Ly Tong and his PhD dissertation

This is too funny not to have its own entry. Reader Tien Huynh (here) pointed to an entry on (here), a publication in San Jose, California.

Published under the “miscellaneous” section of its web site is a letter from Ly Tong (pictured), a daredevil anti-communist considered by many a hero (read more here and here, for example). In the letter, Ly Tong said something like this (paraphrased)

I was hanging around Evergreen College in San Jose, reviewing my Ph.D. dissertation before making more copies. Then two students who apparently knew of me came up. We talked and they asked to see the dissertation. I handed it to them and also gave them copies of newspapers about me. (How convenient!) Then I left, but when I reached the parking lot I realized that I forgot to take back the dissertation. I ran back but the two students had left. It is my only copy and I had intended to use it to get my Ph.D. at San Jose University. It is 240 pages long and entitled “A Stimulus Theory of Revolution.” Please, if you read this, return my dissertation to ….

Read a screen cap of the posting here.

Now, of course, there’s no such thing as “San Jose University.” The closest sounding name is San Jose State University.

So, anyway, we scroll down to the bottom of the web page, and we see a posting by a reader calling himself anhnamdakto (screen cap here) who says:

According to the web site of San Jose State University, it doesn’t award the Ph.D. The highest degree awarded by SJSU is the Master’s degree.

And sure enough, at the site pointed to by the reader, here, San Jose State does not award the Ph.D.

BTW, this is not the first time Ly Tong makes claims about his academics. Previously, he’s been saying that he finished all course work requirements for a Ph.D. from the University of New Orleans where he lived when first arriving in the U.s. The major has been changing, sometimes it’s poli sci, some times it’s environment science, sometimes it’s something else. For example, read here (fourth paragraph) where an identically named dissertation is mentioned. Or read here, an article written by Ly Tong’s brother, where he mentioned something about Ly Tong’s theory on the origin of war.

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24 Responses to Ly Tong and his PhD dissertation

  1. Duc Vo says:

    The only thing missing here is a poem collection sort of “The dairy of a prisoner” and we’ll have for ourselves another savior. This type of hero comes along once in a generation, you know.

  2. Lost and Found says:

    I have been informed that LY TONG’s theses was stolen by communist agents posing as Evergreen college students.

    The FBI, the CIA, and the National Security are investigating the case because LY TONG is working on high security military assignment.

    US air force is planning an air strike, and US Marine is launching a landing this Saturday.

    This is a TOP SECRET document.

  3. abc says:

    The communists are everywhere to make sure that they keep a hero like Ly Tong down forever. My “hard” goes out to Ly Tong. We should raise some “fun” to pay for his education!

    This project should be called “Hard on Ly Tong – A fun raisin”!

  4. Evergreen Student says:

    Please check on

    A copy of “A Stimulus Theory of Revolution by LY TONG” is being listed for $1,000,000

  5. The real Evergreen College student says:

    Please do not insult the Vietnamese students at Evergreen College. We are hardworking and honest people.

    If any student had the paper, he/she would return it to LY TONG right away.

  6. Marcus says:

    does Ly Tong think that everyone else is stupid?
    The funniest pseudo-academic history of lost I’ve ever heard.

  7. Bolsa Guy says:

    Ly Tong is not the first one. If I remember correctly our southern VNese “scholar” Cao The Dung claimed that he had a PhD from Columbia University. When asked in court to prove his degree he said that he had burned the certificate in front of his mother’s tomb to show her his achievement and therefore no longer had anything to prove!

    So many high ranking commie guys in VN now are getting “tien si” (PhD) and “pho tien si” (?) to prove … something

    So, please don’t single out our hero Ly Tong. He only follows the tradition.

    My American friends always admire the VNese are doing so well in school and have been able to get all high degree (even though the parents are poor and uneducated). Now we know why. Ly Tong is the same age of my father :)

  8. PhD College says:

    Bolsa guy,

    You do not have a PhD, that is why you are jealous.
    Ly tong is smarter than you ! ! !

  9. bystander says:

    second that Marcus (whoever you are)

  10. Macabong says:

    ‘Anh khùng’ Lý Tống is getting more ‘khùng’. What the hell is he doing with his Ph.D dissertation at Evergreen Community College? Is he doing his post-graduate work at the 2 year college? This guy lives in disillusion. He needs psychiatric cares.

  11. Lun Ghe says:

    who is Ly Tong any way ? hahaha

  12. The REAL REAL Evergreen College Student says:

    Ly Tong, you are a liar. What you gave me was not your dissertation for your Ph.D. They were fliers from Domino Pizza, two for the price of one deal, that you asked me to help you pass out for you. After that you asked me for $5 for bus fare. I want my $5 back!!!

  13. Tien Huynh says:

    The original article on Vietnamdaily was already deleted. Things did not happen!

  14. Homecrare says:

    what’sgoing on. I don’t know..pleasetell me whole story

  15. Boi_But says:

    hahaha…. You guys are soooo funny!!!

    This is just one of Ly Tong’s strategies to show off… nothing new!!!

  16. Tien Huynh says:

    There is nothing wrong with showing off. The problem is that the man showed off what he did not have (a valid PhD dissertation)!

  17. Tien Huynh says:

    Ly Tong has found his PhD dissertation.

  18. Hahaha says:

    Ly Tong lost his PhD dissertation because it was written on toilet paper and it was accidentally used and flushed.

  19. hic ..hic says:

    Who the hell does Ly Tong think he is ? I have been heard he talk on radio .Oh my god ! his English is so terrible ! please .don’t let people get vomiting !

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  21. Bo May says:

    Well, as they say here in America, there’s no such thing as bad press…Ly Tong gets what he wants, the publicity he craves for, the guy does not want to fade into obscurity just yet.
    After a few more clown acts and damages, may be then he will go away…

    ‘It is wise open now, whether you like it or not, here it comes’

  22. Robert Vu says:

    What a joke. LT is either delusional, or just outright con artist. Alas, there is a bunch of people who does believe this fairy tale. How pity

  23. margaret tong says:

    i am the daughter of ly tong from a filipino mother he met in thailand refugee camp way back in 1983

  24. Cary Aro says:

    If you haven’t tried blogbot from submittersoftware, you’re missing out…

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