Tyler Diep collects $135,000, quits race

Tyler Diep, whose supporters' $135,000 now go somewhere else

Just a few days after touting a campaign treasure of $135,000, Tyler Diep annouces he’s no longer running for the California Assembly.

The Westminster city councilman previously sent a press release saying he’d raised $135,000 for his race to the Assembly district 72, a newly created district parts of which cover Little Saigon. That puts him way ahead of two other Viet candidates, OC Board of Education member Long Pham and perennial candidate Joe Dovinh. (Actually Pham too is always running for something.)

A week later, though, Diep in a Feb. 7 interview on Nguoi Viet Daily News announces that he’s calling it quits.

Why? Because “the strategy is no longer appropriate.” Why not? Because there are now 3 Vietnamese vying for the seat.

It’s unclear why it took 2 months for Diep to realize he’s got competition, but there we go.

Diep did not mention the fact that his own mayor, Westminster’s Margie Rice, has decided to endorse someone else in this race: Huntington Beach’s Matthew Harper, an aide to OC Supervisor Janet Nguyen. Rice was apparently endorsing Diep before.

Diep also says he’s hoping donors to the Assembly campaign “will understand” his decision. The $135,000 will now go either go to other candidates or to Diep’s own reelection campaign for the Westminster City Council, Diep says.

Ah yes. $135,000 for a reelection campaign to the Westminster City Council. The Bolsavik is sure the people who gave Diep money to buy a cow will totally understand it, that he’s bringing home a handful of beans.

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42 Responses to Tyler Diep collects $135,000, quits race

  1. Bo May says:

    Whoever give money to that thug, please contact me, I got a bridge to sell .

  2. Bo May says:

    …must be kimmie, just my guess…LOL

  3. bolsa says:

    In a difficult economic time, Diep got to be wise!! This is simply Economic 101.

  4. Jung Kim says:

    Bo May baby, are you talking about that failed Golden Gate bridge proposal by my X?

  5. Jung Kim says:

    Tyler Diep is still young…….. he can wait.

    However, he is still far better candidate than this Matthew dude.

  6. Disappointed suppoter says:

    People contribute money to him for assembly since he said he needs a lot of money to be competitive. He should return the cash contribution for assembly run to his contributors and ask them to write him another check for city council run if they are willing to do so. He does not need $135,000 to run for city council or even for mayor. If this is his ploy to milk money from unsuspected Vietnamese for his Westminster Council election then it is a shame.

  7. Jung Kim says:

    Hey jealous and disappointed, this whole life is a disappointment for you……..

    Diep will run in the future date and make all of us proud.

    Go Diep!

  8. Disappointed suppoter says:

    Diep is the one who is going to be disappointed because it is very difficult to unseat an incumbent in any election. There is much less chance for him to win an assembly seat in district 72 until the incumbent is termed out.

  9. Jung Kim says:

    …. so , you are not disappointed.. then what is the problem here?

    Diep will just do fine without your blessings.

    Diep is a good young man.

  10. MN says:

    “Cocky in the trash” is back in the news. Poor guy, he’s got the money, he’s got the red shit on the forehead, just can’t find a cow that he can buy.

    Like a bunch of dogs that smell the same bitch, this little creep and those perennial candidates are quickly in the race for the newly created 72nd Assembly district. Their chances to win this seat is about the same as the odds that the Earth will be hit by an asteroid. These guys are prisoners of their own egos.

    Got MILF?

  11. Jung Kim says:

    MN, do you have a cow to sell?

    I need a good milking cow.

  12. andrew and antonio says:

    whoever donated money to this DiepShit is an idiot. He is in the same gang as Andy Quach and Dina Nguyen, who are con artists. I saw Andy Quach at Picasso restaurant with some crooked gangsters and in front were Lamborghinis, rolls royce, Land Rovers and a bentley. They steal money from people and are being investigated as we speak. Capitalist pigs should all die.

