Viet accuser drops Steven Seagal lawsuit

The Vietnamese-American model who claimed she was sexually assaulted by actor Steven Seagal has dropped her lawsuit, the AP reports here.

No reason was given for the dismissal by Kayden Nguyen, which is what usually happens when the two sides independently settle or have the case resolved by binding private arbitration.

The AP hints that it was by arbitration that the case was dismissed, writing, “No reason was given for the dismissal granted Tuesday. Seagal’s attorneys had been trying to resolve the case through private arbitration.”

Nguyen had claimed that after she took the job of “Executive Assistant,” Seagal forced her to have sex with him.

Nguyen also alleged that the actor kept a stable of Russian women at his home as his sex slaves.

After the lawsuit was filed, a 2009 episode of the Tyra Banks show surfaced in which Kayden Nguyen appeared as a “straight lesbian.” In a role-playing segment called “Gay Kingdom,” Nguyen got into arguments with other contestants who thought the term “straight lesbian” was something of a sellout.

Watch the video below. That’s Part 3 of the Tyra Banks show. Part 1 is here. In Part 3, at around 4:20 or so, Nguyen said even though she’s a lesbian she’s perfectly willing to fool people to get ahead. The Seagal camp has been running with that a lot.


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  1. Dragon says:

    Not as clever as we thought, are we? Mouthy wench.

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    Bolsavik, why are blogging about trivial news? There are more hot-button topics than this:

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