Protest leader blackballed by protest leaders

The mysterious and downright weird protest leader known as Trong Doan was the subject of a statement of boycott by his fellow extremists.

That’s a far fall for a man who came out of nowhere to become a leader of two major protest campaigns, and who even was convicted of assault and battery for the cause.

Apparently that was then and this is, well, not then.

Back then, Trong Doan led the protest against the Viet Weekly magazine, and moved on to lead the protest against Nguoi Viet Daily News. He was one of three defendants named in a lawsuit by Nguoi Viet, which he lost, and which made him now subject of a permanent injunction against messing with the newspaper.

He was also the defendant in a criminal case arising out of pushing and shoving a Nguoi Viet reporter (now an editor at Viet Herald).

But that was all history. The protestors against Viet Weekly capitulated, and several of the protest leaders, including Assemblyman Van Tran‘s henchman Hung Phuong Nguyen and Trong Doan, now work for Viet Weekly.

The protest against Nguoi Viet fizzled out, and in fact of the three named defendants in the lawsuit, Doan was the second to stop showing up.

It is in Doan’s current position as Viet Weekly reporter that his former friends boycotted him.

They accused him of coming to events and asking questions that exploit personal conflicts blah blah – in general, off-topic and weird. Which is what he does. All the time. But apparently they’ve only now noticed.

What they were most pissed about, though, was that Doan supported the concert they were protesting.

And we all know that if you’re not with the protestors, then you’re a commie. So now Mr. Big Shot Red-baiter is a commie.

Officially, the protest organizers on Thursday called on all community groups to boycott Trong Doan (plus two others, including one Nguoi Viet reporter) and have no contact, no interviews, no advertising, no photos, and no admission into their events.

Read the statement in two pages of Vietnamese, dated the day before it’s proclaimed, here and here.

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4 Responses to Protest leader blackballed by protest leaders

  1. jose s. says:

    good! even the swine wont let him swine around with them. this is the guy who called the cops on me at the protest on moran street. he also called me a communist even though it was him who was trying to shut down a newspaper in america. i’m glad the other communists wont let him play with them. maybe now he’ll get a job.

  2. Ricky says:

    So this is the man that they kicked out of that commie meeting. I was reading the NV article and I actually felt sympathy for him without knowing what he looked like. When I read that article, I was thinking, “what the fuck? Even Obama’s enemy a.k.a Fox News got a man in the front row at the White House Press room.” Now that I know what he looks like, I just wanna chuckle.

  3. VIET PRIDE says:

    so Nguyen Phuong Hung aka “the parasite” is now with Viet Weekly. What happened? Van Tran stopped paying his henchman?
    That’s funny! Not so long ago, you would find Nguyen Phuong Hung at Van’s campaign headquarter every single day!!! During Dina Nguyen’s supervisorial race, he was the front man for Dina Nguyen!!! How funny is that! I wonder what Van Tran thinks now.

  4. One who knows says:

    The next reporter to be boycotted is you, Bolsavik! Why? You always badmouth us the Vietnamese. I wonder if you are truly a Vietnamese or not.

    I don’t know why a reputable newspaper as Nguoi Viet News still hire you as an editor.

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