Ly Tong pepper-sprays singer, right-wingers applaud

Ly Tong, the man who spent the last 14 months or so on the fringe of Vietnamese-American society, thrusted himself back in the limelight by dressing up as a woman and pepper-spraying a singer from Vietnam at a concert in Santa Clara.

It’s not the first time Ly Tong made news with a spray can and women’s wear. Last year, he spray painted an artwork and glued lingerie panties to it.

Nguoi Viet Daily News has a detailed story here (in Vietnamese), including accounts from an eyewitness.

According to the witness, she was sitting 3 seats away from Ly Tong at the concert featuring Dam Vinh Hung, a singer who frequently goes by the name Mr Dam.

Ly Tong came in drags, accompanied by a woman. The witness told Nguoi Viet:

“He was wearing a dress but his legs were all spread out. I and my friend were telling each other, ‘That guy’s so gross, dressing as a woman.’ At first we thought maybe Dam Vinh Hung is gay and this gay guy has a crush on him.”

Halfway through the show, Ly Tong came up and assaulted the singer. A press release from the Santa Clara Police Department says:

Ly accomplished the assault by posing as a woman. He purchased a ticket at the door to gain entry to the event and approached the stage acting as if he was going to give Hung Dam a flower. When the performer approached to take the gift, Ly sprayed him with the chemical irritant.

Ly was taken into custody immediately after the assault by Santa Clara police officers who were present at the event. Ly’s motive for the assault is thought to be political in nature.

The spray affected not just Mr Dam but also another singer on stage with him, Mỹ Tâm, and members of the audience.

The police’s press release says, “the audience of several hundred people had to be evacuated temporarily. The show resumed after the venue was ventilated and Santa Clara Fire Department personnel administered first aid.”

The audience member who spoke to Nguoi Viet also said the chemical was spreading throughout the room. “When he sprayed it, everybody knew it’s just pepper spray. At first, the people in the front row, the VIP row, were coughing. Then it spread and me, in the cheapest seats, next to the last row, also coughed.”

Ly Tong is being held in Santa Clara County Jail “on several charges.” Attempts to raise funds to bail him out failed, so Ly Tong announced that he didn’t want to be bailed out.

As news of Ly Tong’s actions spread throughout the web, on Facebook and on the listservs, right-wingers rejoiced.

Many applauded Ly Tong and professed their admiration of him. Which goes, of course, to prove that Vietnamese love children.

One man who’s probably not amused is Congressman Joseph “Anh” Cao. He appeared at the protest outside the concert, but now he’s totally upstaged.

Meanwhile, Mr Dam showed up in Orange County and spoke with members of the local Viet press. He’s scheduled to be part of a concert at Anaheim Arena on July 24, and Mr Dam said he’d be there despite threats of protest.

Said he, “The older people are determined to destroy my show this time, destroy it once to be a lesson to other singers. On the side of the promoters and organizers, including myself, we are equally determined to be there to serve our public.”

The promoter, however, isn’t so sure. Dung Taylor told Nguoi Viet’s reporter that next time he may not ask Dam Vinh Hung to appear.

LyTong Jail

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  1. Bo May says:

    You don’t know about me for sure, so whatever you said on this blog about me hold no water and have no credibility whatsoever.
    But we all know about van tran and his disappearing act. If van tran is a proud leader of the viet community as you keep saying he is, why he is not out there stating his stance on the Ly Tong fiasco? Sounds like he is a coward to me, no?

  2. Jung Kim says:


    Bo May = Strong body with Weak mind

    Needs seal of approval by well known person.

  3. Jung Kim says:

    Bo May, you have great short comings in many areas ….because you are an jealous idiot.

    Bo May = licks Loretta

    Loretta = anti Viet loser.

  4. Bo May says:

    Kimmy talking in a trance a gain, somebody please get him the med. He may faint like that crazy woman. LOL

  5. Stupid Bo May says:

    Hey stupid Bo May. Have you wiped your a hole after going to the toilet? Why do you stink so bad on this blog?

  6. Bo May says:

    ‘Stupid’: Are you all right?

  7. dutr says:

    Ly Tong is called “freedom fighter ” ( freedom fighter my ……ss ) . Why didn’t he come back Vietnam to fight for freedom ? oh yeah , out side Vietnam is safe to do anything . But , this time , he absolutely made a big mistake by attacking Dam Vinh Hung right in USA . How stupid this guy ,or he is really mad ? it was not only violation, but a terror also . Now, with 5 charges of felonies , how can he avoid to spend time in jail while Dam Vinh Hung becomes more famous and be free with his career . Deport Ly Tong back to Vietnam to stop a terrorist .

  8. !!! says:

    Ly Tong was wrong for doing what he did but trust me Dam Vinh Hung is not going to become more famous. He should learn to respect his fans here in the US, kissing ass the communist government is something he should has done back home but not here and especially not now. I’d never buy another CD or attend his concert ever again!

  9. Jung Kim says:

    Comrade Dam can go kiss Uncle Mao’s cheek……….confined at a labor camp.

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