Tyler Diep’s pre-emptive apology

Apparently having learned a lesson from Andy Quach‘s false denial, his fellow member on the Westminster City Council Tyler Diep (pictured) decided to come clean on an issue that has not even been made public yet.

In today’s issue, Diep speaks to a reporter of Nguoi Viet Daily News (not the Bolsavik) and apologizes for his involvement in stopping an investigation of a Little Saigon drinking hole.

The events took place in February 2009, two months after Diep took office. In his public apology, Diep states that as a new council member, he was still “inexperienced” and did things he shouldn’t have.

The watering hole at issue is Citryst, at Brookhurst and McFadden. On Nguoi Viet, the owner said her place is not a “bar.” Obviously, whether something counts as a “bar,” or a “pub,” or just a plain old whatever you call place where people go to get drunk, is all in the eye of the beholder, and the Bolsavik doesn’t consider it an issue.

What happened was that Citryst was investigated by the Westminster Police Department, so the owner called Diep and asked him to do something about it. So he did.

He called the investigating officer. Then he came to see the officer in the police department on a night when the officer, Sergeant Tim Vu, was watch commander. Then he came to see the big boss, Chief Andrew Hall.

Depending on who you’re talking to, Diep was either trying to tell the police to leave Citryst alone, or as he says, he was trying to ask questions to determine what’s going on. Or something in between.

Anyway, the conversations between Diep and the sergeant was recorded on audio.

Everyone will get a chance to see if Diep was just asking questions, because apparently the Register has a copy and Diep knew it.

So Diep apologized first, hoping to head off any fall-out.

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85 Responses to Tyler Diep’s pre-emptive apology

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  2. More questions says:

    Did Mr. Van Tran and his proteges received a free banquet at the watering hole Citryst ?

    Councilman AQ might face ethics complaint if he fail to submit complete gift disclosure in a timely manner.

    Did AQ meet Citryst owner at the banquet to discuss matters concerning the police visits ?

    Did the gang received the free banquet from the club owner as “quid pro quo” for AC intervention with the police investigation ?

    It is getting more interesting ! ! !

  3. Jung Kim says:

    More Qs, No, Janet was looking for a waitress job at Citryst with Tyler’s help but the owner told them “no thanks”.

  4. Jung Kim says:

    Anh Ba, Tyler is a little kid….. but I don’t think he is ungry for power.

  5. Jung Kim says:

    XYZ….. sometimes “soory” doesn’t cut it? You are a retard!

    Ask Mr. Clinton! He is still serving /representing this nation today.

    You can hate the sin but not sinners … look at all of us!

    You have a childish mental capacity. Wake up!

  6. Jung Kim says:

    Black Berry, I can agree wit you regarding Tri Ta…he is a humble and gentle person with good class.

    Readers, you need to understand there are some idiots only wish to divide
    our viet community for their selfish gain. Our elected officials are not perfect…… but also they are not all that bad either.

    Assemblyman Van Tran has put last 20+ years of his life in serving our hope and vision.

  7. Bo May says:

    @more questions;

    Diep’s confession is an admission of guilt. He is guilty alrite, but his half ass apology is just as bad as AQ’s. LOL

    We can see as clear as day light, the kid want to come clean on one small issue so that people will be satisfied and stop digging on the VIP treatments he and other punk ass viet politicians got from this drinking hole…It may back fire on him, ’cause people are not stupid and gullible …like…uh…Jung Kim.

    Why do the young generation still stuck with the old dirty politic of the past?

  8. Jung Kim says:

    Bo May, a hot sauce bothering your digestive tract? Get over it!

    Tyler asked for forgiveness for helping a business person…. and we say yes and just be more prudent next time. I would still tell him to help out viet americans in te future.

  9. Bo May says:

    Like any other young politicians from the other immigrants of the past, the Irish, Italian, etc.

    These young punks coming on into the arenas with spot lights shining on them, people, specially, viet business, were expecting a lot from them without knowing what is the real duty of a council man, they think they could ask these punk ass city council men to avert the penalties as they may come their way.

    The ‘little’ experiences or the lack thereof, coupled with the self important attitudes make these young punks think they got the city officials in their pockets and they can plow their way through the city like a wrecking balls.

    A slap on the wrist is too kind. Just send them out to the gallows, send in the new group. As far as I am concern the next generations may be better off.

  10. More questions says:

    1. Would a gift disclosure for the city ethic board is needed if Tyler received a free meal at Citryst.

    2. Would it be a political corruption ? If Tyler received a free meal at Citryst, after he intervened in the police investigation of the Joint : the appearance of impropriety, without further clarification.

    3. Who paid for the meal before that car accident ? inquiring minds want to know

  11. Jung Kim says:

    More important concern today is that there could be a possible state investigation on failed attempt to divert state’s bond fund of $2.5 million to benefit Frank Zao, a county supervisor’s political contributor.

