Viet films shown (free) at OC Film Fiesta

Porter Lynn as Tam, in "Touch"

The Orange County Film Fiesta, part of the Santa Ana two-weeks’ long festivities, will be hosting a Vietnamese Cinema Night this Saturday, preceded by a wine reception at VAALA Center also in Santa Ana.

The films shown are: “Touch” by Minh Duc Nguyen, a boy-meets-girl love story taking place in a nail salon; preceded by two shorts, “Fading Light” by Thien Do, and “Dandiggity: Corner Shop Poet,” by Viet Nam Nguyen.

The wine reception is at 4pm-5:30pm, VAALA, 1600 N. Broadway, Santa Ana.

The screening is at 6pm, the Yost Theatre, 307 N. Spurgeon, Santa Ana.

Both events are free.

Touch was shown at this year’s Vietnamese International Film Festival, where it won the Audience Choice Award for a feature film.

Both Fading Light (Vietnamese title “Theo Hướng Đèn Mà Đi“) and Dandiggity were also shown at ViFF, where Fading Light won the Audience Choice Award for a short film.

“I really look forward to showing my movie Touch to the Latino community in Santa Ana and getting their feedback,” Minh told the Bolsavik.

“In my opinions, there’s a lot of similarities between the Latino and Vietnamese-American communities,” he said, “and historically in America, we have always been neighbors. So I think it’s important, as well as fun, for our two communities to have cultural exchanges in some of the things that we are passionate about such as food, music, art, and movies.”

The story of “Touch” takes place at a salon named “VIP Nail.” Manicurist Tam (Porter Lynn) has a new customer: Brendan (John Ruby), a mechanic who literally has a problem on his hands. He can never get rid of the oil stains around his nails, and when he tries to be intimate with his aloof wife, she always rejects him with the same excuse: “Your hands are filthy!”

Desperately seeking to save his marriage, Brendan goes to the nail salon every day, where Tam also offers him advice on how to get his wife to love him again. But soon, Tam and Brendan find themselves drawn to each other, an attraction which becomes harder and harder to resist.

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