Andy Quach has best car of Tet Parade

Say what you will about Andy Quach, the Westminster City Councilman rides the best car of the entire Tet Parade.

That’s him riding in the car. The parade started without him in the car and then somewhere along the line he jumped in it, so, there he is.

Anyway, here’s the same car waiting to go.

See the painting on the trunk?

That’s the reason why Andy Quach wins the Bolsavik’s Best Car In Parade award.

Click on the jump to see a head-on shot of the trunk.

Here it is:

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131 Responses to Andy Quach has best car of Tet Parade

  1. Extinction Democrat says:

    Just Asking,

    You’re getting a little touchy there are you? He he he!

  2. Just asking! says:

    okay, now you sounded gay … ha ha ha!

  3. Extinction Democrat says:

    Just Asking,

    I am as gay as a Taliban eating port… Not. You are a fool for not knowig

  4. Just asking! says:


    If you’re not gay … then you must be unhappy :(

  5. Extinction Democrat says:

    Just Asking,

    I am as gay as a Taliban eating pork…. Not! You are a fool for not knowing any better. Or is it that you are gay and you see everybody being gay like you?

    You want to sit in Mayor Andy’s car but he won’t let you. That’s why you are throwing this little tantrum. Yeah, you’re gay alright. What a gay bird you are.

  6. Just Asking? says:

    Okay eXtinction, after hearing your reading I don’t know whether I’m a Democrat or a Republican. First you said I want to take vacation with Loretta, now you said I want to sit in Andy’s car. When I said your reading is going nowhere, I really meant it’s going NOWHERE!

  7. Jung Kim says:

    Make a vacation reservation at

  8. Just asking! says:

    Bon Voyage Kimmy!

  9. Bo May says:

    kimmy wishes one day he can go to Bahamas with the turtle face van tran. Dream on kimmy.

  10. Bo May says:

    Great post, thanks ‘vannie’;
    So, this turtle face used his parent home in OC for his principle residence and lives in Sacto with his (indicted) wife, and he charged the state 135 K for living in his own home while he was in Sacto during the legislature sessions.
    Hm, hm, nail this turtle face bastard, make him reimburse every penny he charged the state for this criminal act.
    Where is IRS when we really need them?
    No wonder the state budget is in such state of disarray.
    What say yah kimmy?

  11. Just asking! says:

    BURN !!!

  12. Bo May says:

    No wonder has become more popular now a day….

    Iz van tran no longer a cult?

  13. Jung Kim says:

    Bo May Says:
    February 19th, 2010 at 8:52 am

    kimmy wishes one day he can go to Bahamas with the turtle face van tran. Dream on kimmy.

    No, I am taking your family to Bahamas……. Loretta is paying for the trip.

  14. Bo May says:

    kimmy; I would not let you go near my family.
    Sorry, just take turtle face van tran to the bahama after he got knocked out of the race (if you can afford it).

  15. Just Asking? says:

    If Loretta is paying for the trip, she definitely is not going to pay for you Jung Kim. Is Van too cheap to pay for you or what?

  16. Van Tran muon nam says:

    My fellow Viets, please check out my house so you could see what your tax dollars are actually paying for. I know you’ll like it !
    February 19th, 2010 at 9:01 am–.html

  17. Jung Kim says:

    No, Quang Pham’s savings account balance is extremely low and Loretta has better than a frequent traveler’s deals … it’s FREE with her.

  18. Register Reader says:

    Bo May and Muon Nam,

    I read the story and it is a political hit against Assemblyman Van Tran and other legislators, but there’s no illegality or abuse here.

    Even the OC Register cited the legislators’ per diems as written in the California Constitution.

    Once again, your blogs are just dripping with jealousy of Tran. Just get over your pettiness kids.

  19. Another Register Reader says:

    Hey Reader, you might want to read it again to make sure you understood everything you’ve read. All Tran’s followers think everyone is jealous with their leader. You might want to call up the Register to tell them to stop being jealous with Tran and get over their pettiness too.

  20. Bo May says:

    Yes, we are just jealous, let the politicians do whatever they want to do with state money.
    Andrew Do and Van Tran are two peas in the same pot.
    For those who criticize Andrew do like Jung Kim, shut up already!

  21. Van Tran muon nam says:

    OC voters, weren’t you the one who voted for me? Weren’t you the one who gave me the power to do all these things? THEN WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU COMPLAINING ABOUT?

  22. Bo May says:

    Oh no, your highness, we are not criticizing you at all. How dare anyone to do such thing.

    ‘Cause, the world according to Jung Kin; only Andrew Do is guilty of the same charge, but, you, your highness, with divine power from god, you are free to do whatever you want to do.
    How iZ your queen doing lately with her insurance fraud indictment by the way? She must have the same divine power as you do, I suppose?

  23. Jung Kim says:

    Bo May aka Nobody Quang Pham, you want to lie all you want but you won’t get elected to even a dog catching position.

  24. Jung Kim says:

    There is nothing wrong with staying with own family when away from his home.. isn’t it?

    Bo May spends his night time in the gay bar but we don’t question his loneliness at home.

    Mr. Van Tran’s official residence is in Westminster and this is the end of story.

    My friend Solorio agrees.

  25. Register Reader says:

    Okay Another Register Reader,

    I took your suggestion and read the article again on Tran and his legislative colleagues getting per diem.

    Where is the fraud, the abuse, the illegality. Where is the beef kids?

    What I saw in the OC Register newspaper is that this per diem matter is written in the Constitution since 1850, over 150 years ago. Why don’t you change the Constitution if you don’t like it?

    What is your problem other than jealousy and pettiness. Are you telling tje bloggers here that some Twinkie reporter is above human failings and passion? Were you born yesterday?

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