Four Viets in Westminster elections

One candidate for mayor plus three for city council, add up to a rather sedate slate of Vietnamese-American candidates running for public office in the city of Westminster.

The excitement that would have come with the mayoral race never materialized. Incumbent Margie Rice will face former Garden Grove Planning Commissioner and head of VHN-TV Bruce Tran (Mr. I’m Not Threatening You in the video at the end of this entry; he’s to the left in the photo above).

Tran earlier was voted onto a 7-seat board member of a community group called the “Vietnamese American Federation of Southern California.” The group is intended to be some sort of umbrella representative of the community. The top three vote getters were to be President and Vice-Presidents. Tran placed the communicative power of VHN-TV fully behind his candidacy, and placed, well, 4th.

Accusations soon arose, however, that the 3rd-place finisher cheated. Tran was vocal in opposing her, and she was kicked out, Tran moved up to third, and got a vice-presidency. Then Tran also got into a fight with the 6th-place finisher, who was later also out of the board.

So, both of the 3rd and 6th-place winners, Ty Dao (Đào Bích Ty) and Hai Duong (Dương Đại Hải) pulled papers to run in the mayoral race, obviously out for revenge in an attempt to sabotage Tran’s campaign. 

The two never completed their paperwork, however, and Tran is clear to be on his own and take on the incumbent this November.

That's Khoa Do standing to the right. Bruce Tran is seated second from left.

On the council side, the two incumbents Tri Ta and Andy Quach, he of the smiley face fame, are facing a whole slew of challengers, including Vietnamese who was prominent in the protests against a Vietnamese singer.

Khoa Do, a personality on Vietnamese-language radio, is running as a change from the old guard. At the planning meeting to welcome their hero Ly Tong and plan the protests at Anaheim Arena, Do served as the moderator of the meeting. That’s him to the right in the photo.

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  1. !!! says:

    Lover, it’s because of people like you that all those losers politicians keep getting elected. Just look at those clowns that are trying to run for mayor, they all think they have a chance of winning because there are people like you who would voted for them.

  2. Little Saigon Lover says:

    !!!, Are you stupid or what? She wanted you back in VN you stupid. May be you can pack the old lady’s bags to go back to VN with her, yes? You are walking on your knees!

  3. !!! says:

    ” She wanted you back in VN… ” ??? That’s interesting, so tell me how is she being able to do that? You’re not only blind but also very very brainless!

  4. lottahope says:

    Little….you are very disrespectful toward your elders. That’s the very best you can do is call someone old. You are a sterling example of why too many Viets need to be “taught” some manners. You wanna show up to my manners class? Gain some enlightenment? This is why we should not allow ANYBODY into this class without going to manners class. No pass and get the f… out of this civilized country. Yes, I admit we need to clean up some of our current garbage…but why bring this kind of disrespect anew? We are peaceful here, seems some Viets do’nt want peace. Where the f,,, do you get off talking that way about a city mayor?

  5. Little Saigon Lover says:


    A city mayor get no respect when she has no respect for her own residents, right? An old person gets respect when she behaves kike and elder, with respect, right? if she talk like a mother fkucer out in the street, then do you give her respect, no? Do you walk on your knees too, like !!!?

  6. Little Saigon Lover says:


    “Your” mayor said that Viets should go back to VN many times in the past. You deaf, !!!, no?

  7. !!! says:

    Lottahope, I couldn’t agreed with you more.
    And Brainless, for those Viets who do not respect the law and appreciate the freedom in this country should go back to VN. Are you one of them, yes?

  8. lottahope says:

    I disagree with Margie Rice about an issue or two….but i know she is an mayor for all people. If she said what you are saying I am sure she was referring to the bad apples, which does remind doth protest an awful lot there “little…” You don’t want Viet representation. you want to have all Viet electeds in Westminster…so the likes of many disrepectful Viets on this blog can make statements such as “Andy quach is your boss in Westminster” –Jung Kim Viets keep pushing that kind of attitude maybe start another war…only US not on your side. Is that what you want? Or is it really that too many Viets have “small man” complex? Maybe this is why Viet girls chase non-viets…tired of small man.

