Ky Ngo’s new target

If we haven’t heard from Ky Ngo for a while, we will now. That’s because he’s got new people to attack. And in the process he’s reclaiming his rightful place as king of the irrelevant.

His new bete noire is Lai To, the producer of what is probably the most popular music and variety show, “Paris by Night,” also known as “Thuy Nga Paris.” (There’s a cover  feature story by OC Weekly here.)

Lai To’s problem was that he was present at a banquet, supposedly taking place in Huntington Beach, where the (communist) Vietnamese Consul was also present.

In typical Ky Ngo fashion, he claimed the banquet was “chaired” by the Consul, even though Ngo’s video evidence shows the Consul was also a guest (at 1:04 he says he’s “honored to be present at your corporation’s banquet”).

Whatever. Facts have never been Ky Ngo’s strong suit anyway.

The point is, he’s got a new cause. And he’s got a new ally, Garden Grove City Councilwoman Dina Nguyen‘s husband Joseph Dovinh (above).  So, after months and months living on the fringe of the fringe, Ky Ngo is back in the mainstream of the fringe.

Welcome back, Ky Ngo.

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9 Responses to Ky Ngo’s new target

  1. Ho chi vinh says:

    I would pay to be on ngo ky’s hit list. Bring on the right wing nuts

  2. jose s. says:

    lol @ “king of the irrelevant” i remember once telling ky ngo that i was offended by his use of the american flag on his jacket (the very one he’s wearing in that pic) but that being a good american means tolerating his desecration of my flag. he kept saying “so”..”so” i mean seriously, it’s bad to have a flag on a foot spa but it’s ok for a communist filth who hates america like ky ngo to make a stupid looking jacket out of it? what a disgrace. i guess he’s gonna start hitting up people in the community for recyclables again to fight communism here in OC. filthy communist panhandler.

  3. tuanphucnguyen says:

    So is Dovinh a Democrat or a Republican in disguise? These 2 sore losers are match made in heaven. I didn’t know Dina’s married to this clown Dovinh, I like her though.

  4. NgoKytitious says:

    Oh, poor, Ngo Ky. On recycling day, he puts out cans, bottles, newspapers and not his jacket. Evolution is interesting, I swear to God, because I have seen a half-man, half-monkey.
    The 2010 election is so over and Do Vinh gets started on the campaign for 2012?
    You know what, I don’t want to judge a woman by her man but Dina is looking pretty good without a pair of technicolor slippers.

  5. Peter Saigon says:

    Ngo Ky is a monkey not yet fully evolved into a human being. He is one of those ignorant anti communist monkeys

  6. sanchezzz says:

    Bolsavik has been quiet for awhile, we need to have a few monkies like Ngo Ky to entertain us. Bring the monky back!

  7. Jung Kim says:

    sanchezzz, do you want to be monkey whipped?

    Is monkey joe daddy? Do you believe in evolution theory like an idiot?

  8. ** says:

    The relevancy is not whether the consul was a guest or the “chair” but whether these people paid tribute to the consul. Good attempt by Boshevik trying to drive away the issue. If you want to see any monkeys, go to the Nguoi Viet Daily News. I am not sure if the monkeys are encaged inside the newsquarters or are freely roaming about outside of the newsquarters. If the monkeys are smart, then they’d be hanging outside of the newsquarters. If the monkeys are inside the newsquarters, then Boshevik wouldn’t have to worry too much.

  9. Dung-Kim says:

    Welcome back monkey Jung Kim. Let see your favorite trick, monkey sees monkey do again please! We kind of miss your entertainment.

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