Viet nominated to federal judgeship in Nevada

Miranda Du

A Vietnamese-American lawyer from Reno, former boat-people refugee, has been nominated by President Obama to be a federal judge for the District of Nevada, the White House announced Tuesday.

Miranda Du, a civil litigator, had been recommended by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. If confirmed, she would be the second Viet federal judge in the country after the Central District of California’s Jacqueline Nguyen. Du would also be the first Asian-Pacific American federal judge in Nevada.

Du’s father had served in the South Vietnamese army. In 1979, when Du was 9, her extended family including aunts, uncles, cousins, fled the country by boat – as she told in 2009, here.

The boat got to Malaysia, but at first it was turned away. They then did what many other boat people also had to do: They sank the boat, and everybody had to swim ashore. ”If we swam to shore, we couldn’t be turned away,” Du recounted.

Du’s family spent a year in the refugee camp before coming to the United States. She graduated with a double major in economics and history from UC Davis and received her law degree from UC Berkeley’s Boalt Hall in 1994. She then joined McDonald Carano in Reno where she has been ever since, making partner in 2002. The firm’s web site lists Du as head of its Employment/Labor Law Group.

In a statement announcing the nomination, Senator Reid said, “Miranda Du is an experienced practitioner with extensive litigation experience and a deep understanding of, and dedication to, the Nevada community.”

“From a young age,” Reid added, “Du has met every challenge she’s faced and exemplifies the immigrant success story.  I’m confident she’ll make an outstanding federal judge, and I look forward to her swift confirmation.”

A federal district judge has lifetime tenure. Du’s nomination requires Senate approval, which is usually a two-step process: A referral from the Judiciary Committee, and a vote by the full Senate.

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8 Responses to Viet nominated to federal judgeship in Nevada

  1. Snake Eater 4 Ever says:

    Another successful and great achievement of boat refugees here in the US and world wide.

  2. Jung Kim says:

    We are always proud of our successful Viets!

  3. Vietjudge says:

    Unkel Kracher, calm down, otherwise you will have to face the Viet judge one day and you dump ass will be toasted.

  4. Julie says:

    Unkel Kracher, her accomplishments have nothing to do with the community nor the fact that she’s Vietnamese. We are just proud to have a successful Vietnamese in our community. The viet community likes to recognize successful People like her. Hey! Not anyone can become elected as a federal judge you know?

  5. Julie says:

    Oh, btw, we don’t need any negative energy in here so take it somewhere else, “gook.”

  6. Bo May says:

    @ Julie: She is a Vietnamese-american, the only thing that bear her viet root is her last name….yes, of course, she would not be what she is today if it wasn’t for her parents’ efforts in risking their lives to find freedom and opportunity in USA.
    I am sure that her presiding judge duty and power at court will not be swayed by her ethnic background….I hope not.
    Yes, viets should be proud by her grace and her achievement, her rising position in the judicial system.
    Wish I could say the same for those bickering public servants in So Cal. *sigh*.

  7. Jung Kim says:

    A servitude (sacrifice) for the multitude = Leadership Quality

  8. Joe Viet says:

    @Bolsavik: Is there any way you can block this angry person with the handle name Unkel Kracher? He is offending me and I am sure the rest of the readers. If he does not like what he reads, then he needs to log off and go elsewhere. His antics are not welcome here.

    @Unkel Kracher: This is a free country and an open forum. If guys like to hook up with another dude under the guise of commie chasing, so be it because it is their prerogative. If they feel like changing the name of their organization to the rosebud gang as long as they wear trouser or shorts, it’s their right. For all we care, you can go to hell!

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