Dead body found in Little Saigon Buddhist temple

The backyard shed where the body was found.

A badly decomposed body of a woman was discovered in a shed at a Buddhist temple in Little Saigon, the Orange County Register reports here.

A worker found the body, wrapped in traditional Buddhist attire, in a shed at the “Tu Quang” temple (“Tịnh xá Từ Quang“) in Midway City at around 3pm on Thursday, sheriff’s spokesman Jim Amormino said.

The discovery, however, wasn’t reported to police until 7pm, Amormino said.

Authorities believe the remains are of a 41-year-old nun who hasn’t been seen since May, the Register says, although a positive ID has not been made, and an autopsy performed on Friday did not determine a cause of death.

No one from the worship center filed a missing persons report for the woman. “They believed that she just left, but her personal belongings were still at the temple,” Amormino said.

The members of the worship center said no one had entered the shed since May, Amormino said.

The body showed no obvious signs of trauma, Amormino said, with toxicology tests and further investigation needed to determine her cause of death.

A “tịnh xá,” meaning a worship center without a abbott in charge, the Tu Quang temple is a residential home located amont other residential homes in a quiet and almost all Vietnamese neighborhood on Purdy Street, off Hazard Avenue. It is right in Little Saigon, a short 15-minute walk from Asian Garden.

Midway City is an unincorporated area under direct county jurisdiction, surrounded by the City of Westminster.

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12 Responses to Dead body found in Little Saigon Buddhist temple

  1. unforgettable smell says:

    How, AMONG other residential homes, can someone die without notice the putrid corpse decomposition odors?

  2. Jesus Lover says:

    Either the dead woman was so hated there that people didn’t bother reporting her missing in the first place and then waited 5 hours to notify the police after discovering the body, or that everyone at that place had achieved enlightenment that the smelly corpse doesn’t bother them at all. Either way, this will only provide ammunition for many Buddhist-hating Catholics to start their usual bashing. I can’t wait for the fun to begin.

  3. Jung Kim says:

    People need to pray for this woman.

    Show some RESPECT!

  4. ESL fobby student says:

    You mean send your BIG DOG home, aka van tran?

  5. meh says:

    i understand ooo woop dee doo great just cus we talk about a woman who sadly died without anyone knowing is just saddening have compassion when u close up and there is no ventilation of course ur not gonna smell it
    second of all van tran and loretta sanchez both suck so shut up
    van tran and his corruption please what place does he have in politics
    Loretta sanchez yeh she made a horrible mistakes by calling vietnamese ppl wrongly and not always being able to hear her everyone out wow
    if u have to bash the other candidate so badly why dont you try running for the position yourself then u will see how hard these two have it even without the problems

  6. Viet Voter says:

    pay me a million dollars and I still won’t vote for Van Tran. You see him at Phuoc loc tho yesterday with GOP chair Michael Steele and there were 2 people there to greet him. hahaha. He’s losing Viet Voters quicker than Steele is losing hair. Poor Van Tran the tea party favorite. He think he’s white.

  7. American voter says:

    Nobody is going to give you a million dollars, S T U P I D !

  8. ESL fobby student says:

    I know, I know, you luve van tran big dog. LOL
    say no more, everybody knows.

  9. ESL fobby student says:

    You are in luveee with van tran, yes?

  10. Jung Kim says:

    All Viet voters are proud of Assemblyman Van Tran!

    Go Viets!

    Go Assemblyman Van Tran!

  11. phillip pham says:

    Dear Officer Jim Amormino,
    What Could we help yours investigation more affectively in order to cut short times for this case?
    very truly yours,
    Phillip P

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