  13. NavySailor4ThaiVanTran says:

    Is it a requirement to have a pig face and an ugly haircut to run as a Vietnamese Republican?

  14. Jung Kim says:

    andrew de hogwash, are you in love with expensive cars?

    …or with Tyler Diep?

    We need to be deported to the commie’s chamber and weenie sucked.

  15. Unkel K says:

    Hahahahaha…too funny!

  16. SaigonNails4Republicans says:

    How I love the language that comes out of religious, conservative freaks like you, Jung Kim. Did Penis Envy do that to you, you little weenie in pink undies, always hiding in your white republican daddies’senior diapers?

  17. Jung Kim says:

    I always represent both ..South and North Viets.

    I strongly believe in individual rights on social – political freedom.

    Let political opponents to be heard without fear of retaliation or incarceration.

    Jung Kim…. Guru representing all Viets.

  18. Bo May says:

    These miscreants are not supporting any causes for the poor fragile anti commie group, if anything, they are the ones who are helping the commies to destroy the viets credibility and dismantling their ‘little saigon’ stronghold piece by piece with all of their dirty deeds.
    The commies did not need to lift a finger, they are just sitting in the dark and laugh their arse off…

  19. junk kim represents conservative retards says:

    don’t listen to Junk Kim and his conservative anti communist tirades. He joins the likes of Ngo Ky and those other monkeys on bolsa protesting everything that they feel is commie related. Like the Macy’s shopping bag with the one star on it or Carl’s Jr logo. You religious nuts do not belong on Bolsa, you guys embarass us normal vietnamese people.

  20. Unkel K says:

    Where’s the 69 bicurious weirdos to chime in on this non-issue?

  21. Unkel K says:

    Little Saigon open to ideas…ha ha ha. Dat dere is a first. Didn’t the OC Viets beat up their own for buying another Viet newspaper? Protest over a picture and never resolved any issue? A bunch of nose picking knuckle heads…

  22. Little Saigon for MicheleBachman 2012 says:

    Republican with Toddler Haircuts + Pig Faces + Jesus on a Stick: Little Saigon’s ChristmASS parade

  23. Jung Kim says:

    I am glad to see everyone supports fundamental “freedom of speech” rights.

    Now, when will commies start protecting human rights?

    All Viets appreciate political freedom in US.

  24. Bo May says:

    Kimmie, take course or at least google it to learn about The Declaration of Independence of this country then come out on this blog and talk shi-it about FREEDOM on this blog.

  25. Jung Kim says:

    All Viets want to live in a “freedom” country.

  26. Unkel K says:

    Every time I’s read crap on Viet news media, I’s get the notion that the OC Viets are being bamboozle by their own by various “authoritative” news and knowledgeable individuals. I’s thinks these creative individuals should work in the Hollywood industry for their fanciful ideas. They’s should not be in this area of providing information, always with some sick and twisted/scheming view.

    This “new” open idea era…for youse few stupid OC gooks, this country was founded on that. Or youse’s telling me Little Saigon is an autonomous country within the US? Youse arsehole finally pull yer head out of one another’s man chunnel? Or possibly read a government approved elementary American history book in English, rather having some ESL knuckle head translating shiet? When will youse shiethead stop visiting those medicinal outlet shops?

  27. Jung Kim says:

    This is a country of ” freedom”.

    Freedom to express his/her opinions without political retaliations.

    All Viets are glad to live in U.S.A.

  28. Junk Kim Tea Party retard says:

    South Vietnam lost the war because of idiots like Junk Kim, and the fat american soldiers. And they come over here and vote republican and kiss the butts of the right wing redneck crackers. Well, things are changing in Little Saigon and we normal vietnamese people do not side with those tea party inbreds.

  29. Jung Kim says:

    Hmmm you are living here but dislike Americans….. no one is holding you to stay.

    Leave tomorrow.
    For all of us Viets, ….. this freedom is great!

    We shall raise our children in this freedom nation USA!

    All Viets want to live in America.

