Whoomp! There she is! Strange woman strikes again

Why is this woman on a stretcher? Is that the South Vietnamese flag she has wrapped around her head? And why is nobody paying attention?

Upside down and inside out, I’m about to show all you folks, what’s it’s all about.

This picture was taken last Sunday, at a ceremony held at Westminster’s Vietnam War Memorial. January 19 was the anniversary of the Battle of the Paracel Islands, a 1974 naval battle in which many South Vietnamese died trying to defend a group of islands off the coast of Quang Nam from Chinese forces. The Chinese won, the North Vietnamese failed to raise a peep, and the islands have been in Chinese hands ever since.

The anniversary ceremony was held on Sunday, organized by an alliance of many groups, most prominently the association of former navy men.

And then Bùi Kim Thành showed up. As she always did at everybody’s event, she came wrapped in the colors of the South Vietnamese flag, grabbed a seat in front, and demanded to speak. Basically causing a disruption, just like she did back here.

But this time, the organizers would have none of it. They asked her to step away, and she didn’t. They called the cops, cops asked her to step away, and she didn’t. And then one James Huynh from the crowd reached over and sprayed something on her face.

Whatever it is, it stopped her for a moment, and then probably having thought about it, Bùi Kim Thành fell down and played possum.

So they called for a stretcher and took her away.

Maybe she’s thinking she’s taking it back old school. But she’s an old fool who’s not cool. Whoomp there it is. Can y’all dig it.

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11 Responses to Whoomp! There she is! Strange woman strikes again

  1. Aimee says:


  2. NL says:


  3. SwineQueen says:

    Ha ha ha …
    Ha ha ha …

    oh well … let’s stop laughing you guys … let’s find a way to deal with this child’s behavior problem.

    Sprayed something on her face is not the right treatment. I think spanking is better or may be we should give her a pacifier.

  4. xu says:

    Nice entry dude.

  5. XoaNguGiamDot says:

    Who the heck is this James Huynh? What did he spray on the CHILDISH woman face? AND WHY did he do that? You DO NOT spray stuff on people faces you MORON. Some Vietnamese are idiots on public event behaving even though they have been living in a DEMOCRACY country for years. I’m a shame of these Vietnamese-Americans.

  6. xu says:

    @ XoaNguGiamDot:

    James Huynh wasn’t arrested so what does that say?

    The cops didn’t arrest James Huynh and they (the cops) were there while she was being sprayed in the face.

    So if James Huynh wasn’t arrested, he obviously did nothing wrong. Bùi Kim Thành disrupted this event, didn’t leave when asked by cops and then got sprayed (probably pepper spray).

  7. xu says:

    @ XoaNguGiamDot:

    BTW, you try interrupting a large event like an NFL football game- run out on the field with whatever flag you want and see how that turns out.

    Or try it at a bar or Walmart (well the bar or Walmart will probably let you carry whatever flag, they just won’t tolerate you giving a long noisy speech though).

    These cops were probably being over cautious- probably white (or black) cops surrounded by a bunch of Vietnamese people, the cops I guess were trying to be ‘culturally sensitive’ by not laying their hands on Bùi Kim Thành.

  8. SwineQueen says:

    I think James Huynh is an undercovered cop. Good job James !

  9. SwineQueen says:

    By the way, because of this fantastic & drammatical picture of Mrs. Bui Kim Thanh (it worths a thousand words -a summary of Vietnamese politics in Little Saigon), I would like to nominate Mr. Hao Nhien of the Bolsavik, for a Pulizer Award in Phography/Journalism for 2010.

  10. Me me says:

    haha, wow she got what she deserved but James Huynh should not have sprayed anything on her face unless he is her lover. Lol :D
    cool article mr. Hao :D

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