Tri Ta in Census ad

Find this Waldo: Can you spot Westminster City Councilman Tri Ta in the following Viet ad for Census 2010?

(Click on picture to see larger photo.)

If you’re wondering about the text, it’s just typical advertising hyperbole: “Spare 10 minutes and improve education, create jobs and develop your community.”

Answer after the jump.

The woman holding the “0″ sign is Ta’s wife Que-Anh Doan. Ta is in suit, to the right (our right) of the sign.

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104 Responses to Tri Ta in Census ad

  1. Bo May says:

    I got no idea who is Art Pedroza?
    Who is he again?

  2. Just asking! says:

    Nope, wrong answer! I don’t have any problem with the truth but I DO have a problem with the lies. So next time when you and your gang try to make up a web site, don’t make it look too obvious like those photo shop pictures. Know what I mean?

  3. Jung Kim says:

    Bo May, Art Pedroza lives in Santa Ana where community idiot Andrew Do resides.

  4. Bo May says:

    ok then, what Andrew Do did to get all of your lovin’?

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