Lookie here, a THIRD ceremony on the same Black April date

And then there were three. (Any rookie copy editor could have come up with that led.)

As if two separate Black April commemoration ceremonies are not enough, a third Black April commemoration is being planned to take place on the same date, April 30.

As previously noted, the Westminster City Council split the baby and gave Janet Nguyen‘s side the time slot from 9am to 4pm, so they’re scheduling their event at 11am on April 30, at the Vietnam War Memorial in Westminster.

The other faction, Lactan Nuygen‘s group and their allies, gets 5pm to 9pm, and they have their event at 6pm on April 30. Same place.

Today, an email being propagated around the listservs invites people to the event put together by a group calling itself, quote, “Spontaneous people organizing a commemoration ceremony for Black April 30.”

It is to take place at 5pm on April 30.

Which is agonizingly close to the 6pm slot scheduled by Lactan Nuygen’s group.

And it is to be held at the supermarket parking lot across Bolsa Avenue from Phuoc Loc Tho, the Asian Village Mall. Click on the image to read the email in full.

This ceremony, clearly fully planned ahead, still calls itself a “spontaneous” event. What’s up with that?

The Bolsavik is thinking two things. One: -”Hmmm, if we say it’s spontaneous, maybe we don’t need a permit!” -”Cool. Dude, where’s our car?”

Two: “Spontaneous” (“tự phát” in Vietnamese) for the last year or two, has become a sort of new buzzword used by protestors who want to demonstrate against somebody but don’t want to take the responsibility.

The coordinator of this new entrant into the commemoration market is Joe Dovinh, currently running for Assembly. According to the email, Dovinh dropped off a copy at Viet Herald.

It appears he ain’t gonna drop nuttin’ off at places that employ them that he don’t like. Like the guy who wrote this. Or this other guy who’s mean because he asked questions and wanted answers. That’ll learn ‘em.

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  1. Jung Kim says:

    Hey pissed off, we have idiots like you and Just Asking who claims his supporting of “dismembering of innocent children”…. is somehow aligned with God’s mercy!

    You idiots need to get a life and get facts straight!

    By the way, this blog belongs to Viets, Viets all the time!

    Now you may go back to your sinking/unpopular liberal and OC juice blog!

  2. Bo May Da Thug says:

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  3. Van Tran muon nam says:

    Pissed off,
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    kImmy & pussy, the two dummies.
    Always bitching & moaning
    Like they never get any
    However we shouldn’t get angry
    Only pitty… their stupidity
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  4. Jung Kim says:

    What is wrong with supporting good community leaders idiot?

    Go Mr. Van Tran!


  5. Just Asking! says:

    They are dirty leaders, that’s what wrong moron!


  6. Jung Kim says:

    Just Asking, only you have dirty/jealous thoughts against successful leaders. Get lost!

    We are all supporting Assemblyman Van Tran!


  7. Just Asking! says:

    Successful leaders? More like corrupt leaders ! ! !

    Only kImmy & pussy are supporting Van Tran!


  8. Jung Kim says:

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  10. pissed off says:

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    Da Thug: see if you can comprehend this Viet saying: MIENG CHO KHONG MOC DUOC NGA VOI!!! And that’s you dawg since you love to blog about bitches so much.

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