The case of the missing yogurt – “da-ua”

What Vietnamese want. Photo by Linh Nguyen/Nguoi Viet

Vietnamese-style yogurt has become scarce recently. Several food places, markets, restaurants, don’t carry that special kind of yogurt, called “da-ua” and pronounced yah (as in papa) oor (as in poor).

The OC Weekly was the first publication to spot the absence. It noted that the reason was a letter from the OC Health Care Agency warning sellers not to sell dairy products from unapproved sources. The letter, says the OC Weekly, actually dates from months ago.

Nguoi Viet’s editor Linh Nguyen went out to check and, sure enough, he had trouble finding that form of yogurt made in that special way only Vietnamese (and maybe Taiwanese) can appreciate: from sweetened condensed milk. Many small to-go places just shrugged and said they’re out. Others pointed him to supermarkets. But there’s no da ua in the supermarkets either.

The HCA’s spokesperson Deanne Thompson told Linh Nguyen that the “California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) must approve dairy products manufactured in the State.” No approval, no sale.

Thompson didn’t think there was a special inspection by HCA targetting Vietnamese da ua. Another official at the HCA thought, however, that the CDFA did go out specifically to shut down an unapproved major maker of da ua, thus shutting the line of supply to Little Saigon.

Have no fear though. There’s another, approved source, already in business. So stocks may be filling up soon with this new supplier’s goods. How the CDFA suddenly woke up to the unapproved da ua source, is another story.

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7 Responses to The case of the missing yogurt – “da-ua”

  1. Unkel Kracher says:

    “Da-ua” is a phonetic pronunciation of the French word, yaourt, a food most likely created by the Turkish people that dates back 2000BCE. The use of the work stock is both singular and plural in the form of supply that is being used here, but not company ownership.

  2. NgoDinhStalin says:

    2000 BC ? You mean before Jesus Christ was born? How could that be? Was that before or after Adam had intercourse with Eve in the rice field (and hence Vietnamese Christians are now their children)?

  3. Unkel Kracher says:

    Regarding the story of genesis, here’s a kicker! Gooks traveling to India, goesing to the Taj Mahal in India to perform Buddhist chants and praying. Stupid mofo gooks don’t know that a Muslim built the place in memory of wife (of many). There are even pornography in certain rooms that outsiders are not allowed in. That region was later captured by Hindu Indians. Youse knuckle head gooks have to tell me which version of your translated BS books youse read or simply learning with yer head up some r#ctum?

  4. Saigon Nails says:

    If I were you, cracker, I would answer Ngo Stalin’s question about Adam and Eve giving birth to the Vietnamese. Don’t change the subject, you Jesus creep.

  5. daualover says:

    Does it mean fermented rice is out too? What’s next? Blood sausage!

  6. cocaine says:

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  7. francethunderbird says:

    This is a good start. I have seen “locally” grown produce at some of these stores. When I say “locally” grown, I don’t mean a local farm. I mean a Viet’s back yard or front yard. With certain fruits, I am cool, but this will eventually lead up to other foods such as yogurt, baked goods, or perhaps even meat products. Regulation is how we keep people safe.

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