Ly Tong doesn’t want bail, but also asks to reduce bail?

OK, so the Bolsavik needs help figuring out something.

Yesterday, one of the two attorneys representing Ly Tong in the assault case sent out a press release and a petition that he asked people to sign.

The two documents are sent around the listservs, and many web sites also reproduced it, such as this one or this one.

Here’s the head scratcher. In the press release, the lawyer says:

(1) They already have people willing to put up bail money.

(2) Ly Tong, however, doesn’t want to. He’d rather stay in jail.

On BBC Vietnamese Service, the lawyer repeated those two things. In an audio interview that can be heard on numerous web sites, like this one, Ly Tong also said that he was offered bail money but refused.

(3) But on the other hand, the petition asks the judge to reduce bail amount.

So, riddle the Bolsavik this:

(4) If the money is already there, and besides Ly Tong doesn’t want to get out of jail, then what the hell is the point of reducing bail???

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60 Responses to Ly Tong doesn’t want bail, but also asks to reduce bail?

  1. Bo May says:

    Whether Dam Vunh Hung is a real commie or not, however, the merely mention of his name is enough to get all vietnamese in the little saigon cesspool get up in arms and start to call each other commies.
    I have not hear a pip from all of the coward viet politicians yet? What happens? No strong stand, opinion, for or against Ly Tong’s circus act? Oh, I forgot, they are all cowards….

  2. Bo May says:

    If I am a public figure in the community, I will have to come out with a statement, a press release or give interview to declare my stand on this pepper spray fiasco.

    The infamous political yo-yo dilemma:

    1. For Ly Tong: I will loose votes with the silent majority who despite of what Ly Tong did in his one-man circus act.
    2. Against Ly Tong: I will loose a very small number of my constituents, including the blog whore Jung Kim, votes from the hardcore anti-commie group. They will blast my name on this blog as a commie sympathizer, a secrete commie agent, a commie whore, etc.

    What to do? Oh…Ly Tong, why? Why? Why?

  3. Just Asking ! says:

    Hey ASS, feel the itch? giung kim is not going anywhere, he’s going to stay there for the rest of your life. Couldn’t say it’s a healthy relationship … haha …

  4. Jung Kim says:

    Just Asking, keep digging deeper inside of idiot’s anus with whore Loretta.

    Parasites love to merge in darkness …where it really stinks!

    Loretta = Fried

  5. Jung Kim says:

    Bo May, go live with Comrade Dam under communist regime for next 19 years.

  6. Bo May says:

    Kimmy; No need to go back to viet nam to live under the communist regime.
    Little Saigon is pretty much IT with the the corrupted cadres running the show in town.

  7. Jung Kim says:

    Bo May, go to commie country and live there….. you might see the real difference.

    Loretta = Fried

  8. Jung Kim says:

    Here we vote for good leaders like Assemblyman Van Tran…. there, commie dictators elect themselves to the office.

    If you don’t rubber stamp……. say good bye to your family members.

  9. Bo May says:

    Of course, over here little saigoneses have corrupted, greedy, bickering, frauds politicians.
    Over they have corrupted, greedy, bickering, frauds cadres.
    Good think over here people can vote them out. Van Tran will be gone soon, amen to that.

  10. Jung Kim says:

    No, Bo May idiot… joe mama Loretta will be deported to Mexico with you.

    Assemblyman Van Tran is going to Washington DC to represent us.

    Go Mr. Van Tran!

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