  30. Jung Kim says:

    Our Little Saigon happens to be located in USA….

    People can share their opposing thoughts without political retaliation and incarceration.

    When will commies start respecting “freedom of speech”?….and basic human rights?

  31. Jung Kim says:

    Commies are losing ground with people..

  32. Bo May says:

    Something does not add up here, let me try to make sense out of what you are saying: So…because nobody wants to live with the commie, this miscreant, Tyler Diep, has the right to take the 135,000 big one and quit the race? As you posted on the blog that …’Diep will run in the future date and make all of us proud….’ BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.
    Freedom of speech and freedom of taking the money and run are not the same thing, do you understand?.

  33. Bo May says:

    this is about Tyler Diep and his bailing out with $135,000.00 donation money in his bank.
    Who care about the commie, they are dying off anyway.

  34. Bo May says:

    Well, since you asked about the commie gov, my answer is : NOPE.
    Back to the bolg shall we? What make you think the tyler deep shIIt will make all of your Viets proud? By stealing $135,000.00 campaign donation? How much he is paying you?

  35. Bo May says:

    Hahaha, So predictable, such ‘litle saigon’ mind you got, when run out of thing to say, you start to use the red baiting tactic…ain’t works in the past, ain’t works now, kimmie.
    Why try to cover up for Tyler Diep ? Why try to avoid answering me the question? Tell me now, why do you think he will ‘make Viets proud’?
    Remember you used to say that about van tran? Look what happened to him now?

  36. Bo May says:

    Did Van Tran make you proud?
    Will Tyler Diep make you proud?
    Will any of the miscreants coming from the ‘little saigon’ make you Viets proud?
    Will we see the elephants fly in our life time? Acoording to kimmie, we may….
    Please send more money to the Tyler Diep future election campaign…whatever that might be. LOL

  37. Bo May says:

    The little saigonese are sick at heart, they long for the viet politician who can give them a good kicking and screaming start in the anti-communist campaign, after all most of them were the victims of an ancient ideology, started from a guy name Marx which has been proven not working for the world, once threaten to take over the world now commie nations come down to just a few. Anyway, the fragile viet group still looking hard for a hero, the ONE, who loves his turf and his people more than his own political fame and money. It was van tran and now tyler diep, noth failed myserably…
    ‘Cause Tyler Diep isn’t a hero, he isn’t a child, either. He knows that he may be getting kicked out of the race like what happened to Van Tran, Tyler Diep fold and bailed out.
    Today the money he collected is gone, and Tyler does not say how he is going to use it for, may be a reelection campaign for the other city council? But, there are new competition ahead, more Viets like him smell blood and money and like to run for everything and anything out there, money and fame are easy ticket to the skin bar, it is pretty hard to resist, if you play it right, you got the girls, they will love you, they will give you some lovin’ too.
    When this news broke out that Tyler Diep bailed out and run with $135,000 big ones, immediately, jung kim came to defend Tyler with his trite and boring sale pitch : “Tyler Diep is young and he will make us Viets proud’ .
    Why jung kim has the urge is to rush in to defend Tyler? Who knows. May be there are more to it than we ever know, a few bucks here a few bucks there, 135,000 dollars can buy a lot of confident votes from the ilk like jung kim.

  38. jose s. says:

    Jung kim isn’t getting paid to post his ass sucking comments in favor of the filth that is the “oc viet politician” he doesn’t know any of them they wouldn’t give him the time of day. And who would pay such an idiot to be such an idiot? He sucks asses for free. Jung kim- licking

  39. Jung Kim says:

    Bo May chi chi = commie wannabe?

  40. Jung Kim says:

    I am proud of all Viets!

    However, Bo May chi chi aka member of the Losers Association is questionable…

    jose de licka solorios butt, is a wannabe mexican and very unsanitary individual will not be in my proud list.

  41. Jung Kim says:

    All Viets want to live in freedom nation USA.

    Go America!

  42. small business says:

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    Hope to hear from you soon.

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