Interesting snippets on Viet candidates, from Statement of Votes

The Statement of Votes is a 2630-page document from the OC Registrar of Voters, breaking down votes by precinct for every race in the November election. There are also a few important subtotals. The document is provided in PDF format, so trying to re-analyze the numbers would not be possible – unless one is willing to pay for the original spreadsheet format.

Even at the level provided by the Registrar of Voters, a few interesting details emerge.

* In the city of Westminster, in each and every precinct, and also in every subpart of the vote-by-mail ballots, Mayoral candidate Bruce Tran lost to incumbent Mayor Margie Rice by significant margins. He’d get two digits while she’d get three, for example. The closest Tran came was in Precinct 39368 (in the southwest corner of Bolsa and Ward), where both candidates get 14 votes.

* In Precinct 39274, which includes the house Andy Quach crashed into when he was driving drunk, he finished third, but ahead of both other Viet candidates. The result for that precinct is: Alin Hamade 72, Penny Loomer 57, Andy Quach 52, Tri Ta 45, Joy Neugebauer 34, Khoa Do 27, and Ginger Waugh-Borden 20.

* In the overlap of the City of Westminster and the 68th Assembly District, an area that can be considered a stronghold of Van Tran influence with Vietnamese voters, the top finisher for Westminster City Council is Tri Ta, and the second place is taken by Khoa Do. Quach comes in third. Within the confines of the data provided by the Statement of Votes, this may support a conclusion that Van Tran followers support Tri Ta, Khoa Do, and Andy Quach, in that order.

In that same Van Tran stronghold, the Vietnamese-American candidate to replace him, Phu Nguyen, scored 7551 votes to Alan Mansoor’s 7362, thus lending support to a conclusion that the majority of Van Tran’s Viet supporters vote for Phu Nguyen, just to a lesser extent.

* Another identifiable Van Tran stronghold is the overlap between his Assembly district 68 and the Congressional district he was running in, the 47. In that overlap, he bested Loretta Sanchez 12,693 to 11,012. He also finished ahead in his old city Garden Grove, finishing 12,602 to 11,612.

And of course Tran lost in places he’s expected to lose. In the city of Santa Ana, for example, he got less than half of Sanchez’s votes,  10,577 to 21,831.

He did lose in a few surprising places. In the North side, where the 47 overlaps the Assembly 72, Tran lost 6,483 to 9,105.

* Many Viet candidates got an overwhelming percentage of their votes from vote-by-mail. In the race for the Westminster City Council, for example, the ratio of vote-by-mail are, from high to low:

Khoa Do 75.7%
Tri Ta 70.9%
Andy Quach 57.0%
Ginger Waugh-Borden 53.2%
Alin Hamade 52.6%
Penny Loomer 51.7%
Joy Neugebauer 51.6%

In the 68th Assembly race, it’s:

Long Pham 79.6%
Phu Nguyen 54.8%
Alan Mansoor 53.5%

In the 47th Congressional:

Van Tran 61.5%
Loretta Sanchez 51.5%
Ceci Iglesias 46.8%

However, because Tran’s grand total is behind by 13,000+ votes, Sanchez actually got more votes by mail than him, 26,195 to 23,174.

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7 Responses to Interesting snippets on Viet candidates, from Statement of Votes

  1. F Long PHam says:

    who the hell is Long PHam? He looks like an angry old conservative moron low class citizen who needs re education camp but somehow escaped it. Fuck that catholic idiot.

  2. Trung Do says:

    Long Pham’s race is just for fun.

  3. Anh Tu' says:

    Can someone clarify why Long Pham run as a write-in candidate? Does he has to give up his current position if his name is printed on the ballot?

  4. F long pham says:

    Long pham is a fat catholic republican retard out to ruin progress in little saigon. Someone needs to assassinate idiots like him

  5. Silly says:

    FLongPHam: Dr. Long Pham had lost the primary election he ran as a republican against Alan. In order to run again in the primary as a republican, he can only run as a write in. Alan would be the only Republican written on the ballot. I know…. The poor guy likes to run. He’s such a confident Dr. Heeeeheee. He really thinks he got a chance. :-(

  6. Peter Saigon says:

    Long Pham is an egomaniac. An old loser. He was just trying to steal vietnamese votes away from Phu Nguyen because he is jealous of Phu because of his youth. Phu has a bright future, while Long’s future is in a nursing home.

  7. La vraie bete noire says:

    Westminster is a city of deficit. To be expected, of course. They have voted for a janitor, a mobile home resident, and a cocky in the trash. The big news this time is a convicted drunk driver is allowed to retain his seat on City Council.
    Encore une fois, fin et drôle!
    They said, you know, some stupidity is just a bridge too far.

    Watch closely the candidates, you might have noticed Bruce Lee-ish Tran. Trying to find le mot juste to describe him is a daunting task. His wife apparently thought of him to be quite a wonderful guy. And of course many other women have wanted some of that wonderful stuff. In imagining him from Vo Long Trieu descriptions, I pictured a modern-day Napoleon.
    What a surprise, then, to find that in fact he took serious beating by an old woman. Here are a couple of indisputables. Everyone is convinced that it’s the life story of a Jackass than a Shakespeare Hal.

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