Bui Kim Thanh guilty of trespass

The most active participant in political rallies throughout Little Saigon pled guilty on Tuesday to trespass for refusing to leave one.

Bui Kim Thanh, who in all seriousness really ought to get treatment, was present at an event called the “community’s general assembly” organized by the “Vietnamese Federation of Southern California on Sunday.

Photo by Nguyen Huy/Nguoi Viet Daily News

Half way through the meeting, Hung Phuong Nguyen showed up.

That’s the former Van Tran PR man who, after years of calling other people commies, recently got a taste of his own medicine and had the Red label slapped on him by no less a red-baiter than Ky Ngo himself.

So Nguyen showed up, and people in attendance wanted to kick him out. (Why should anyone be barred from what is supposedly the “community’s general assembly,” you ask? Hah! If you have to ask, read more Bolsavik.com.)

An argument ensued, and Bui Kim Thanh spoke in favor of Nguyen. They took a vote, and almost all in attendance wanted Nguyen removed.

But Bui Kim Thanh wasn’t done speaking yet, so she spoke some more. And some more. And some more.

The organizers called the cops. Cops came, Bui Kim Thanh started talking on the phone. (Sounds familiar?)

The police cuffed her, led her away, and charged her with trespass. She spent a couple days in county jail, appeared in court on Tuesday, pled guilty, was sentenced to time served and released.

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5 Responses to Bui Kim Thanh guilty of trespass

  1. Hot Fat Mama says:

    Mrs. Bui Kimh Thanh ? nah … I rather talk about the cutout penis.

  2. Unkel Kracher says:

    Thems Vet Federation of Southern California (aka nut-holes) will be honoring themseves for creating the internet??!!

  3. Bo May says:

    I have no doubt that she could be doing that to you, watch it HFM.

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