Ex-Westminster mayor candidate hit with $1.5 million fraud judgment

Bruce Tran

Bruce Tran, one-time mayoral candidate for Westminster, and Vice-President of the Vietnamese American Federation of Southern California, was found liable for more than $1.5 million for defrauding his business partner.

The judgment hit Tran and his associate Suzanne Nguyen with breach of fiduciary duty, conversion (i.e. theft), and also malice oppression and fraud justifying punitive damages. The verdict, being in a civil case, did not require unanimity, but the jury was unanimous anyway, ruling 12-0.

Bruce Tran is the Vice-President of a group named “Vietnamese American Federation of Southern California” (“Ban Đại Diện Cộng Đồng“). Voted in by a public election last year, the group answers to the Interfaith Council (“Hội Đồng Liên Tôn“).

The jury awarded the plaintiff Thomas Nguyen, a radio operator and entertainer known in the Vietnamese community as Quoc Thai, $1,485,000.

After the verdict was rendered, together with a finding that punitive damages are warranted, the parties stipulated to the punitive amount of $150,000.

Don’t know what the defendants were thinking when they stipulated. Such a stipulation would be inconsistent with any claim later (say, on appeal), that says the jury findings of liability is erroneous.

The lawsuit is a result of a previous lawsuit (read about the previous one here).

In the previous lawsuit, Thomas Nguyen/Quoc Thai sued Tran, Suzanne Nguyen, and the media company that Quoc Thai founded, VHN-TV. Quoc Thai claimed that the defendants unlawfully freezed him out of his ownership in the company. The court ruled that each defendant got 30%, a consultant got 10%, and VHN-TV must pay Quoc Thai $300,000.

But then Bruce Tran issued himself a huge number of shares, diluting Quoc Thai’s ownership down to 3%. So he sued, and this judgment resulted.

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12 Responses to Ex-Westminster mayor candidate hit with $1.5 million fraud judgment

  1. Bo May says:

    ….we have met the enemy and the enemy is us…

  2. Bo May says:

    There was van tran got knocked out of the race,
    And there was tan nguyen got sentenced for vote fraud,
    And now we got bruce tran get indicted for fraud, a variety garden of frauds , callous bold-face fraud,
    3 downs and a few more to go.
    karma justice is alive and well in the viet community!

    It is a new day, a new beginning for viet community.

  3. Tran Jr. says:

    It will hit rock bottom before it gets better. Once all the fake faces and so called “caring community leader” like Bruce Tran is gone, a new wave of Viet will arise and bring back the integrity to the Viet community. Until then………..keep watching, there are a few more out there and their days are numbered.

  4. Hot Fat Mama says:

    I haven’t met Bruce Tran, but his uncivilized manners in some of the video clips (during Westminster City’s meetings) made me wanted to throw up.

  5. tuanphucnguyen says:

    Yet this guy Bruce Tran is Vice President of Ban Dai Dien Cong Dong. No wonder the Viet Community is looked down upon

  6. Hội đồng Liên Tôn (Lò) says:

    Why are people surprised? Can’t they tell a sleazebag just by looking at the bi-ch’s face?

    And those who have been saying that Republicans are corrupt, it’s time to take a good look at your Democrat Bruce Tran now!

  7. xu says:


    The ‘Viet community’ should really be called the South Vietnamese community because most Vietnamese-Americans are of South Vietnamese origin and almost all the ‘leaders’ of the ‘Viet community’ are of South Vietnamese origin.

    South Vietnamese giving all Vietnamese a bad name. Shame.

  8. Big D. says:

    This son of bitch is a Democrat? Are you too stupid to realize this little fact can be easily verified in this day and age? See here
    to know what his party affiliation is. You Republicans are such stupid shameless liar.

  9. Jung Kim says:

    He is a pretty ugly Democrat.

  10. Bruce Tran and your dearest and incompetent lawyer friend -Tu Huy Hoang: Fuck you says:

    I also met Bruce Tran once and the experience was horrible. He was indeed a rude, boastful and arrogant man with a bad temper. This faker and his lawyer friend, Hoang Tu lie and cheat like it’s in their blood. They just lost a big lawsuit to Quoc Thai. Bruce was found liable for more than $1.5 million for defrauding his business partner. The best thing is Bruce is not so lucky like his friend Tu Huy Hoang who files bankruptcy everytime. He is ordered not to by the court.

    So much for a mayor candidate, a so called leader among Vietnamese community. All I can say is, what the fuck?!

  11. 1/2 american says:

    Those people always talking shit about how bad Vietcong running the country. vietnamese community has people like bruce tran and many others. Thats why south vietnam belong to vietcong, because those bullshit people worser than vietcong. They are so fucking fake and greedy. I do believe money can turn people into evil. Especially vietnamese people and bruce tran is an example and many others still unmask.

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