Ly Tong bailed out, will join Anaheim protests

In court today, Ly Tong‘s bail was reduced from $100,000 down to $75,000. Tong’s supporters will post bail, and he will get out in time to attend this week-end’s demonstrations against the same singer, in Anaheim. Nguoi Viet Daily News says so.

And that’s just a couple days after Ly Tong had proudly said he’d rather stay in prison, American in prison ain’t so bad, and his supporters should save their money to help democracy activists in Vietnam.

Guess those activists will have to wait now…

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91 Responses to Ly Tong bailed out, will join Anaheim protests

  1. Jung Kim says:

    Hey Junk, you almost had fooled community idiot Bo May.

  2. Bo May says:

    Wow! It was very profound. Thanks (chuckle).

  3. Stupid Bo May says:

    Profound my ass what Bo May? Nothing but manure comes out of your mouth anyway. You should stop polluting the air by shutting your stinking trap and breath and foul mouth. You stink Bo May.

  4. Stupid Bo May says:

    Jung Kim, Bo May is an idiot. It’s like talking to a toilet bowl. Bo May is the bowl. Stupid Bo May having a foul mouth. Ha ha ha!!!

  5. Bo May says:

    Kimmy and ‘stupid’;
    Why? Such hatred? Such foul language?
    I was giving compliment on your profound thoughts on the Ly Tong matter.
    Such sophisticated prose you posses, it’s that of Robert Frost’s.
    The least you can do is to thank me.

  6. comic relief says:

    I come on to read stories about conservative right wingers and laugh. And this site never ceases to amuse me. Not only are they ignorant and uneducated, but they are very weird and funny.

  7. Jung Kim says:

    Bo May, joe mama did not thanked her penetrating bunny from rear. Why should I ?

    Is this a riddle for you?

  8. Jung Kim says:

    Bo May is an idiot? A strain of Bo May’s chromosome was evidently deformed ….from the night of conception from one run- away tired bunny.

    He was running away from the commie comrades.

  9. Bo May says:

    @ comic relief: And their ‘proud’ leader is van tran whom is nowhere to be seen in time like this. He would not come out of his cave until the Ly Tong incident boils over.

  10. Jung Kim says:

    Bo May idiot, you are all excited over pepper spray…. where joe mama was excited over little pepper penetrating from her rear.

    Bo May = Pepper family

    Loretta = Fried

  11. Bo May says:

    So….iZ van tran coming out of his cave yet? Since you know him personally, can you ask him what is his stance on the Ly Tong pepper spray act?
    Does he support Ly Tong or condemn Ly Tong? A simple statement would do….or he is afraid he may lose votes going either way? (chuckle).
    I think if he keep quiet tooooo long, he may lose votes from all side, no?

  12. Bo May says:

    What kinda leader is it? Who would run away with tail between his hind legs when the community needs him the most?
    Viet voters take note and remember this when the election comes around.

  13. Jung Kim says:

    Bo May, go lick Loretta and ask her, do you like Ly Tong?

    Bo May = Idiot

    Loretta = Fried

  14. Jung Kim says:

    Ask Loretta, do you like comrade Dam?

    She will say ” get away from me Damn it!”

    Bo May will reply, ” you must dislike comrade Dam “!

  15. Bo May says:

    Artistically, I do not like Dam at all, he is a terrible singer, I will not pay $50 to see him on the stage singing cheap love songs. Is he a commie or not? I do not care. I know one thing he is laughing all the way to the bank. Ly Tong has done no damage to him at all, actually Ly Tong has given him the publicity he needs for his career.

    Politically, I do not like van tran, he is a fraud, a coward and an opportunistic. He will make false promises to get vote and when the community needs his leadership in time like this, he just simply disappear.

  16. Jung Kim says:

    Bo May idiot, just spill the beans ……. you are a left leaning pro commie.

    Go live there.

  17. Jung Kim says:

    Do you need his leadership in this time? Don’t speak with forked tongue.

    You already opposed Ly Tong’s action….. then what whom/other leadership are you seeking? A stamp of approval on your low grade intelligence by some known name?

    Bo May = Strong body with Weak mind.

    Loretta = Fried

  18. Bo May says:

    I seek no leadership from van tran, I just want to reveal van tran’s true color, a coward, so all viet voters know and make decision when the election come around.

  19. Stupid Bo May says:

    Hey Bo May the a hole. You still crapping in your pants and ruminating the odor of your animal waste on this blog?

    Isn’t your Loretta in trouble right now? You can join her so that your nose gets browned out. Ha ha ha!! What a moron Bo May is!

