School Board VP: Other ethnicities wary of Asian/Viet students

Lan Quoc Nguyen, the Vice-President of Board of the Garden Grove Unified School District, in an interview published on a Vietnamese newspaper proclaimed that other ethnicities are wary of classes with a lot of Asian students in it because they can’t compete.

Nguyen, on the School Board since 2002 (pictured), was escorting Trisha Tran, the newly installed principal of Murdy Elementary on a tour of Vietnamese-language newspapers last week. Tran is not the first Viet school principal in the country, but she is the first Viet school principal in Bolsavikland.

At Nguoi Viet Daily News, where the Bolsavik works, they sat down with one of the paper’s top reporters and had a Q&A, which was then printed verbatim on the paper.

Halfway through talking with Principal Tran, the reporter turned to Nguyen and asked (see online text here):

Q: Some people think that children going to schools with a lot of Vietnamese-American students will not be as good as going to schools of mostly native white students. Is that a misplaced prejudice?

Lan Quoc Nguyen: My experience shows that that thought is not correct. The proof is, students from other ethnicities really [fear and respect] / [revere and respect] Asian students, including Vietnamese students; and they think that in a class with too many Asian students they won’t be able to compete….

Now, this is not the first time the Bolsavik has heard this kind of talk. Mostly from Asian parents, though - the Bolsavik hasn’t heard this from a non-Asian, or from an Asian student. Just the Asian parents.

But this must be the first time a School Board official openly says this.

Wonder if  this is true, or to what extent….

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109 Responses to School Board VP: Other ethnicities wary of Asian/Viet students

  1. Lan Ngo says:

    Lan Dao,

    Are you a drop out? You are so stupid. You also make no sense wqth the stupid things that you write. May be Lan Nguyen can educate you by having you re-enrolled at Murdy Elementary. Hey, that’s a thought.

  2. Netress says:

    @XYZ, Miss Garden Grove, Howard be my name, Lan Dao, Lan Ngo: Lan Q Nguyen is a hypocrit. Lan does not show his believe, at Family Court, in education or the pursuit of higher education. It’s a total shame when it’s coming from “the Vice-President of Board of the Garden Grove Unified School District.”

  3. Tien Huynh says:,2933,561081,00.html?test=latestnews

    Lesson learned from the above news: Something which was as certain as a fact for hundred years is still debunked as a myth. So, hold back your opinion (which you thought as fact) about some qualities (which did not exist) attributed to a certain race of people. In order to advance ourselves in this modern society, we must have the courage to review ourselves, and question all the self-serving “facts” such as, e.g, Viet people are peace loving, Viet people are moral, Viet people are polite, Viet kids excel in education, Viet kids are good in Math, Viet politicians are ethical, etc…

  4. Bo May says:

    @Tien Huynh

    I got that news, it was yesterday. Thanks

    Anyway, what does it have to do with the poor Viet kids in the US?
    Facts or fictions it has more questions than answers.
    I think we should let this issue rest.
    Viet kids are good in math (applying the average rule) is current. NOT a few thousand years ago.

    PS: Viet people are polite, Viet politicians are ethical? Yes, I think we can get a very lengthy debate on this…But that would be another day.

  5. Bo May says:

    I would not cite the Turin shroud to debunk the ‘viet kids are smart’ myth, it was not even a myth to start with.
    Again, I think we should let this issue rest.

    PS: Is ‘Con Rong Chau Tien’ is a myth? Anyone?

  6. Lu says:

    Anh Nhien,
    I think you should clarify that you made a huge mistake in translation and the context. I see this deserves an apology. It is OK to make mistakes but it is not OK to keep the mistake there once it is pointed out. It’ll hurt your name with many and it also give a wrong and bad image to ethnic harmony as well. Only politicians can grossly and intentionally misinterpret others for their gains. I hope you are not one of them.

  7. FBIagent says:

    Sounds simple to me

    Jung Kim=Viet Cong.

    An OBVIOUS subversive. We’ll be watching you, Miss Kim!

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