The commie won, btw

Just in case you’re wondering what happened to the Vietnamese-American candidate from Texas who was accused of being a communist: He won. He won big.

Danny Quoc Doan Nguyen is a real estate broker who supports trade with Vietnam. That’s him to the right, with the Vietnamese ambassador, at a trade forum in Houston.

For that, he’s been called a communist sympathizer, and Viets from Houston descended on Missouri City to protest at a candidates’ forum.

Nguyen wasn’t there, but the protestors were sticking around anyway.

That was before election day.

On election day May 8, local people voted for Nguyen in huge numbers, giving him a whopping 55% majority, way more than all 3 of his opponents added together. See results here.

In fact, he got almost 2 times the votes of the second-place candidate, more than 3 times the third-placer, and more than 20 times the votes of the fourth-place finisher.

Now, Nguyen has a reputation of being arrogant, and if that’s true it may explain why he didn’t mellow down his stance in response to the red-baiting. But the protests may also have actually given Nguyen a boost — if anything Texans hate, then having outsiders trying to exert their influence probably ranks somewhere near the top.

This marks at least the fourth time a Viet who’s branded a commie ends up winning an election. OC Supervisor Janet Nguyen was called a commie (see here and here, for example), and she beat both of her challengers. In San Jose, Councilwoman Madison Nguyen was accused of being communist, and she beat a massive recall campaign against her. Houston’s Al Hoang (Hoàng Duy Hùng) was also been called a red at several points in his life and he won his council seat.

Danny Quoc Doan Nguyen is a real-estate investor and president of the Vietnamese-American Chamber of Commercein Houston.

Missouri City is a small town located mostly in Fort Bend County with a tiny bit reached into Harris County. Houston is in Harris County. The population of Missouri City is 52,000 according to the Census of 2000. The city limit sign, using a 2005 estimate, says 63,910.

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7 Responses to The commie won, btw

  1. Ho Chi Vinh says:

    Looks like the anti communist red baiting crazy nuts have to find a new tactic. The label “cong san” or “commie” seems to not be working. Its ridiculous anyways. Sorry extremist conservatives, you lose once again.

  2. Jung Kim says:

    Ho Chi Bean, he is not a communist…but you are an idiot!

  3. Muoi Sau says:

    Same tactic. I’ll vote Hao Nhien for the city of Westminster ‘s Mayor. What you guys think?

  4. commie says:

    Everybody is a commie, we are one big happy family again.

  5. Snake Eater 4 Life says:

    WTF, do not vote for him again next round. What an a$$

  6. Hot-Fat-Mama says:

    Some people also called me a “Commie”, how come I don’t win anything ?

  7. Just Asking ! says:

    Then may be you should run for something then you’ll win ….

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