Ly Tong lost his money, his lawyers…

Ly Tong and fans

Hopefully the holidays will bring better luck to Hero Ly Tong, because these last few days haven’t been good. First, he got defrauded out of a bunch of money. Then he lost his lawyers in a case of assault against a singer – it’s not clear if he fired them or they fired him. He also lost faith in the high hopes he’d pinned on the newly elected D.A., “a Jew.”

Somebody in Atlanta – with an address on “Gun Club Rd” no less, printed checkbooks with the same account and routing number (which Tong called “Round” number) as Tong’s, and wrote it for $50. Tong lost $50 from that, he said in an email.

Then someone charged his credit card number $100 and $6.95. Not clear how it happened.

And then he bought some video editing software from Corel, and even though he couldn’t download it he got charged for it all the same. So he’s out another $79.98.

Check out this printout from his online banking. He complained to his bank, Wells Fargo, and got his $50 back, but not the other three charges.

And on 12/22 he announced that his lawyers were not representing him any more. The main point seems to be that he wanted to proceed to trial but his lawyers kept trying to make him plead.

And apparently they didn’t want to go to trial, so they filed a motion to withdraw, he consented, and now he’s on the Public Defender’s list.

In a lengthy email explaining his reasonings, Tong disclosed that his lawyer Tam Nguyen (in pic below) also told Tong that the current judge, Philip Pennypacker, is very “friendly” (Tam Nguyen’s words as quoted by Tong) to Nguyen because he was one of the people who voted for the judge. But the judge was retiring, so Nguyen wanted Tong to plead out.

Tong also disclosed that his lawyers had told him the newly elected Santa Clara County District Attorney, “a Jew,” would be more sympathetic. But when the new D.A. didn’t fire the prosecutor in charge of the case, Kevin Cogbill, they freaked out. Check it out here if you read Vietnamese.

Guess it means Ly Tong won’t be saying “Chanukah Sameach” any time soon.

So, Merry Christmas, Ly Tong.

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13 Responses to Ly Tong lost his money, his lawyers…

  1. jose s. says:

    look how proud he is of his crime. i watched an interview with him and he claims he did it because he had no choice. the usual “fighting communism” BS by acting like a communist. what a loser pandhandler he is. by the way did you notice the communist second to the left peed his pants?

  2. xu says:

    Really? This American dude (Ly Tong is technically an American) has been in America how many decades and he can’t even pronounce ‘routing’ correctly? Damn, what a retarded American.

  3. tuanphucnguyen says:

    Don’t worry, my hero Ly Tong! All the goonies in the pix are right behind you

  4. Fighter of Champions says:

    Ly Tong is my hero. Sarcastic obvi. Think someone’s idea sucks? Want to criticize my hero? Do you know hunger strike can really mess with his hemorrhoids? Do you have any idea how it’s like to jump out an Airbus cockpit window while in flight? I doubt it sincerely.

    And when Macegate starts. But not without drama. That would be so un-Ly Tong. Same old, same old. People. We live in a skewed reality world. His stories are over-rated. Like Kim Kardashian’s ass. But you know what’s weird. He’s so accustomed to the Chaos Theory of Life.

    And Ly Tong, you are beyond uh-mazing. Please continue on your path. It’s hilare, right?

  5. Nguyen Cao Ky says:

    I don’t understand these guys in their ridiculous uniforms. Why can’t they just quit, get a job and work and pay taxes like everyone else. I had family members that have died from the results of escaping communism to come to US and that’s in the past. These guys in the photo need to take up some sort of education and learn how to be Americans. Appreciate it the good things you presently have, love America and represent America in such ways by respecting others and leave other people alone. I cannot wait for one of the guys from above to cross path with me and rub me the wrong way. I am so tired of trying hard to be a good/decent Vietnamese American to others and these guys just bring me down.

  6. Jung Kim says:

    Some people have pride with their uniforms. It doesn’t bother me.

  7. jose s. says:

    it doesnt bother you because you’re a communist yourself.

  8. Anh Tu' says:

    These guys need to move on. They have their chance to fight the commie back then. I wonder how many of them had deserted their unit on the Fall of Saigon. My dad told me that his company commander threaten to shoot anyone who going to abandon his post. Guess what he was the first one who abandoned his men.

  9. Dung-Kim says:

    Let them live in their old glories. Don’t kill their last hope man……………….

  10. Jung Kim says:

    Hey wannabe me…. I won’t kill your hope.

  11. Non Viet Perspective says:

    Will he wear the uniform in prison?

  12. Jung Kim says:

    Hey Non Viet Hole,

    No, they will wear same orange inmate uniforms just like yours.

  13. thang NGUYEN says:

    I just hate these old moron idiot who can not live a normal live and leave other people alone.A famous singer was pepper-sprayed by this Ly Tong and still a lot of stupid people come out to support or give him money for his trial. Is there a God or miracle to make all these weird people to die quickly or just disappear from the face of this earth.And what will happen to America future?Will Osama succeed 3 years from now to recreate 9/11 in all cities and put everything into chaos?

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