Ky Ngo takin’ care of business

Despite his outside appearance as a sloppy, weird and strange unstable man, there is evidence that Ky Ngo, that perennial protestor against everything, knows what he’s doing and knows how to do it right.

When he was leading the protests against Nguoi Viet Daily News, Ky Ngo for all his vulgarities cleverly managed to stay just on this side of the line. It was neophyte Trong Doan, the man with no known history, who was prosecuted for assault and pleaded guilty — not Ngo.

And as soon as he lost the lawsuit filed by Nguoi Viet, Ngo knew enough not to violate the injunction, despite the name-calling (coward, traitor, etc.) by fellow Red baiters.

And now here’s another piece of evidence that Ky Ngo knows how to take care of business.

See that car above? That’s one of his 3 cars. For many months – more than a year now - it’s been parked across the street from Viet Herald, a Vietnamese daily newspaper in Westminster. And the reason the car is there, is because at one time a columnist at Viet Herald said something unflattering about South Vietnam’s former president Nguyen Van Thieu.

The picture was taken several months ago. That banner’s gone now. Only the car remains.

But, look at this. Even though the car is as good as abandoned, Ky Ngo still cares enough to pay its registration, and get it new tag to last until January of next year.

Presumably, if Ky Ngo had wanted the car towed he would have said so.

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18 Responses to Ky Ngo takin’ care of business

  1. jose s. says:

    what does ky ngo do for a living? does he have a job or does he just panhandle and sponge off the clueless in the viet community?

  2. Commie supervisor of Ngo's dad says:

    Commie feeds Ngo?

  3. Governor Brown says:

    We need more people like him, keeping the registration current and in turn keeping California afloat.

  4. Vantran Jr. says:

    The car even pass smog check too. Go Ngo Ky you keep the economy float!!!!

  5. Jung Kim says:

    Ky Ngo had his moments ……… but he is not a bad person.

  6. Jung Kim says:

    Jr, are you talking about my BIG dog’s HD verga being sucked by joe mama?

  7. Bo May says:

    me ia a fobby and no good at english but me know jung kim il is ill at sex, jung kim ill talking dog sex all the time, jung kim il is very sick. jung kim ill is not vzieclame, kim jung ill is korea guy, i know.
    vantran jr. do not give jung kim ill viagra, must feel bad for jung kim ill dog, pleaze no.

  8. Bo May says:

    SAN JOSE, Phó thị trưởng Madison Nguyễn tuyên thệ nhậm chức dưới lá cờ Hoa Kỳ và cờ Vàng ba sọc đỏ.

    Trong một buổi lễ tuyên thệ nhậm chức đặc biệt dành cho Phó Thị Trưởng San Jose hiếm có tại tòa nhà mái tròn Rotunda của Tòa Thị Chính vào lúc chiều tối ngày Thứ Ba 25-1-2011, khoảng 300 quan khách Mỹ và Việt Nam đã đến tham dự và chúc mừng vị dân cử gốc Việt Nam Madison Nguyễn trở thành nhân vật số 2 của Hội Đồng Thành Phố San Jose.

  9. Jung Kim says:

    Bo May, is joe mama still chewing on my BIG dog? Who is a real bitch?

    Then who is the son of bitch? Bo May… you are always a weener!

  10. ESL fobby student says:

    Madison Nguyen = great leader.
    van tran = great looser.

  11. jose s. says:

    jung kim=weeping

  12. Bo May says:

    fobby; you are no Bo May.

    jung kim= weeping.
    van tran= gone

  13. Bo May says:

    In case you guys did not know.
    Madison Nguyen the proud leader of all ethnic groups, not necessary just vietnamese group, is now vice major of city of San Jose.
    Cali Today News –…g-ng&Itemid=49

    In the meanwhile, van tran is nowhere to be seen.
    So the moral of the story is:
    Selling oneself as the great leader for viet (sic) to whore for vote did not go well, viet folks has become more sophisticated and not easily duped by crook politicians.
    Thanks to the bolsavik for keeping taps on van tran.

    So….it goes to say, there is a GOD.

  14. Vantran Jr. says:

    So true Bo May. A great leader is the one who has a bigger vision. If you only based on your Viet votes and expect to rise, you are in a wrong business buddy. Viet voters are not must more sophisticated but they also understand what is the real issues and how are they gonna effect them. A simple fact like that and ill junk kim can’t even digest. He needs a doctor. But on the other hand, let’s spare ill junk kim some dignity by letting him live off his old VT glories. That’s all he can tall about now, nothing else.

  15. Jung Kim says:

    Madison Nguyen = Good person

    Assemblyman Van Tran = Good leader

    Our good Viets support both council woman Madison and Assemblyman Van Tran

  16. Bo May says:

    Assemblyman Van Tran = Good leader?????
    I know he lead andy quach and his mercedes to a transformera few months before the election.

  17. Jung Kim says:

    Assemblyman Van Tran = Good leader.

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