Van Tran says Prop 8 judge “openly gay”

In a paragraph written in Vietnamese but not present in his English-language press release, Assemblyman Van Tran accuses the judge in the Proposition 8 case – a Republican appointee - of being an openly gay man who made his ruling because of gay pressure.

The press release is much longer than the English version (see that one on Red County here, for example), runs two pages, and is accompanied by three photos of gay men and women marching in the Westminster Tet Parade.

At the top of the second page, the press release reads:

The San Francisco area, a place concentrated with homosexual people [incomplete sentence in original]. Chief Judge Walker is also an openly gay person, working for the Federal Court of that area. Word is that the judge’s ruling overturning Prop. 8 was the result of personal interest and because of influence by the homosexual groups in the area.

Also included in the Vietnamese version but not the English version is an accusation from Tran that U.S. Rep. Loretta Sanchez allegedly favors abortion and gay marriage. The Bolsavik hasn’t checked if that’s true, but if true, it’s puzzling why Tran didn’t include that fact in the English copy.

Near the end of the press release, Van Tran also made a promise not stated in the English version. He said he would support the appeal.

Read the press release as a Word document here. Or see the two pages as jpg here and here.

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159 Responses to Van Tran says Prop 8 judge “openly gay”

  1. Bo May says:

    kimmy is getting a little bit more banteringly mad than usual, yes?
    Sounds like van tran is loosing his voter base from the little saigon, yes?
    little saigon is growing to become Grand Sai-Gon, finally, yes?

  2. Jung Kim says:

    Bo May, keep liming with your third leg. Your whore Loretta is Fried.

    Economy recovery … a bridge too far for Obama and Loretta

    Loretta = anti Viet whore.

  3. Jung Kim says:

    Bo May, Loretta is losing in her own territory..Santa Ana. No?

    Santa Ana residents ( city unemployment rate quickly approaching 15% ) are really upset with Loretta. No?

    Local business owners are getting sick of Loretta’s bankruptcy policy. No?

  4. Bo May the Moron says:

    Bo May is a big Loser. He likes to wipe Loretta Sanchez’s dirty ass. Bo May smells of human waste. Send Bo May to Santa Ana.

  5. Bo May says:

    Who cares about me?
    But, van tran is worrying because his voter base little saigon is dwindling down to only one, you, yes?

  6. Jung Kim says:

    Bo May idiot, all Viets living in the congressional district are going to cast vote for Mr. Van Tran ………………..joining other Asian, Latino and white voters.

  7. lottahope says:

    Jung, whatever happened to Trung Nguyen? Same as will happen to Van (turtleface) Tran? Are you also turtle face?

  8. Jung Kim says:

    lottapoop, leaky diapers are giving you all kinds of trouble?

    Loretta is in for the real ride without support from her Latino voters.

    Many speculate that even an Independent candidate Cecilia Iglesias will receive more Latino votes than Loretta. She is doomed for defeat.

    Go Viets!

    Go Mr. Van Tran!

  9. Bo May says:

    Oh no! …..Obama has kicked Romney’s butt, just like Loretta who kicked van tran’s
    What going on Jung Kim?

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