  9. Bo May says:

    I guess, the red baiting tactic is no longer effective as a smearing tactic.

    The political correctness is in fashion. I saw often on the blog now that the viet political thugs and their supporter turn to word such as ‘racist’ and ‘disrespect to the vietnamese’ and ‘disrecpect the elderly’…to put their opponent down.

    Well, history is repeating again and in a very short interval, not long ago, remember the little saigon fiasco in San Jose? When they try to put down Madison Nguyen with those words, beside call her a commie, it did not go far, she did not get recalled and the ‘little saigon minds’ got their kick on the butts.

  10. Bo May says:

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” (George Santayana)

    Have a good day, little saigon minds.

  11. Little Saigon Lover says:

    Bo May aka Lottahope,

    I will volunteer to buy you two sets of knee pads since you walk on your knees. Do you need headbands too while I am at the store? You like to bow and kow tow a lot and God forbid if your fragile Bo May forehead may hit the ground and get damaged.

    “I disagreed with Margie Rice on about an issue or two…. Blah blah blah”. How nice and quaint of you to be so gentle to the old, power hungry lady, who made racist comments to the Vietnamese community. Oh pplllllleeeeeaaaasssseee!! How generous of you.

    Bloggers on this blog accused you of being anti Vit and I can see why. Shame shame on you.

  12. Caught a Red Herring says:

    Re baiting is not effective? Wrong again moron Bo May!!
    Look at Madison Nguyen. She couldn’t even get over 50% but only 42% as an incumenwbt dor the last 5 years. Can’t even win outright against weak candidates.

    Look at ALL Viet politicians across this country. They are ALL anti-commies speaking against Hanoi. Yeah, red baiting works very well and will continue to be the biggest line in the Viet communiu for the foreseeable future.

    Bo May, you refuse to see reality and imagine things in your on mind to satisfy your own perverted bias and imagination. Red baiting is alive and well, and is thriving in the Viet community in America. Live with it.

  13. Snake Eater 4 Life says:

    You guys are freeking boring with monkey, banana political comments. Soon the city of Westminster will have a name change to city of Little Saigon. Gambling and prostitution will be legalized.

  14. Bo May says:

    When the viets expats spoke against Ha Noi and the commies back home, it is not ‘red baiting’. It is the anti-commie sentiment, I have no problem with that.

    The term ‘red-baiting’ used with malice intent when some one try to put down others by calling them communist or commie sympathizer or commie agents…It may still work here in America, but it also backfired to those use it with no evident.
    Some low lifer were sued and reprimanded for thousands of dollars. It did not work at all.

  15. Bo May says:

    I am an American, I an a citizen of United States of America.
    What wrong with that?
    Why carry that ‘third world inferiority?
    No need to bow to anyone, specially here in America, in Viet Nam you may have to bow to the big ass party members.
    Not here in America, grow up people.
    Live with the reality now,
    ‘You can take them out of the commies, but you can’t take the commies out of them’.

  16. Jung Kim says:

    Bo May, if you are forming a NBA team, you don’t want grandma Marge on your team. No?

  17. Bo May says:

    Red Hearing:
    It is not ‘red-baiting’ if you spoke against the commie back home.
    It is ‘red-baiting’ if you call somebody ‘commie’ here in America.
    It is not effective anymore. Please got sue and paid thousand of dollars for damage cause by their coward act of ‘red-baiting’.

  18. Bo May says:

    People got sued and paid thousand of dollars for damage cause by their cowardly act of ‘red-baiting’.

  19. Bo May says:

    It is so funny some guys can not differentiate ‘red-baiting’ and ‘anti-communist’.
    Well , some time low lifers do want to blur the line between those two to put down someone and still coming out like a hero.
    Good bye little saigon minds.

    ‘La dolce far niente’ is my motto.

  20. !!! says:

    Remember, love is blind!!!

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