Viet nurse missing, feared kidnapped

A Vietnamese-American woman from Northern California who had just passed her nursing board exams has gone missing, and the family fears she’s been kidnapped, reports KTVU here.

Bichphuong Le, 25, a newly grad from Solano College, was last seen at the Barnes & Noble in Fairfield, Calif. at 8:30 pm on Sunday Apr. 25. When she didn’t return home by midnight, the family became worried and around 3am her older brother Huong Le went looking. He discovered her car, a white 1997 Accord, in the B&N parking lot.

“All the doors were locked… Her backpack was in the trunk,” the brother said. “All her belongings were in there, even her cell phone.”

Friday was supposed to be Le’s birthday. Instead, her family and friends from the college gathered for a candle-light vigil, report ABC News and the Vacaville Reporter.

Police has not ruled out either foul play or a voluntary disappearance. “We’re exploring both avenues,” says Fairfield Police Lt. Darrin Moody.

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The family has created a Facebook page asking for help.

Bichphuong (or just Phuong) is described as 5’3″, 105 lbs., with brown eyes, black hair, and medium complexion. People with information are asked to call the Fairfield Police Department at (707) 428-7345 or (707) 428-7600.


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10 Responses to Viet nurse missing, feared kidnapped

  1. Jung Kim says:

    I hope she is found safe.

  2. Snake Eater 4 Life says:

    I pray for her safe return.

  3. MAY says:

    Thank you Bolsavik for posting this, I know a lot of people visit your website so hopefully someone will recognize her and help send her home to her family safe and sound!!!

  4. Jung Kim says:

    We are all waiting for the good news here.

  5. Bồi Bút says:

    Sad news!!! Body found!!! No more hope!!!

  6. Jung Kim says:

    Wow! This is a bad news!

    My prayers are with the family members.

  7. Eileen Mai says:

    I hope that death sentence will be given to Annie Le & Phuong Le’s murderers.

    Rest in peace our sisters.

  8. Jung Kim says:

    May God bless these lovely souls.

  9. Snake Eater 4 Life says:

    I am confident the authorities will find the culprit and justice will be served soon. RIP and my prayers are with her family.

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