’s throats. Sometimes I wonder why they just can’t disappear like that idiot Bush!

  5. Josephine says:

    Thanks to Bolsavik, I now know Santa Claus is communist. Thank you.

  6. Boo Ya says:

    During this tight economic time, it is appropriate to clean house. Those who like to disrupt community events should have their citizenship application reviewed and possibly revoked for any irregularity. These people serve no interest for society.

    Citizenship does not guarantee an automatic pass to live here without any regard for others. This is the only way to deal with these individuals.

  7. Billy Jack says:

    Good going lady boys! Lost mucho dinero and now happily working hard giving oral happy endings to pay for the plantiffs. Slurp it all up lady boys.

    The lady boys in Orange County are also looking for reasons to line up and take their fill.

    Too bad the Thai pirates could find these lady boys and use their great oral talents.

  8. Jung Kim says:

    Hey stop mocking Andrew Do…he is just a sandwich wrapper loaded with self serving ambitions.

  9. Jung Kim says:

    jose licka solorio better start saving dinero now…… he has been calling everyone a communist since he was 5 years old.

  10. Billy Jack says:

    Who does not have self-serving interests? The difference is how one approaches life in reaching the goal. Despicable people destroy others without proof and go about with a smile like the lady boys.

  11. Billy Joe says:

    Billy Jack …. Ass Hole,

    Aren’t you tired of your own bull shit yet? You come on this blog casting nasty names against others and add nothing positive. You are no better than your own A Hole.

  12. chau nguyen says:

    The source of all these freaking problems is with that freaking yellow flag that shows up everywhere. It even showed up at a freaking family reunion that I once attended in Little Saigon. Those freaking people need to be reminded that they’re in America, eating American food and crapping in American toilets. The only flag they should be waving is the American flag. If they love the yellow flag so much, they should wave it in VN while fighting the commies over there.

  13. Boi But says:

    Lesson well learned for Ngo Ky and the likes….

  14. Jung Kim says:

    The problem I have with Andrew Do is that he is an opportunist and name only republican who has done absolutely nothing for the party.

    If he does not have the true “heart” to become a active republican member then he should register as an independent or more than likely a democrat.

    A food for thought.

  15. xu says:

    @chau nguyen:

    i agree.

  16. Bushy says:

    Even Bush the idiot had no use for those yellow-flag psychos Republicans from the time he got elected President, created a war based on lies until the moment he got shoes thrown into his face. Now even when he is back to gun-totting Texas, he continues to despise them LOL

  17. Bushy says:

    Billy Jack,
    You seem to know very much about Lady Boys. Sorry they hurt you. Guess who was outsmarted by whom? Guess people were wrong when they said whoever got the small **** got lotta brain.

  18. Bushy says:

    Ooops, I meant “Guess whom was outsmarted by who”

  19. XYZ says:

    Vietnam has a long history of struggle against Chinese nationalism, French colonialism, Japanese imperialism and Marxist communism.

    But, in the 20th century, there is nothing like Communism, an enemy we all love to hate. Let’s face it, without Commies to hunt, James Bond is just a horny guy with fancy gadgets.

    And so, since there is no new big “ism”, Viets continue fighting the last big Communism.

    The problem is it’s always easier for someone to identify themselves in terms of their enemies –to say they’re this, we’re that; they’re bad, we’re good. – and forget that “united we stand, divided we fall.”

    We are no longer a people seeking solidarity, striving for what is best for all of us. Instead, we divide ourselves into groups, emphasizing our differences and seeking what is best for only our group and our agenda.

    And, waving the “right” flag is an example of this trend.

    Flag waving is a great litmus test of the right to free speech because it’s such an emotional issue. In fact, when it comes to the flag, too many people overcome with emotions and becoming illogically protective.

    Is there anything wrong with displaying the flag? Of course not.

    But never forget the flag is only a symbol, a reminder of what we stand for, not a replacement for actually standing for it. Brave soldiers did not die for the actual flag – they died for the freedom it represents, including the freedom not to display it.

    The question about all this is “Why?” – and “Who?” – as in “Who cares?”
    Who cares about inanimate objects like Macy’s “LOVE” belt and Christmas Card?

    You’ll pay through the nose if you know Semper Fi and don’t know what Caveat Emptor means!

  20. Billy Jack says:


    I don’t even know these people but giving these bullies some of their own medicine, street style. This is the way they know and prefer. I am merely a lowly food server at the local VN restaurant. If you happen to visit my place of employment, please forgive the food odor on my clothes and have a wonderful time at the restaurant.

    I highly recommend Ha Noi Restaurant on Bolsa and Magnolia (I don’t work here); it is among the handful of places that offer the time consuming dish, banh tom co ngu. The other dish to gauge VN culinary skill is banh xeo, and not many restaurants take the time to make it.

