Killer of Viet mother gets death

A robber who shot a Vietnamese woman in her store while her youngest child was asleep in the back has been sentenced to death by a jury in Biloxi, Mississippi, on Thursday, reports the Biloxi-Gulfport Sun Herald here.

It took the jury 5 hours to impose the death penalty on Jason Lee Keller, 30 (pictured).

The day before, the jury took just 30 minutes to find Keller guilty of the June 21, 2007 robbery and murder of Hat Nguyen, then 41, a single mother of four who worked seven days a week at Pop’s Ferry Road Food Mart.

Under Mississippi law, only a jury can impose the death penalty. According to the Sun Herald, this case marks the first time in five years that a Harrison County jury has given the death penalty.

Hat Nguyen’s family had lost their home in Hurricane Katrina and they had been living in the back of the store. When Keller was shooting their mother, Nguyen’s youngest child was sleeping in the back.

Nguyen was shot four times. The final shot was to the back of her head and it killed her.

A forensic pathologist testified that the victim was still alive as she crouched or knelt behind the store counter before the final shot.

In an interview with Biloxi police, Keller admitted he robbed and shot Nguyen but said he didn’t mean for the bullets to strike her.

Six months before the robbery, Keller had robbed a bank in Lyman. He was convicted of armed bank robbery in December 2007 and was sentenced to life without parole as a habitual offender because of prior felony convictions.

Keller was already serving that sentence at the time of the trial on Nguyen’s murder.

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5 Responses to Killer of Viet mother gets death

  1. tuanphucnguyen says:

    Burn in Hell, mofo!

  2. nguyen says:

    Something in this story did not add up.

    First, sounds funny but what can one expect for an idiot criminal. “Keller admitted he robbed and shot Nguyen but said he didn’t mean for the bullets to strike her.” Yeah, I shot that woman 4 times but didn’t expect the bullets go a straight line like that.

    Second, he was serving life without parole for a prior felony and can still run around shooting people? If this is true or whatever the legal tangles appear, this looks like a wrongful death to me. This poor woman’s family can sue the state for its negligence in keeping criminals off the street. Can someone with a legal prowess help this woman family find justice beyond that obvious death sentence?

  3. Bolsavik says:

    @nguyen: Apparently the timeline is: Bank robbery, then Nguyen murder, then caught, then go to trial on bank robbery, convicted, sentenced to life without parole on bank robbery, and then go to trial on Nguyen murder.

  4. Dingo says:

    I like that reasoning: I shot bullets out of the handgun and directed the weapon at her, but I did not intend the rounds to hit and injure her.

    The best thing in this situation is to have you, Jason Lee Keller, experience a slow death by lethal injection.

    Come to think of it, this guy would make an excellent executive at a Fortune 500 company; he definitely has the mental and psychological profile.

  5. levan says:

    At his execution, the reverend should bless:”Oops, we put the lethal injection into your vein but we didn’t mean for it to go straight to your heart. Sure it burned like hell”

    Just off the topic a bit, looking to the right column, that Viet accused statistics screaming out to your face makes me wondering negative news travels fast and strong in the Bolsavik land. How sad!

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