Ly Tong found thesis, posted transcripts

If you’re still trying to help Ly Tong find the Ph.D. dissertation he lost, worry no more. He’s found it.

In a lengthy email, Ly Tong told of how the father one of the young men he showed his dissertation to (read here) saw his announcement, contacted him, and got him his dissertation back.

Tong also explained that when he said he intended to submit the dissertation to “San Jose University,” he meant “to a university in San Jose that has a doctoral program,” not to a university named “San Jose.”

While Tong was looking, though, many people raised issues about his academic bona fide.

Explaining himself took most of Tong’s 10-screenful-with-hardly-any-paragraph-break email. (Read here: screens 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10).

Tong even included his transcripts, which you can see after the jump. Tong’s transcripts show that, except for trouble with a couple of subjects such as English, Tong was all in all doing ok as a student.

Among numerous details mentioned in his email, Tong revealed:

* The abstract to his dissertation alone takes 108 pages. The dissertation itself is only twice as long, at 218 pages.

* In this and another email, Tong mentioned that he’d actually written two Ph.D. dissertations. The first one is entitled “Elephantism and the origins of war” – which as he explained sounds something like the asymmetry of information. His explanation of his current one, “The Stimulus Theory of Revolution,” is a lot less clear and sounds a little like a cross between the idea of a critical mass and the theory of realpolitik. Or something.

* He has a black belt in Taekwondo but has forgotten everything.

Click to enlarge Tong’s transcripts:


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10 Responses to Ly Tong found thesis, posted transcripts

  1. Country First says:

    Mr. Ly Tong,

    Controversial political figure always attracts a noisy herd of paparazzi.
    The press thrives on innuendo, ambiguity, cynicism, and distrust.

    You have played with a two-edge sword for a long time. The press have built you up, and now will take you down, simply for publicity.

    You should consult with a professional press agent before making any public statements. Your release of academic transcripts is too defensive,
    However, your lack of basic political skills is absolutely correctable, and changed.

  2. Yo Yo Yo says:

    Even if Ly Tong did not receive his PhD, he is guaranteed at least a Masters Degree which he has not bragged of owning. Furthermore, he should know better that in the process of pursuing his PhD, he would have had to take state governed multiple choice and written exams which he again has failed to mentioned.

    But then again, Ly Tong is such an exceptional human being that any governmenal and educational system would grant him an alternative program to achieve both his educational ambition and personal pursuit.

    That’s ok Ly Tong, you still rock in my mind. You have at least a “BS” degree in something or a degree in BS.

  3. Ly Tong's student says:

    Ly Tong, I am sorry man. I ran out of paper to roll my joints, so I stole your thesis. The gonja and reading your thesis under the influence were totally an outer body experience, man. Now I know where you find inspiration to fight the communist demons.

  4. Tien Huynh says:

    No Viet press dares to take Ly Tong down. The man is still the idol of so many Viets even though he has been disgracing them!

  5. Who paid for his tuition if he hasn’t had a full-time job in a long time? Probably some state fund that the Republicans have tried to eliminate? (-:

  6. Boi But says:

    What is so special about a BA/MA in Political Science that Tong should brag about?


    After all, the man has no job, no obligations (ops, except for those stupid things he volunteered, i.e. fake hunger strike), and has others pay for his daily expenses, he should be able to go to school as long as he lives…

    The good thing about America is that you can always go to school and stay in school as long as you want until you finally graduate.

    Nothing is so excited about an unemployed man keeps going to school to get his BA/MA or even PhD. What he uses his degrees for matters…

  7. xu says:

    This guy is such a fucking clown. What a joke.

    Also, whatever organization Ly Tong leads is also a joke.

    All this dude does is create a lot of drama. Pathetic and laughable…..

  8. Duc Vo says:

    Anh Nhien, you’ve got nothing more interesting to cover?

  9. Ly Tong's Student says:

    Boi But:

    Until you have spent all your life doing nothing and achieving nothing, then talk to us about Ly Tong’s meaningless existence. The VCs did a number on the US by sending these worthless bums here to embarrass all the good Viet Am citizens.

    Now stop expecting positive contribution from these lowlifes.

  10. SOnke2 says:

    Look at Ly Tong’s smile/laugh. The reader cannot tell if he is laughing at the people for being stupid enough to believe him or he has pulled wool over their eyes. That facial expression says it all, suckers!

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