Strange woman fainted again – the Bui Kim Thanh saga

OK, so if you don’t know Bui Kim Thanh, you may want to revisit this, this and this.

Now, maybe the woman has a medical condition that makes her prone to fainting. Or something.

But anyway, so there was a concert at the Anaheim Arena on Saturday, and hundreds of Vietnamese-American protestors (600, according to Anaheim PD Sgt. Chris Pena) came out to protest. Because Dam Vinh Hung – the victim of Ly Tong‘s criminal act – sang there.

So anyway, Bui Kim Thanh scored herself a ticket. When she passed the security check point, but before entering the arena, she stopped, whipped out a couple flags, and started shouting slogans and trying to stop people from going in.

Security came and asked her to leave. She said no, wait, I need to call 9-1-1.

So she picked up her phone, and dialed something.

Then she spoke into the phone, in Vietnamese: “Is this 9-1-1? I am lawyer Bui Kim Thanh, communists are terrorizing me.”

(Bui Kim Thanh has been calling herself “the people’s lawyer” since her days fighting the communist government’s land-grab in Vietnam.)

Security asked her to leave, she wouldn’t. Security called the cops, and when cops came she said she don’t speak English. So they got a Viet cop.

A Viet cop came. (Pena is the cop to the right, below.) He asked her to leave, or else he’d put her under arrest.

That pissed her off. She yelled, “You have no right!”

“This is the USA, I’m calling 9-1-1, I have a ticket, why are you making me leave,” she yelled.

And then, referring to the time in Vietnam when the government arrested her, she said something that made no sense to the Bolsavik:

“I went to prison to protect U.S. rule of law. I’m not going to leave. This is the law of the jungle.”

So, really, what does getting arrested in Vietnam (for a good cause, granted) have to do with U.S. rule of law? No idea.

Anyway, so if she ain’t gonna leave of her own accord, cops are gonna make her.

Half way down the hall, she caught a fainting spell again.

Told you so. If she fainted once she certainly will faint again. So cops called EMS, and cuffed her.

EMS came, took one look at her, and put her on a wheelchair. Cops wheeled her away, took her to the station and charged her with trespassing and obstruction of business.

Last year, when Bui Kim Thanh protested VAALA, she asked VAALA to give her the ride home. And they did.

It’s not clear who gave Bui Kim Thanh the ride home from the police station this time.

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  1. Bo May says:

    Wrong. I don’t work for any body, much less a mexican broad, I don’t work for the Fed neither the State, I don’t hate nobody, I dont hate van tran, I just dislike van tran and his army of thugs on this blog, pity is more like it.

    I don’t hate viets, I love viet as a race, as a culture, not as a community with a bunch of losers like you.

    Guess again, kimmie. You are too dense to make any intelligent guess anyway. LOL

  2. Bo May Trash says:

    Bo May the trailer trash,

    You are a Viet hater. Call it like it is trailer trash Bo May. Your kind receives welfare and leeches off the system.

    I don’t pity a thug like you. But I pity your pathetic parents for their inability to bring a decent kid up in this world. Instead they have you as their progeny. What a joke!

  3. Jung Kim says:

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  4. Bo May says:

    Yes ‘trash’, I hate viet trash like you, are you happy now?
    I am not on welfare either, I can buy the whole town like the little saigon and turn it upside down to shake off all the little cretins like you if I really want to.

  5. Jung Kim says:

    Bo May the doggy style, you should have said ” I can sniff, poke anyone in the rear”!

  6. Bo May Trash says:

    I like to spray Bo May the trash can with pepper spray just like hero Ly Tong sprayed that Damn Vinh Hung commie lover.

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  7. Jung Kim says:

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  8. Bo May Trash says:

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  9. Jung Kim says:

    Bo May Trash says:
    August 4, 2010 at 9:05 pm

    Loretta Sanchez has been called a whore by many people. How did she get that reputation?

    This is a riddle for you idiot Bo May!

    Short Answer : A larger cave visited by many.

  10. Jung Kim says:

    Hello Bo May! Are you having an doggy moments with loser Loretta tonight?

    Loretta = Hiding with Maxine Waters

  11. Jung Kim says:

    Loretta = anti Viet racist

    Bo May = anti Viet confused, sniffing dog

  12. Bo May says:

    Kimmie: are you alrite? You start to talk weird, take the meds, turn off the lights, tomorrow is just another day…in your desperate town.
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  13. Uncle Giap says:

    Junk Kim, you embarass our whole race. Shut up please. Find a girlfriend or something.

  14. Bo May Trash says:

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  17. Bo May says:

    To all:
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    So, in turn, he hates gay men as he hates himself.

  18. Jung Kim says:

    Bo May, do you want my BIG dog’s picture for Joe mama?

  19. Jung Kim says:

    Loretta has been in hiding since Maxine Waters’ House ethical investigation.

    Hide well Loretta!

    Bo May, go give her a another poke!

    Loretta = Scared.

  20. Jung Kim get a life says:

    Hey Junk, go back to Viet Nam and try to find a wife. You have too much time on your hands. And too much lotion on it too probably. You need a real girlfriend or something. You are a typical Republican loser like Ngo Ky and his band of idiots marching around protesting ridiculous things. I am ashamed to be the same race as you are. You racist idiot. You make us Viets look bad. All you conservative morons.

  21. Re-education is needed says:

    No wonder the VC needed to open re-education camps on these losers. Jung Kim needs it. Ngo Ky needs it. Ly Tong needs it. All these right wingers are so ignorant and uneducated, they need it. Re-educate these monkeys before we let them into society. They are an embarassment.

  22. Viet Shame says:

    Hey re-education retard,

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  23. HoChiMinh says:

    Agree with Viet Shame. People like Re-education need to be flushed down to toilets.

  24. Jung Kim says:

    Hmmm, commies have future dimming life at a hard labor camp and idiot Bo May has a never – ending, sniffing doggy life.

    This Guru has a best life…… guiding my people to the light!

    We are proud of our Assemblyman Van Tran! He is going to be our first Viet American Congressman from OC!

    Go Viets

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