  12. Jung Kim says:

    They are possibly seeking the link between the Fifth Floor and the Zao’s management company’s relationship…. # of meetings, any political favor promises( delivered, not delivered).

  13. Jung Kim says:

    A new comer Adndrew Do was heavily funded by the same supporters of the County Supervisor….ended up winning the city office seat.

  14. Jung Kim says:

    This investigation can be beyond the scope of mere ethic’s commission.

    A tough pill to swallow for some.

  15. Jung Kim says:

    They can also look at “arm twisting” allegations by Janet and Andrew Do for monetary contribution . There are plenty of complaints to be filed by the many victims of this alleged misconduct.

    Janet and Andrew should come out clean before it’s too late and return all disputed funds bact to people.

  16. Jeanette says:

    Tyler is a wonderful young man who represents the residents of Westminster well. I find his forthrightness refreshing.

  17. Jung Kim says:

    The rumor in the street says Loretta Sanchez is under the micro scope investigation from ferderal government agencies for alleged improper use of funds from her campaign account.

    This primary investigation is just a cover up for the deeper problem with Loretta’s ethical misconduct. Stay tuned……

  18. lottahope says:

    Jeanette, you must be one of Tyler’s hookers.

  19. lottahope says:

    Jung Kim…since Tyler is the lowlife Tomahawk….which Trannie are you?

  20. lottahope says:

    My oppinion on Andrew Do….lower and more dispicable than any other Viet to cheat their way into elected office.

  21. More questions says:

    What is the future of all OC Vietnamese politicians ?

  22. What about? says:

    what about QXP? Is he not clean?

  23. More questions says:

    QXP is too green ? not ready for primetime !

  24. lottahope says:

    Andrew Do has’nt slept in Garden Grove 10 times since being elected. If he’s even slept in GG even one time. If you have such a hard-on against Andrew Do…Mr. Jung Kim….why not work together to get rid of this bum…..maybe his boss will be implicated in helping him defraud Garden Grove. Have some of your gangbanger buddies document him living still on Beverly Glen St. in Santa Ana. Quach and Diep are done, get over it, Time to move on to more important agenda….ridding the public of Andrew Do and Janet Nguyen.

  25. Jung Kim says:

    lottapoop, I am a idependent guru representing Little Saigon.

  26. Jung Kim says:

    More Q., A councilmen .. young Andy and Tyler will shape up and Tri Ta is great humble servant.

    We are going to be OK!

  27. Jung Kim says:

    Quang is a story writer but lacks leadership qualities.. he is following his own distant dreams….. yes a dream without hard work.

  28. Art Pedroza says:

    Diep is toast!


    But now the Jannies are going to take over Westminster and Garden Grove…that is not good either!

  29. Jung Kim says:

    lottapoop, stay in your hole, your baldy spot is expanding.

    Do you feel like a cinco de mayo celebration?

    Diep is going to whip your rear back to tijuana.

  30. Bo May says:

    So far I do not see Tri Ta on the radar yet, but who knows?
    He may come out with a pre-emptive appology soon and I will not be surprised one bit.

  31. lottahope says:

    If Tri Ta is a Trannie, than he is guilty of associating with Van Tran, Andy Quach and Tyler Diep. In gang parlance…you are either in or you’re out. The only good Trannie is a recalled Trannie. Westminster councilman hanging out at bars getting drunk and chasing skirt to relax from their busy schedule of jacking up Viet business owners and keeping the police in line. Noone notice how Andrew Do and Janet Nguyen came to the defense of his and Janets favorite watering hole Azteca’s on main St, GG. at the most recent GG council meeting. VIETNAMESE ELECTEDS DO FIGHT FOR THEIR CONSTITUENTS. (if they are bar owners)

  32. lottahope says:

    Good riddance to the 3 turtle face. (VT AQ TD)

  33. Bo May says:

    LOL. lotta, you said it best!

  34. Arthur Tran says:

    I’ve been there myself, just curious to find out if the the rumor that this is the hang out place of Quach and DiepShit. It’s definitely not a restuarant, it’s more like Quan Nhau with sexy hostess! Not a place for business man, or any politicians!!! that was my first and last visit. I saw Tylor Truong Diep there and Andy Quach. They seem very much At home there. This is the job that pays for these local politicians, they act like gangster, they are there to protect bars and coffee shops. I’ve heard it all. The sad thing is, the people of westminster knew that, but they cast their vote for the BIGGEST CROOK OF THEM ALL, TYLOR TRUONG DIEP. The owner My Dung claimed that her two councilmen will make sure there won’t be any police coming around, so feel free to drink up!!! The RESTUARANT WILL NOT STOP SERVING ALCOHOL until the CUSTOMERS are satisfied. Loyal customers has been known to lounge around until past midnight, drunk and ESCORTED by the two councilmen back to their residence. THAT’S WHAT THE PEOPLE ELECTED!!! But the drunk customers are still behind the wheel!!! how

  35. C.Vo says:


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