    Getting on Bolsavik is an opportunity for me to practice my English.

  21. OC resident says:

    Hopefully some politicians in OC can learn a lesson from this !!!!

  22. abc says:

    Both the so-called Capitalism and Communism have collapsed in the political sense. Now there is only Commercialism yet many haters in the Vietnamese community are still fighting with the ghost of the past! There isn’t much difference between those and the psychos in North Korea. They should all be sent to North Korea and get into a food fight with the North Koreans and possibly Fidel Castro’s family. That’s fine if they want to waste away their present for the sake of the past. Unfortunately, they are dragging quite a few young Vietnamese down the drain with them. Very sickening!

  23. jose s. says:

    hey jung kim, you’re a filthy communist pig!, now sue me.

  24. Jose T. says:

    Jose s.

    You got no dinero other than shit, just like your last name. Who’d want to sue a loser.

  25. Billy Jack says:

    Are these flag wavers fighting the ghost of the past? Are they being paid to disrupt and discourage organized community gathering? Do these individuals look like they are fringe elements who are desparate to do anything for money?

    This sort of fervor is akin to the kind of religious fanaticism promoted by the Muslim clerics. There is only one intention behind this act, crowd control and elimination of competition. Look at the individuals who have access to these individuals and the financial means to carry out such protests. Voila, we have ourselves the local Viet Talibans.

    Local citizens do not know any better and fall for the charade because they do respect their relatives who gave up their life for the cause. They are being played by these individuals.

    There was this one hypothesis why these protests occur. The political party rewards their political leaders who produce votes. The gravy is good, so the politican uses it to incite community instability, so this individual can do whatever they feel like doing.

  26. Joe Viet says:

    That’s funny Billy Jack. The very political party going around the world fighting extremists is promoting its own locally.

  27. Country First says:

    “New” communist fighting “Old” communist.

    “Here” communist fighting “There” communist.

    “out of power” communist fighting “in power” communist

    Conclusion : you can not distinguish a anti-communist from a communist _ in turns of brutality, falsehood, and extremism.

  28. Country First says:

    Attention all anti-communists :

    All pictures or graphics of YELLOW STARS will be banned from display in America.

    That includes the Jewish Yellow Star of David, symbolizes the persecution and humiliation of the Jews by their Nazi tormentors and collaborators.

    Are you happy now ?

  29. Jung Kim says:

    jose licka solorio butt, no one would sue a penny pinching pho restaurant waiters like you idiot!

    The filing fee would amount to more than your annual income anyway.

  30. jose s. says:

    jose t., (aka the filthy communist jung kim) you dont know if i have money or not the point is i’m calling you a communist so sue me. we all know you wont because it would mean you would have to reveal your identity in other words, you couldnt hide behind your fake name and computer. it proves what i have always said about you: you’re a coward.

  31. Jung Kim says:

    jose licka solorio butt, yeah, idiot you think everyone on this blog is me.

  32. So What! says:

    HoChiMinh is communist, LOL…

  33. Country First says:

    Ngo Ky is a pawn of communist regime, LOL…

  34. Country First says:

    “New” communist fighting “Old” communist.

  35. sonke says:

    now everyody is a commie………….we need to have a new Bolsa………..

  36. Country First says:


    Have you heard of “Ben Tre logic” ?

    In order to save Bolsa, Bolsa must be destroyed.

  37. Tien Huynh says:

    The Ben Tre logic implied Ben Tre was full of Vietcongs. In Bolsa, Vietcongs were just a small but vocal group.

  38. Country First says:

    It was not that Ben Tre (or Bolsa now) was full of VCs, it was the impossibility to distinguish the differences that lead to the need of destruction.

  39. Tien Huynh says:

    [Arnett said: "'it became necessary to destroy the town to save it,' a U.S. major says." To this day, "Ben Tre logic" is a common saying for whenever a "logical" conclusion is to destroy something out of the perceived best interests of everyone involved.]

    Since VC were everywhere and mingled with people, it’s impossible to distinguish the differences in any town in VN before 1975. Thus, the explanation that Ben Tre logic is understood that it was the impossibility to distinguish the differences that lead to the need of destruction is not very convincing.

    During the war, Ben Tre was well known as the “land of revolution” (quê hương của cách mạng). Thus, the explanation that Ben Tre was full of VC and needed to be destroyed for the interest of people perhaps makes some sense and is very much in line with the explanation from the Wiki above.

  40. JB says:

    I wish he had won even a larger settlement. Maybe this will teach others a lesson.

  41. Peter says:

    It was a nice movie thats for sure :) watched for fre3 on WikiBlast . n e t

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