Happy anniversary, Andy Quach

Andy Quach’s booking photo

Today is the first anniversary of the arrest of Andy Quach on DUI charges, a reader emailed the Bolsavik to remind him. And apparently Chris Prevatt at theliberaloc also remembers.

One year ago in the wee hours this morning, the Westminster City Councilman drove his super expensive Mercedes-Benz into a car with 3 Viet occupants in it, spun around and slammed into a power pole and crashed a concrete block wall, cutting off power to hundreds of his own constituents.

His first explanation, given to Vietnamese paper Viet Bao, (photo right) was that he was sleepy because he was “working too hard.” That ruse didn’t last too long. Quach’s blood alcohol content level was later determined to be 0.26, more than 3 times the legal limit. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 10 days Caltrans work, three years of informal probation, fines and fees totaling $2,000, and a 9-month alcohol awareness program. The “accident” cost the Westminster Police Department an extra $1,943, according to information turned over to theliberaloc. It’s unclear how much the repair to the pole and the wall cost.

As Quach watched his political future sink, he grabbed his friends and dragged them down with him. He called Assemblyman Van Tran, who came to the scene and was accused of getting in the way of police conducting the investigation. Fellow councilman Tyler Diep (Diệp Miên Trường) is revealed to have, in the previous year, improperly attempted to block an investigation into Vietnamese bar / quán nhậu (“watering hole”) Citryst, where Quach had gotten drunk before killing the power pole.

Suspicions arose as to who else was getting drunk with Quach at Citryst. But that would be a secret Quach and the Citryst owner would take to the grave. By coincidence, the security camera, which Citryst was required to maintain as part of its beer and wine permit, broke down just as the Quach party was about the arrive. No charges were filed, and that was the end of it.

Anyway, so now we’re a year later, and all politicians involved thin they’ve recovered from any bad effect of the crash. And the reader who emailed the Bolsavik asked this: “Don’t the voters in Westminster deserve better?”

Unfortunately, the answer is this: Whatever the voters may or may not deserve, the voters are not going to get anything better than the slate of candidates running.

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  1. jose s. says:

    jung kim theres nothing comical about your idiotic posts filled with racist homophobic rants. you are nothing but a loser and a pathetic clown who shames the viet community on this blog.

  2. Jung Kim says:

    Hey Viet Pride, throw out Joe Mama and bring in Bo May for Joe daddy.

    His frustration will end and you will have a perfect family with Joe daddy smiling everyday.

  3. Jung Kim says:

    Sean Mill, your life is a comedy itself!

    You are full of hatred against dominating Viets.
    Many whites (both trash, decent) now receive their paychecks from us every week!

    Just get use to the new life in OC!

  4. Van says:

    Voters in Westminster are not unwise enough to have DUI driver as a City councilman.

    Enjoy more drink with your same destiny!

  5. Bo May says:

    Andy who?

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