Vietn taekwondo Grandmaster among Haiti missing

A Vietnamese-Canadian taekwondo Grand Master, in Haiti on business, is among the thousands still missing following the devastating earthquake that hit the island nation, reports the International Taekwondo Federation here.

Trieu Quan Trân, 59, CEO of his construction consulting business, was staying at the luxury Montana Hotel in Port-au-Prince as when the building collapsed.

Trân was seen entering his room on the hotel’s third floor some 10 minutes before the earthquake hit. “My husband is trapped in the rubbles of the Montana Hotel and our family is still awaiting news from the rescue teams”, his wife My Nguyen Tran said.

According to his niece, who put up a call for help on CNN’s iReport here, an associate of Tran was rescued and is recovering in a Montreal hospital.

Trân is the President of the International Taekwondo Federation, one of several international organizations for the martial art, which he has been practicing since he was 12.

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  1. Jung Kim says:

    We pray for Mr.Tran’s safe return.

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