No charges against Citryst

The restaurant/bar at the center of the controversies involving Westminster Councilmen Andy Quach and Tyler Diep is not facing any criminal charges, despite failing to maintain video security as required by its beer and wine permit, the Bolsavik was told.

Last week, Westminster Police Department Sgt. Dan Schoonmaker confirmed with the Bolsavik that there was no current plan to charge Citryst.

As a condition for its beer and wine permit, Citryst was required to maintain continuous security camera coverage through midnight. However, when the police came to ask for security footage for the night Andy Quach crashed his car, the owner said the camera had been mysteriously turned off.

Here’s the story: Before 10:30pm or so on August 1, the consensus is that Andy Quach and others were dining at the West Coast Seafood Buffet on Beach Boulevard. As the Register reported here, the manager of West Coast said that Quach left at around that time, not drunk.

At around midnight, Quach clipped another car and crashed into a pole, knocking out power to 300 homes. His blood alcohol level tested to 0.26 percent, more than three times the legal limit.

What happened between 10:30 and midnight?

Some rumors were running that Quach then went to get really drunk at Citryst. When police came to Citryst looking for the security video, however, Citryst’s owner couldn’t produce video after 10:30, saying that the camera was somehow turned off even though it was required to stay on until midnight, reports the OC Register here.

As mentioned above, the Westminster PD has confirmed that there will be no charges filed arising out of the missing video. Previously, Citryst’s owner Amanda Mydung Nguyen pleaded guilty to a charge of resisting, delaying or obstructing a police officer over an incident in February when she was blocking police from inspecting the restaurant.

It was the same incident that gave rise to Tyler Diep barging into the Westminster police station berating the officers for daring to inspect Citryst.

The restaurant had a grand re-opening last week, well attended by members of the Westminster Chamber of Commerce and a number of public officials. That’s Amanda holding the big scissors in the photo to the right. Conspicuously absent were Andy Quach and Tyler Diep.

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  1. American Woman says:

    I see poor Bolsavik has the Jung Kim infection. Is there a way to block idiotic repetitions?

    Andy Hall: Take a look at who APPOINTS the Planning Commissioners and then take a guess as to whether the Cytrist Restaurant/Bar/Drinking Hole will be cited.

    I doubt it.

  2. Bo May says:

    JK virus is not that bad, it is trash, but funny trash nonetherless.

  3. Jung Kim says:

    American Woman, don’t worry about Bolsavik… we are doing fine here.

    But you should go treat your VD infection in your throat right away.

  4. JK Fan says:

    American Whore Woman,

    Go back to Harbor Blvd. and get some work. Iron your pink skirt. It’s all wrinkled. What a fool you are trying to take on the great Jung Kim. JK is your King. Submit stupid!

  5. Is the story real says:

    Do people even know why Amanda “tried to stop the police” from entering the restaurant? 3-4 police officers had stormed the restauant and made 4 visits in the 3 weeks. What did they find? Why were they there so often? Do you think customers like seeing the police around that often? I think the owner just wanted answers when the police found nothing in the previous visits. Some in the community say that it is to harass and to get the owner to pay them off.

    If Andy had been going home or dropping someone off, which direction was he going when he hit the wall? He also hit a pole first that would be a great indication as to determine whether he was headed east or west. I guess these “detectives” didn’t put a lot of work into determining that or they intentionally tried to hide the information when they ran the story.

    Police officers are the finest people and everything they say you should believe, right? Their judgement is fair and unbiased? What about the officer from the Westminster police department who has been accused of rape??? Was he on the scene when Andy got arrested or was he at Citryst during these so called Normal visits???

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