Another Viet business joins Top Tax Debt list

Another Vietnamese-American business from Bolsavikland just joined the list of California’s top sales and use tax delinquents.

Dragon Auto Inc., a small used car dealer in Garden Grove, owes $960,564, according to the latest list updated November 30. This Viet dealer buys and sells used car a handful at a time, and last had any significant commerce in 2009.

Even with an unpaid tax bill of almost a million, Dragon is nowhere near the top of the list, not even among other Viets.

At more than double the tax bill, is D and L Wireless Inc., dba Wireless Citi (not to be confused with Wireless City, still in business), of Garden Grove. This Viet cellular phone business owes a whopping $2,261,377 in sales and use tax.

One business that has been on the list since 2004 is Hollytron Inc. of Westminster. Although targeting the Vietnamese market, this high-flying consumer electronic retailer is actually Korean-owned. It underwent bankruptcy and left dozens of Viet and fellow Korean vendors holding the bag for millions of unpaid invoices. The list shows Hollytron owing the state $1,247,297.

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