How long does it take OC Sheriff to identify a body?

Last September, a decomposed body was found in a shed at a Buddhist worship house in Midway City. The unincorporated area, right in the middle of Little Saigon, is under direct county jurisdiction.

It’s been almost 5 months now.

And the Orange County Sheriff-Coroner still has no idea who the dead person is.

The body was discovered at the Tu Quang temple (“Tịnh xá Từ Quang“) around 3pm September 23. At that time, authorities believed the remains were that of a 41-year-old nun who hadn’t been seen since May.

The nun’s religious name is Ni co Lien Thi, and her real name is Ho Thi Kim Cuc. She’s pictured above. Lien Thi is in the country on a religion visa. During her disappearance, her green card arrived at the temple.

Meanwhile, her 77-year-old mother, hearing of the news from others who read about it on the web, came from Vietnam to claim the body.

That’s when she ran into problems because the Sheriff’s Department hasn’t figured out who the dead person is yet.

Nguoi Viet Daily News has a story here where its reporter Ha Giang called the Sheriff Department and was given the runaround by a detective who wouldn’t even give his first name. We don’t know who the dead person is, he said. And we don’t know when it is we’ll know, either.

So, the mother has been here since November, and her visa/I-94 will expire soon. She may end up having to go home without knowing what happened to her daughter. Is she dead? Or is she missing? Maybe someone knows, just not the OC Sheriff-Coroner’s office.

Next time you need to dump a dead body somewhere and don’t want law enforcement to do any investigation, make sure it’s on county land.

Especially if the body is Vietnamese.

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18 Responses to How long does it take OC Sheriff to identify a body?

  1. Jung Kim says:

    Let’s ask that DUMB & LAZY detective why he works there!

    We need to stop signing their checks until their tasks are completed.

    A dumb people in our government really hurt more people.

    Democrats = Bigger Government with more Red Tapes.

    Get rid of DUMB & LAZY county workers!

  2. Jung Kim says:

    I feel sorry for nun’s mother.

    A DUMB & LAZY people in wrong position can only hurt innocent public.

  3. concern citizen says:

    Maybe we can seek help from the county detective the whereabout of Mr. Van Tran …the once proud assemblyman van tran is now missing in action since he got knocked out of the race by the DUMB Mexican broad Loretta Sanchez. Woa Woa Woa…

  4. con man says:

    uhhhh…what is ‘innocent public’? Such gibberish!
    your english is worst than fobby JK.

  5. Bo May says:

    Jung Kim, have a little respect for the death of this poor woman.
    The Bolsavik should not allow Jung Kim writing these sordid sexual practices with animal in full details here.

  6. Jung Kim says:

    Bo May… you really don’t care about our nun and her sad mother.

  7. Jung Kim says:

    The investigation on deceased/dead person should become a priority task from our OC Sheriff Department. Common sense lost/stolen?

  8. Bo May says:

    But …..if you are… ‘all upset over the LAZY & DUMB county detectives’, your sordid sex talk would not help. You know that… right?

    You think the sordid sex talk will make the county detective work harder and faster?

    The poor woman died, she deserves a more respects, that’s all I am saying.

    (Who is fobby?)

  9. Bo May says:

    She is not ‘our nun’, BTW.
    She is just a NUN. Do you understand? jung kim.

  10. Michael says:

    It’s depend if the county’s coroner has anything they can use to identify the body.
    Usually, the coroner will use the dental record, or medical record to identify the body.
    But if Ni Co Lien Thi never go to dentist or doctor (in US) then the coroner would have nothing to compare and confirm the ID of the body.
    The coroner can use the fingerprint to ID the body too. But if the body composed too much, nothing the coroner can do.
    So in this case, maybe the coroner can never ID the body. They can guess, but they can never really confirm.
    Or maybe the coroner can ask Ni Co Lien Thi’s mother to contact Ni Co Lien Thi’s dentist in Vietnam to see if they can send them her dental record so they can use that to confirm the ID of the body.
    Let be fair to the county’s coroner.

  11. Jung Kim says:

    Michael, the word here “fair” means…open communications coupled with genuine concern.

    I hope detectives will work together with nun’s mother to find proper resolution ASAP.

  12. Bo May says:

    Thank you Micheal, I thought about that too.
    I would not come out and call every body DUMB and LAZY like jung kim did.
    Ignorant always the cause of all false accusation.

  13. Bo May says:

    Try this: The detectives will take as long as they need to, while they are waiting for their 50 year retirement plan with full pension benefit to complete.
    (see how easy that is? No need to call anyone DUMB and LAZY)

  14. Joe Dovinh says:

    Thank you Bolsavik for this intelligent and informative blog. Outrage is appropriate here. In all seriousness, anyone with information, please come forward and help law enforcement solve this mystery. Let the deceased and their loved ones find some peace and comfort. They deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

    – Joe Dovinh

  15. Jung Kim says:

    Bo May, the nun’s mother don’t have next 50 years to wait for her daughter’s respectful funeral service.

    Where is the common sense?



  16. VietTeaBaggers says:

    I am with Kim Jung! So what if the Viets are the only Asian Americans who are overwhelmingly Republican? We Viet conservatives showed our US Founding Fathers what side we were on with our support for Bush’s tax cut for the top 5% of the country because those 5% were the ones who supplied our servicemen and women with their weapons, uniforms and cafeteria contracts. Call me lame but without them, who would have the ability to take care of those needs? Too bad the left-leaning media never mentioned the role that we Viet Repub played in the capturing of Sadam and bringing Iraq out of chaos. At least the Iraqi now know they can’t attack US soil again like in September 11 without being punished. We Viets we fight to our last blood to protect our Republican party! Mark my words for it you communist liberals out there!

  17. france thunderbird says:

    This is why the detectives are having such a difficult problem IDing the body:

    1) “Official” Vietnamese name
    2) “Official” American name specified on paper work
    2) “American” name that they normally go by
    3) “Religous” name that the church know them by

    1) Natural day of birth according to a specific Asian calendar
    2) Gregorian date of birth

    Known Residences:
    1) Address that is specified on their license/id.
    2) Address where they eat and sleep

    People they know:
    1) Can be found in the “Known Residences” section above.

    I am not trying to disrespect the parties involved in this tragic situation, but the above is very true.

  18. France Thunderbird says:

    You Viets are missing the big picture here. Somebody placed a dead body in a temple. He/she did not have the decency to contact the authorities regarding the nun’s death. Assuming no foul play was involved of course. You Viets are so funny. You protect your own kind regardless….

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