Trong Doan the Strange

The Bolsavik once noted here how mysterious Trong Doan the protestor is. He has a story that he tells about his past, but none of it could be verified or corroborated. Just as communist Vietnam’s President came to Orange County, Doan oh-so-conveniently appeared on the scene out of nowhere and catapulted himself in the inner circle of the top right-wingers.

Well, Doan is still as mysterious as ever, but now he’s also just plain weird.

The Bolsavik has been told about it before – that Doan would show up at some community event, and if the event doesn’t involve protesting, he’d wait for the Q&A session, come up to the microphone, say something totally strange, totally bizarre, and then leave.

That’s what the Bolsavik has been told, but didn’t witness it until last Saturday.

So the scene is the Bowers Museum, and the Vietnamese Strategic Venture Network was having a film event.

The VSVN is an association of entrepreneurs and business people, and they had put together a panel of filmmakers to discuss the business of making movies.

Apparently, VSVN does things like this all the time, looking into new areas of investment and such.

(BTW, in the photo above, that’s Cung Le the MMA champion standing there with the mike; that’s also his picture in the poster to the right.)

So they had their event and Trong Doan got in by using his credentials as a reporter for Viet Weekly.

When the time came for Q&A, sure enough Doan went up and said two strange things.

First, he complained that he, as a member of the press, was not “invited” (his word) to the event.

And then, seeing actress Kieu Chinh (Joy Luck Club, Journey from the Fall) on the panel, Doan tossed an insult at her. He said, “Why’s Kieu Chinh in every Vietnamese film? Don’t we have any other talent? Why Kieu Chinh all the time?”

And then he left.

As the Bolsavik said – this Trong Doan character sure is weird.

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164 Responses to Trong Doan the Strange

  1. Jung Kim says:

    It’s funny to watch anti viet idiots get all aroused over my support for good Viet leaders!

    Again we need to get rid of that lame duck congresswoman Loretta!

  2. Melissa says:

    A good Viet Leader?
    You called us idiots?
    Please tell.

  3. Jung Kim says:

    Melissa the drag queen ask joe mama why you are idiot!

  4. Viet Herald says:

    It seems disgetsing my dump did help kept you quiet and mum for a few days. But I guess one cannot change who he is. Unless of course, resorting to extreme measure/treatment.

    Do I have to dump on you every hour, everyday, to keep your mouth full, for you to stop mumbling?

    I can’t bring myself to beat you up/teach you a lesson. Have no time for that. And I don’t pick on the elderlies, children or handicaps…

    You’re right. I am cranky. Have all kind of issues.

    However, I have no problem with you being a blogaholic, a crony, a jerk, talking silly, making a fool of yourself, or declaring he/she is a guru; I just don’t want someone picking on others, spreading hatred, while claiming he is Vietamese.

    Maybe you were “có cha sanh mà không có mẹ dạy” (born a bastard?) that’s why you don’t realize that your stupid actions/posts do concern me (and other Viets) directly, in many ways.

    It’s not just my right, but also my duty to set things straight, to say it your face that you may be born a viet, but your action, your attitude, your words, your views is very much… strange.

    It’s just you, Giun Kim.

    So, represent yourself and your kind only, OK?

    Don’t go around proclaiming to be a Viet.

    You only brought shame to our race.

  5. Jung Kim says:

    The true shame is your idiotic name.
    What is Viet Herald anyway? Call it a “Viet PennySaver ” instead.

    Your duty is to find a real job and become a productive, positive viet who can count his blessings.
    Your thoughts are full of negativeness and you do sound like a low class bastard created from one night stand stint in the back of old chevy pick up truck.

    Repent and see the light soon before making more fool of yourself .
    You FOOL!

  6. Viet Herald says:

    What’s Viet Herald?

    I said Người Việt daily News will have to dump Bolsavik’s azz again, soon. So we’ll see.

    How about the Internet Policing Agency will come knocking on your very soon? How’s that for a viet herald?

    You talked like a real bastard. Takes one to know one.

    But I am a true Viet. Cannot be borned/conceived in the back of a Chevy, Giun Kim.

    Now stop wiggling in the pile of crap you got yourself into.

    Digest my dump. It’s good for you!

    Another Herald. No?

  7. Melissa says:

    Viet Herald;
    I don’t think Jung Kim has the brain capacity to distinguish right from wrong.
    My guess is Jung Kim grew up with that kind of language (in a brothel, maybe?)so to him it is just normal everyday language.
    Don’t mind him,

  8. Viet Herald says:


    I don’t take it personally.

    I don’t care for his character. Didn’t bother or affect me any.

    I just hate it when people play the race card.

    It might work for them once.

    But ruin us all down the road.

    And if they preach hatred and created conflicts (Palestines vs Jews, Pakistani vs Indians…), wouldn’t the situation just get worse and worse?

    And who will pay the ultimate price? The Youth, their off sprins, of course.

    As you observed, these scumbargs probably born into filth, immersed in crap, surrounded themselves with their kind… That’s why they have no values, no ethics, no moral… to check their actions.

    I understand where they’re coming from, why they commited what they did… still does not mean I’ll have to give them a pass to go on with this stupid act.

    Thanks for reading.

  9. Jung Kim says:

    On second thought, change your name to ” Viet PennySaver for ESL Students Only” Forget the word “Herald” readers might mistake you as a English speaker.

    Hey jack donkey, race card my foot! Why do you want to attach the word “viet” in the front?

  10. Viet Herald says:

    Giun Kim,

    Can you read the writing on the wall?

    The banner?

    Bolsavik’s slogan = All Viet, All The Time

    U dig?

    With your mouth, of course. Maybe ur head. Not your hands, and never your brain.

    Now stick your head back into the crap I just dumped on u.


  11. Jung Kim says:

    Ha Ha Ha, finally got dictionary help?

    Viet PennySaver, so what is the specials this week?

    Down/drowned with Viet pennySaver!

  12. Charlie says:

    This character has challenged me to two fist fights when there was no provocation or threat. He has a SEVERE anger management issue that will end badly for him. He has claimed to be a former CIA operative in VN and a combat helicopter pilot in VN. Yet he loses his shoes (and blames unknown persons for stealing them, though not many men could wear that small a size) and his press pass (which I’ve returned to him), often can’t get his car started (stands by his car with jumper cables in hand), runs out of gas (and needs to borrow money to put in a few gallons, which he forgets to repay), and the inside of his old, tan and beat-up Toyota Camry subcompact looks like it romanced a dumpster too many times on Skid Row. He’s repeatedly behind or late in paying his contractual obligations to an unrelated woman who’s raising two children (not his) by herself and has been kind and patient with him. Mr. Doan has made comments to me because he incorrectly assumes I share his values, which I do not. Instead, he defines the level and nature of his own moral character, which left me sad that a man of his age had not developed a higher standard of consciousness. Some people covet fame and seek it using unscrupulous methods. In time, the nature of this person and his character will be revealed.

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