  20. Stupid Bo May says:

    Bo May is a pepper spray carrier for Ly Yong! He is doing something productive for the cause. Bo May says h hats this Dam guy. Really?

    Would you like to eat pepper and spray some in your mouth? Take away the vile mouth odor in your hole Bo May. Ha ha ha!!!!

  21. Stupid Bo May says:

    Jung Kim,

    Bo May’s Xchromosome was deformed with the bastardized union of his biological paents, who abandoned him in a trash can behind a dirty Chinese restaurant in LA’s Chinatown. That’s why Bo May became a Viet hater and a blog terorrist who has this vile odor when he opens his diseased mouth.

  22. Bo May says:

    Poor Kimmy; I know you try to sound intelligent but…

    (calling others ‘stupid’ does not make you smart either)

  23. Jung Kim says:

    Bo May, you have a resemblance of my dog’s face. Has joe mama been near my big dog?

  24. Jung Kim says:

    Bo May, I don’t have to try……..

    I am the official Guru.

    Bo May keep dangling on to Loretta’s ripped dress. Loretta is finished.

    Loretta = Fried

  25. Josh says:

    My friend told me to come to this site so I can read Junk Kim’s post. Everyone says that he is an illiterate dumb conservative and yes, I can see that. How funny. I would be embarassed to be Vietnamese because this guy makes you viets look bad. But I know not all viets are like that. Just the likes of Jung KIM. What a weird guy. Saying the same thing over and over and not making any sense. Go learn some english you anti communist extremist. Go join the tea party because all of you mispell words the same.

  26. dave says:

    Jung Kim is Korean.

  27. Bo May says:

    To Josh: What would you expect from a van tran supporter? LOL

  28. Korean Church Goer says:

    dave, how dare you compare us to Jung Kim, he is not one of ours.

  29. Jung Kim says:

    Hey Josh face, welcome to Bolsavik……..
    Now go home and get some milk infused with some commie chicken hormones.

  30. Jung Kim says:

    Are you idiots still amused about this Guru’s identity?

    I am little more enlightened than your uncle Mao.

    Again, pro commie idiots, leave this country or wait ……… and be deported with pride .

  31. Jung Kim says:

    Josh….. funny? About this Guru being an anti communist/ anti dictatorship?

    Josh, go lick Loretta and say “yo soy cochino!” to her bodyguard.

    Loretta = Fried

  32. Jung Kim says:

    Josh = Upset Bo May

  33. Jung Kim says:

    Bo May = Loretta’s pimp dog

  34. Jung Kim says:

    Jung Kim = Official Guru for Viets

    Communist = BAD

    Loretta = BAD

  35. Bo May says:

    So, guru, where is van tran? he got to come out with a statement about right now.
    Is he for or against van tran?
    For Ly Tong: He is a hardliner wacko just like you. Viets do not like hardliners. He will lose votes big time.
    Against Ly Tong: He is a commie, some viets do not like commie and they will not leave him alone. He will lose votes, too.
    There ain’t no safe way for him. Ain’t it?

  36. Bo May says:

    A trait of a good leader: A good leader would appear to be one who is inspiring; that is to say that they inspire people to follow them and support their aims. They must have a strong conviction of their belief and direction so they can lead others.

    They don’t hide behind their desk or stick their head in the sand. Most of viet politicians in little sagon town do not have that trait, far from it, they are coward…(chuckle).

    (Kim Jung take note so you can spare us the idiotic chants about your leader van tran)

  37. Stupid Bo May says:

    Bo May the idot is crapping in his pants again. Remember to wash your hands. Where’s your cholo Loretta Viet Hater? Is she on some junket at taxpayers’ expense? Did you see Tan Nguyen’s website on Loretta’s corruption?

    You are a joke a d you sounded like a broken record. Ha ha ha!!

  38. Stupid Bo May says:

    Stupid Bo May the ididot, are you Loretta’s favorite bitch? Or are you her best whore? That’s funny. She got called a whore too Bo May.

    Why you hate Viet community so much? You must be a misrable failure. Blame it on your scum bag parents who abandoned you Bo May. That is funny …. Bo May’s scumbag parents. Ha ha ha!!!

  39. Dumbass Van's lovers says:

    To all Van’s whores & bitches, it’s time to open your eyes and see Van for who he really is. The more you try to protect him the deeper hole you dig to bury him dumb asses !

  40. James Nguyen says:

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  41. Jung Kim says:

    Bo May, a good leader should feed you a gourmet dog food.

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